chapter 2Mature

my brother said "i'm sorry i didn't mean to do it" but i just walk out and go home. just now i  was talking to lex when there was a terrible pounding on the door lex said to me that i should answer it but i told lex it was my brother so he told me not to answer it. my brother manages to break down the door and points a gun at lex, lex looked terrified and i grab my brother by his jacket and spin him round before chucking him out and he lands the other side of the village my brother goes away. just then there was another knock at the door i answered it it was jasons mum i called jason down. then i have a vision just like doyle a mate of mine he's half demon. i go down to la and see doyle and angel. me and doyle tell angel about our visions and help angel find him.

The End

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