sunny deathMature

it is about family, friends and of course the supernatural

this morning i woke up with jason my boyfriend and we saw a body lying on the floor, there was blood splattered everywhere, i turned the body over his head was cut off with what looked like a knife as it was lying beside his head. i sent the knife off for dna testing. we went to see lex and lionel luthor and talked to them about the body. i went home to find the dna results sitting on the table, i opened them it was a relative of mine so i checked the family tree and found out it was my brother! so i grab my car keys and speed off to my brothers house. i have arrived at the house and started to pound on the door, my brother answers it and i say "what have you done?" i was in tears he says "what" i say "you killed someone, his body was on the floor of my bedroom and the dna prints match yours"  

The End

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