los angelesMature

i am still in la and we've just killed a demon that was in our visions. we are just having some lunch well me and angel aren't we are looking up a mohra demon that is hurting people, but angel has to be careful if the demons blood gets him it will make him a human again. i killed the mohra demon by smashing the thousand eyes. we were just having tea when my father starts pounding on the door i ignore it and talk to angel about our next job. my father is still pounding on the door and i walk out of the apartment and go back home to talk to lex, lex wasn't there he is at belle reve. its an asylum where you go if your mad lex is not mad he was drugged by one of his collegues. i have visited lex and got him out of belle reve lex was terrified and was crying when i got back from la.

The End

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