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Heaven’s War

“Heaven’s Light Vs Hell’s Fire


Anthony Sicilia



Heaven’s War


“Heaven’s Light Vs Hell’s Fire”


Anthony Sicilia


Written for the people that wish to grow with the lord

Also inspired by the following people







(Cousin)  Anne

(Cousin) Michelino 

(Cousin) Ernesto

(Cousin) Catrina

Aunt Dominica

Uncle Gillespie

Uncle Robert

Uncle Martin

(Cousin) Dario


Silvie (for her kindness

Pope John Paul II


Uncle Luigi

(Cousin) Brett, and last but not least

Eric (The White Rapping Cat) “No really he’s a cat with the mind of an alien.

I thought would appreciate the irony in that eh Brett!  


Incase I missed anybody this book is also dedicated to all Catholics and Christians alike.


Table of contents


Dedications Page ---- 4,5

Research Guides ----  7, 10

Prologue ---- 12,14

Christian Growth words to inspire---- 15, 32

Chapter 1: Understanding the Atheists----34, 40

Chapter 2: Understanding the church----42, 61

Chapter 3: What is Christianity? 63, 73

 Is decapitation in “The Gospels?

Chapter 4: Who’s on your side (Jesus or Satan?) 75, 81

Chapter 5: The war in heaven, understanding Satan   81-`148

About The Author 149

Book Synopsis 150

Other Books to be written 151



Research Guides



The One Year Bible (NIV)

The Kingdom of the Cults

Essential Christianity

Can I be a Christian without being weird?

The Passion of the Christ

The Gospel of John

The Real Da Vinci Code

Judas: is he the world’s worst villain

Beyond The Da Vinci Code

Angels & Demons

The Secret Priory

Discovering the Gnostic Gospels

The Catholic Church (The Kingdom of the Cults

Sin (The Kingdom of the Cults)

Hell and Satan (The Kingdom of Cults

Essay; why is Jesus so important? 

Bethany House (Christian Publishing Company)

Who’s who in the bible?   

History of the Kingdom of God (Volume 1)

The Da Vinci Files DVD

King James Bible (DVD)

The Gospel Lighthouse






In this book I will boldly push the boundaries of a realm of belief; I will closely examine opinions of many churches around the world. I will take you in a land of which no man dares to enter. I will explore questions that are right under our noses but humanity is too frightened   to find these answers to the toughest questions ever asked. I know there have been many books before exploring the questions of heaven, but yet nobody dares to look below as well to the sky.   Now as I mentioned early there have been many books out there that try to explore various belief systems, such as Christianity, Catholicism, Atheists and so forth.  What if one word could start a war, think about this for a second there’s many things that could start a war but what if a war was started because of one word or maybe numerous one words. For example:   Jesus, God, Christianity, Catholicism, Satan.     Those to me seem like pretty strong words, but can they really start a war? All you would have to do is take a look back in history to witness that. I’m not talking about World War I or World War II, but during World War I and World War II many factions of people had different beliefs then many others. Look at the Jewish people in history during the time of the war where were they placed? They were placed in gas chambers because they weren’t the image Adolf Hitler wanted them to be. It’s not just there if you go further back there was a war of the right and the wrong. It was called attack on faith and basically other faiths would set out to kill and destroy the opposite faiths that did not follow their belief system in God. If you look back in history the Catholics had all the power in their hands. In their minds there was one right of way and that was to be a catholic. Any disagreement with that would have you tortured or worse even killed. If you were to even go further back in history The Catholic Church along with consent of the townsfolk crucified Jesus.

    But what if there was a war out there that is continuously talked about through the sands of time. This form of good Vs evil is often played out in comic books, movies, TV shows but what if there real evil in the world and it once came from the most beautiful place what if it came from heaven?    Could there really be evil in Heaven? Well one time many, many, many ages ago there was.  The evil that once grew in heaven was caused by greed, selfishness, jealousy this matter of intense hatred was cause by one of God’s most beloved and beautiful angels/ Lucifer. In this book I will take you on a journey beyond the pages, beyond the words and beyond the realm of the living. I urge you to be cautious and weary of your time reading this book. Once you enter the worlds of heaven and hell there is no return. So before you read this any further pray to the worship to protect your ignorant soul.  I will take you on a journey of pure beauty and darkness. So again I state pray to which ever you worship so that you many return with your souls in tact. Many people say that opposites are unique but one does not have the other, for example the sun does not have the moon, Light does not have the dark,    Hell does not have goodness and Heaven does not have evil.  Many factions of people believe in diverse beliefs. Many believe in Jesus, many believe in God, many believe in Satan and some believe in nothing at all.   You can’t get more different then that now can you?    Many Catholics believe that the pope is the voice for the lord, and through him and what he stands for they can reach the Holy Spirit. Many Christians believe that God showed the world that he exists when Jesus was crucified and rouse again. My Atheists believe in nothing at all. They choose not to believe in God, Jesus or Satan simply by freedom of choice.   So I guess that’s what it really comes down right, it’s the freedom to choose what you want to believe in.   It’s even your choice to believe in this believe if you really want too.   Now for many Atheists they see the bible as blasphemy and phony, therefore not believing in God does not create a problem religiously. In many aspect people seem to live a pretty normal life being an Atheist but is being an Atheist having Satan win against God.  Let’s examine the word Atheist and Agnostic shall we…




Atheist Definition: One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods. But does not believe in God letting Satan really the battle?  Not believing in God you would suspect that Satan is indeed winning the battle.  If Atheists don’t believe in God then therefore they shall believe in angels or demons. Atheists have a large group of people that choose to ignore everything the bible states. Therefore Atheism is not nor did a religious experience or either a belief concur up by the devil. It’s strictly a choice made by the human race not to believe.   So to breakdown the matters of Heaven, Earth & Hell we have to break down the many beliefs of humanity. Which means we must examine why there is free will in the world today?  When you think of writing a book on a topic such as this many believe it is only right to go on a spiritual journey with your church to understand the means of such things like God, Satan, angels, demons, heaven and Jesus. But in actuality to know all that would no doubt be a great tool, but it is not the only route to understand these mystical answers to the unseen worlds.   So how do I answer these questions well, it really comes down the questions you have.


The following pages are guidance growth guidelines.




I Am ignorance

I am innocent

I am smart

I am blind

I am naive

I am strong

I am weak

I am right

I am wrong

I am guilty

I am happy

I am sad

I am man

I am woman

I am liked

I am loved

I am hated

I am a person of many origins

I am brilliant

I am not educated

I am religious

I am a person who says religion is ignorance

I am a person person that says god is wonderful

I am a person who says god doesn't exist

I am Catholic

I am Christian

I am Islam

I am a monk

I am Jewish

I am an Individual

I am an atheist

Who am I?



Written by Anthony Sicilia





The Holy Battlefield Warriors of Heaven I was just thinking of what it would be like in Heaven, no doubt peaceful and beautiful. As time goes on though the ignorance by the people of today destroy heaven. You may not see this because many people choose just not to believe in the lord and or the bible of God. Well I was much like the rest of the world I chose to ignore God for many years, why simple I was bitter I felt I didn't deserve the pain that I was put through. Much like Jesus he didn't deserve the pain and suffering he was put through. There’s one thing different between us and Jesus most of us ignore him because much of the think that we are above him. They forget what God did for us. For us as humans its like we have a memory block if we are not subjected to learn about what the Lord did for us then we choose to think it does exist, but just because something that’s not saying it doesn't exist. So I say "Ignorance is bliss." or is it Open your eyes and your heart and he will whisper in your ears and he will live in the bottom of your soul. God purified my soul and the rest I will have to do on my own but that doesn't mean he doesn't give me help. A warrior for God "Reva is her name and I was surprised when we became friends because it was like she was feeling my cries for help to get close to heaven once again. Reva is a angel god is missing in heaven, sometimes I think Reva is an angel and god speaks to her to tell him the pain I felt many times before. Reva is on the good side, Reva is the kind of best friend everyone wishes to have. I feel more connected with the Lord because I feel connect with Reva through the Lord. I compare Reva's spirit to Jesus Christ, because its kind pure and beautiful. Reva's mission is to bring more people to the Lord well as her best friend I choose to follow her teachings. I choose to learn her purity, her kind and good nature. Once I learn the teachings its as if the lord was teaching me himself. To me Reva is my sister in Christ, my best friend and a true follower of God. The world has become very dark only still yet to become filled with more evil as time passes so Lord let Reva and I accomplish your mission and step on the battlefield for you, let us pick up the swords and charge into battle with the demons of the red fiery pits of hell. We may be but only two that choose to fight for you but as you opened my heart and Reva's as time goes on evil will become more and more visible but at the same time we will be the warriors of God. With love for Heaven the two warriors of the battlefield has also increased and that too becomes more and more visible. Let us be the ones that open the eyes of the world to your greatness. Dear Lord King of heaven let us lonely warriors accomplish your mission before our own. Let us be the ones to bring the warriors to the light.


The Perfect Image


What is the perfect image in today's world? How is it measured in today's society.? Does being in the perfect image mean being great at sports. Does being in the perfect image mean to be skinny. Does being in the perfect image mean to be blonde. Does being in the perfect image mean to be always smiling living carefree. Does being in the perfect image mean being short or tall. Does being in the perfect image mean to be smart. Does being in the perfect image mean speaking 58 languages?

No, the view of the perfect image on society is wrong. Its manipulated to make you think the wrong beliefs that you go by. The perfect image to us can never be perfect as we see it that is because we are all faulted with criticism of people. The perfect image was never an idea or choice that we had to make. It was the choice of God. God's perfect image is how everybody around fails to see us. We not agree with the image of the world but the image of the world is God's image and that my friends is the true meaning of the perfect image.


The Holy Battlefield

Warriors of Heaven

I was just thinking of what it would be like in Heaven, no doubt peaceful and beautiful. As time goes on though the ignorance by the people of today destroy heaven. You may not see this because many people choose just not to believe in the lord and or the bible of God. Well I was much like the rest of the world I chose to ignore God for many years, why simple I was bitter I felt I didn't deserve the pain that I was put through. Much like Jesus he didn't deserve the pain and suffering he was put through. There's one thing different between us and Jesus most of us ignore him because much of the think that we are above him. They forget what God did for us. For us as humans its like we have a memory block if we are not subjected to learn about what the Lord did for us then we choose to think it does exist, but just because something that's not saying it doesn't exist.

So I say "Ignorance is bliss." or is it Open your eyes and your heart and he will whisper in your ears and he will live in the bottom of your soul. God purified my soul and the rest I will have to do on my own but that doesn't mean he doesn't give me help. A warrior for God "Reva is her name and I was surprised when we became friends because it was like she was feeling my cries for help to get close to heaven once again. Reva is a angel god is missing in heaven, sometimes I think Reva is an angel and god speaks to her to tell him the pain I felt many times before. Reva is on the good side, Reva is the kind of best friend everyone wishes to have. I feel more connected with the Lord because I feel connect with Reva through the Lord. I compare Reva's spirit to Jesus Christ, because its kind pure and beautiful. Reva's mission is to bring more people to the Lord well as her best friend I choose to follow her teachings. I choose to learn her purity, her kind and good nature. Once I learn the teachings its as if the lord was teaching me himself. To me Reva is my sister in Christ, my best friend and a true follower of God. The world has become very dark only still yet to become filled with more evil as time passes so Lord let Reva and I accomplish your mission and step on the battlefield for you, let us pick up the swords and charge into battle with the demons of the red fiery pits of hell. We may be but only two that choose to fight for you but as you opened my heart and Reva's as time goes on evil will become more and more visible but at the same time we will be the warriors of God. With love for Heaven the two warriors of the battlefield has also increased and that too becomes more and more visible. Let us be the ones that open the eyes of the world to your greatness. Dear Lord king of heaven let us lonely warriors accomplish your mission before our own. Let us be the ones to bring the warriors to the light.



The Army Of The Good


"We Shall flush a river of red forth to banish thy evil."

Look what the angel of everything dark and sinister has done to this world.

Look what thy angel who art thou fallen from heaven has done to the land the creator created for his children. We must stand up for the world we live in. For the true war has not yet began, the true war will come to the future generations of the world. We must stand up and take back the world that was given to us by our heavenly father. We must follow his wishes and follow his commands. The real war will happen in our future. The Blood of world will be spilt in satisfaction for the lord. We must slay the giants of the world like David slayed goliath. We must eliminate the false realities like Star Wars, Ninja Turtles and Super Mario Brothers we must live in a reality that is one with God.


The Blind Rats

The Constant Knowledge


Many of you in today's world go around thanking the Lord, many of you ignore the Lord, many of you only call out to the Lord in dire circumstances or desperate times. So why even acknowledge God if many of the worlds people continue to abuse him. Yourself as an individual were are build strong, powerful and we eventually become powerful citizens in our line of work. So we don't need God right some of us aren't even sure God exists. Some of us claim that God is much like Santa Clause he's just something made believable so that the children of the world will feel happy and safe. There are those other people that come in the house of the as often as most to find peacefulness and tranquility with the holy spirit. Then there are those people that claim there is more answers out there more questions and answers refused to be confirmed by the churches. There are people out there that try to go above an beyond God to search for answers about life. The 1st commandment is thou shall not worship false idle or thou shall not take away worship from our Lord. Lets discuss that matter openly. What is this constant obsession to know everything by us as people? What is this constant need to know which religion is right? is it the religion of Catholics, Christians, pagans? As usual the people are mistaken by the purpose of Jesus Christ, Jesus didn't come here to preach about which religion is wrong or right he came here he came here to unify us as a whole instead of individuals. The idea that we all must become individuals from society came from the time of not listening, years and years later that thought was manipulated by Satan. If you think about it Satan is a lot like us, we pride ourselves on standing out and not following rules. Remember though Satan was present when the Romans nailed Jesus to the cross Satan was the one laughing in a crowd of people. So don't be so eager not to take worship away from God. You will become poisoned in your weakened state of mind. So questions loom about the constant knowledge God gives the answers we need to know instead of what we want to know. All the answers we need to know at this time are right here in front of us but we refuse to see that, in that way we are blind rats. The wonders of father, the son and holy spirit will be revealed to us when we NEED to know this, not when we want.



"God's Tears"


A scared little boy he was

Mere the age of nine

When he saw good and evil overhead

witnessing the devil, he felt a clouded confusion building deep within him

He was not scared, as he looked in the eyes of the demon of demon's

For thy little had met this strange creature before

This creature he was looking into the face of had tried to much harm to him many times before

Yet still the devil could not break or fade the young child’s spirit

For thou little is a child of god and brother of Christ

The devil trying everything terrifying, to bring harmful and painful thoughts within the child's soul

No matter what, the child’s spirit did break or fade

It was still strong,

The devil growing angry disappears in the night

The child is once again saved

The Child happy as can be claps his little hands

The Young one now with a wide smile upon his face looks to the sky,

He hears a voice in the distance

"I will let no-one or nothing bring you harm,"

"I will always be with you."

"Just believe in me and my powers will never fade away."

" I love you, my son, always keep that thought within you."

" I shall bring light to your world, when you see darkness."

" I shall walk with you, when you feel alone."

"Always keep me close to your heart and I shall reward you."

" I shall wipe away your tears, when you cry."

"I shall catch you, when you fall."

"If at time you seek guidance, and answers to questions, look through my pages and shall speak to you"

"My dear son you shall never loose your way for I will always walk with you"

"If you are tempted and you loose your way, my tears will flow."

"Always believe and you shall never hear my tears."

Written by,

Anthony Sicilia


"The words that can make the devil tremble"


If you at all want to pledge yourself to god, and discourage the voice of devil...

Here’s what you must keep in mind

" I shall not be frightened, for evil cast's its ugly eyes."

"I shall rejoice in his presence."

"I shall not be tempted by the devil."

"I choose victory not defeat."

"I shall taste salvation."

"Therefore we beat the devil, by believing in our father."

Written By Anthony Sicilia


P.S. "This poem was written simply for a message that god is only as powerful as you allow him to be, if you loose your way he will hurt, if you loose faith in him, he then becomes powerless."

"Allow him to be in your life, and allow him to shine in all his might and glory."


Now I would take this time to clearly define a message to you that is somewhat ignored or lost with in time.




Let me tell you, make sure you read all the way to the bottom. I almost

deleted this email but I was blessed when I got to the end. Subject: READ ONLY IF YOU HAVE TIME FOR God

God, when I received this e-mail, I thought...

I don't have time for this... And, this is really inappropriate during

work. Then, I realized that this kind of thinking is... Exactly, what has caused

lot of the problems in our world today.

 We try to keep God in church on Sunday morning...

Maybe, Sunday night...

And, the unlikely event of a midweek service.

We do like to have Him around during sickness...

And, of course, at funerals.

However, we don't have time, or room, for Him during work or play...

Because... That's the part of our lives we think... We can, and should, 

handle on our own.

May God forgive me for ever thinking...

That... there is a time or place where..

HE is not to be FIRST in my life.

We should always have time to remember all HE has done for us.

If, You aren't ashamed to do this...

Please follow the directions.

Jesus said, "If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before my

Father."  Not ashamed?

Pass this on ONLY IF YOU MEAN IT!!

Yes, I do Love God.

HE is my source of existence and Savior.

He keeps me functioning each and every day. Without Him, I will be

nothing. But, with Christ, HE strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)This is the simplest test.

If You Love God... And, are not ashamed of all the marvelous things HE has

done for you...




I knelt to pray but not for long, I had too much to do. I had to hurry and

get to work For bills would soon be due. So I knelt and said a hurried



And jumped up off my knees.

My Christian duty was now done

My soul could rest at ease.

All day long I had no time

To spread a word of cheer. No time to speak of Christ to friends,

They'd laugh at me I'd fear.

No time, no time, too much to do,
That was my constant! Cry,

No time to give to souls in need
But at last the time, the time to die.
I went before the Lord, I came, I stood with downcast eyes. For in his

Hands God held a book; It was the book of life.



God looked into his book and said

"Your name I cannot find.
I once was going to write it down..
But never found the time"
Now do you have the time to pass it on?

Make sure that you scroll through to the end.
Easy vs. Hard

Why is it so hard to tell the truth but Yet so easy to tell a lie?

Why are we so sleepy in church but Right when the sermon is over we

suddenly wake up?



Why is it so hard to talk about God but yet so easy to talk about nasty




Why is it so boring to look at a Christian magazine, but yet so easy to

look at a nasty one?



Why is it so easy to delete a Godly e- mail, but yet we forward all of

the nasty ones?



Why are the churches getting smaller but yet the bars and dance clubs are

Getting larger?



Do you give up? Think about it . Are you going to forward this, or delete




Just remember-God is watching you. Prayer Wheel-Let's see the devil stop

This one!



Here's what the wheel is all about. When you receive this, say a prayer

for the person that sent it to you....



That's all you have to do....
There is nothing attached....
This is so powerful....
Do not stop the wheel, please....
Of all the free gifts we may receive, Prayer is the very best one....
There are no costs, but wonderful rewards... GOD BLESSES!
May God keep you and bless you. If this doesn't give you chills, nothing

will...this message is very true. Hope you are all as blessed as I was from
this story! I wonder how many people will delete this without reading it
because of the title on it? >



There once was a man named George Thomas, pastor in a small New England

town. One Easter Sunday morning he came to the Church carrying a rusty,
bent, old bird cage, and set it by the pulpit. Eyebrows were raised and, as
if in response, Pastor Thomas began to speak..."I was walking through town
yesterday when I saw a young boy coming toward me swinging this bird cage.
On the bottom of the cage were three little wild birds, shivering with cold
and fright. I stopped the lad and asked, "What you got there, son?" "Just
some old birds," came the reply.



"What are you going to do with them?" I asked.
Take 'em home and have fun with 'em," he answered. "I'm going to tease 'em

and pull out their feathers to make 'em fight I'm going to have a real good
time." "But you'll get tired of those birds sooner or later. What will you



"Oh, I got some cats," said the little boy. "They like birds. I'll take

'em to them."



The pastor was silent for a moment. "How much do you want for those birds,




"Huh??!!! Why, you don't want those birds, mister. They're just plain old

field birds. They don't sing. They aren’t even pretty!"



"How much?" the pastor asked again.
The boy sized up the pastor as if he were crazy and said, "$10?"
The pastor reached in his pocket and took out a ten dollar bill. He placed,

it in the boy’s hand. In a flash, the boy was gone.



The pastor picked up the cage and gently carried it to the end of the

alley where there was a tree and a grassy spot setting the cage down, he
opened the door, and by softly tapping the bars persuaded the birds out,
setting them free.



Well, that explained the empty bird cage on the pulpit, and then the

Pastor began to tell this story.



One day Satan and Jesus were having a conversation. Satan had just come

From the Garden of Eden, and he was gloating and boasting. "Yes, sir, I just
caught the world full of people down there. Set me trap, used bait I knew
they couldn't resist. Got 'em all!"



"What are you going to do with them?" Jesus asked.
Satan replied, "Oh, I'm going to have fun! I'm going to teach them how to marry

And divorce each other, how to hate and abuse each other, how to drink and
smoke and curse. I'm going to teach them how to invent guns and bombs and kill
each other. I'm really going to have fun!"



"And what will you do when you get done with them?" Jesus asked. "Oh, I'll

Kill 'em," Satan glared proudly. "How much do you want for them?" Jesus



"Oh, you don't want those people. They aren’t any good. Why, you'll take

They and they'll just hate you. They'll spit on you, curse you and kill you
you don't want those people!!"



"How much?" He asked again.
Satan looked at Jesus and sneered, "All your blood, tears and your life."
Jesus said, "DONE!"
Then He paid the price.
The pastor picked up the cage he opened the door and he walked from the




Notes: Isn't it funny how simple it is for people to trash God and then

Wonder why the world's going to hell.



Isn't it funny how someone can say "I believe in God" but still follow

Satan, (who, by the way, also “believes” in God.”



Isn't it funny how you can send a thousand jokes through e-mail and they

spread like wildfire, but when you start sending messages regarding the
Lord, people think twice about sharing?



Isn't it funny how when you go to forward this message, you will not send

it to many on your address list because you're not sure what they believe,
or what they will think of you for sending it to them.!



Isn't it funny how I can be more worried about what other people think of

me than what God thinks of me.




Chapter 1


Understanding the Atheists





Heaven’s War             Anthony Sicilia



Well understanding the Atheists is a real interesting topic to start a book about heaven and hell to begin with, wouldn’t you say so?  I figured while preparing for the writing for this second book and discussing a topic such as the book’s title I thought somehow it just wouldn’t be fair to single a group of non believers out of this particular tongue tying subject. While I was preparing for this book and thinking about all the chapters that could be I preferred to add the knowledge of the atheist into this writing piece. The reason why that is because I wanted to breakdown the reasons atheists have for not believing in God and Satan, Heaven and Hell or Angels or Demons. There’s got to be some particular reason why Atheists do not believe in such things. It just can’t be plain ignorance but if it is that (What chance do they have in life) when it gets to rough for them to handle? Do they just commit suicide or fully commit to go on angry killing sprees. What’s the atheists main motivation in main motivation in life then?

Well take it from a person who used to be at both ends of the stick in more ways then one. I grew up more less like any other kid except for a few high points and a extra few low points. If you read my first book “Dark Shadows” you the reader knows exactly what I mean. I was born  and baptized under the (Christianity Faith) but I’m also Italian so my family back in Italy are all made up of Catholics, (Including my mothers side of the family; well 60% of my mothers side is Catholic its really hard to tell anymore.







Again I grew up like any other person I went to church every Sunday to read the bible and worship but as my life would progress I found I really never felt anything for God in church. It didn’t really make me any spiritual movement at all. I just said there in church totally unaware to what the minister was talking about. I think I just went because my parents went. I had no idea what going to church on Sundays really meant anyway to me church was just 2 hours of (SSS&L)

sitting, singing, shutting up and listening. So when I didn’t fully grasp the concept of Jesus Christ I just became an atheist. Not because I thought didn’t exist I knew he existed I just didn’t want to follow or care about the rules very much.  So I became an atheist out of simply stupidity and ignorance. Kind of like most of the world. What I mean by that is now a  days the world is so screwed up with murders and killing, wars and suicides that barely anyone takes the time to acknowledge that there is a time. Its like no one has anytime for god because each others lives are so messed up and they manage to get so hectic that we as people don’t stop for anything anymore. We as people are always in a rush, we as a society have jobs, an education, children.     We as a world have many diverse  beliefs and gods. Its more then just about a movie on Jesus or The Da Vinci Code life is simply about a man and many gods. Of course Atheists do not acknowledge that their even is a god but don’t we share a common interest with Atheist; that is not knowing who God is.   Well what is the correct term for an atheist? : Atheist believer that there is no God or God.” Have the Atheists been brainwashed into thinking such things with all the Godly gifts people see everyday but yet they ignore the words of heavenly father.



Look at the stuff that is given to us by god but yet there is no praise of thanks by the Atheist. As men we have an adam’s apple, as women they have labour (guess who got the better end of the deal) “The Men.” Even though there are millions of atheists and non believers in the world God still has the courteous  patience he shows towards mankind.  Its amazing really to have that much patience and forgiveness we should be so lucky to at least learn from the bible. We should all take some time every day to get to know God. Anybody in today's world can say mean things, anybody in today's world can start a fight with someone and anybody in today’s world can start and join in the war. But what humanity doesn’t realize yet is that we have been in a war since the beginning of time. 98% of the world is just too busy to stop and talk to God. They would rather talk on their stupid cell phones or instant message each other fifty billion times a day. People would rather start “Family disputes and hatred rather then unifying a family. Those people are the so called “Ignorant Atheists.” These so called “ Ignorant Atheist have no sense of compassion for others so why is it that God himself shows us the love patience that spans the hour glass of our lives.

People of the world have no concept of what God’s love really means that is because As human being we are “Ignorant Assholes.” None of us take time to appreciate God like we should. But God always has time for us even the “Ignorant Atheist of the world.”




We Should all take sometime to respect the laws of God and stop asking ourselves “Why has God done these horrible things to the world. We as a society only question the lord when a big incident happens that changes the outlook on the world. We never see what good God has done for us because we never listen when talks to us.  We just shake our heads and go on with our life. Why is that we only pray to god when we are in need of something. I’m talking about all you atheists: Yes I know for a fact that even Atheists question God. But they only question God in a time of need and desperation because they feel if they become spiritually connected with God for one prayer then God will swoop down and make everything ok again.    

Humanity as a whole  should all open its heart , eyes and ears. Instead of questioning God in a time of disaray and confiding in prayer in time of necessity not once did we at all think maybe Jesus and the Lord needs us just as much as we need them. All you got to do is open your ears and listen the words of lord talks with you. To the lord you are not just his creation but your also his “children.”   


The point of being an atheist without no sense of faith, your will believe in theroies that contradict all realms of faith such as…





Facts of Atheism   



ü  Atheists are non-believers in Christ.

ü They ignore every faction of faith

ü More then 60% of the world’s population are atheists

ü To not acknowledge god is done by choice


Chapter 2

Understanding the Church




 Now when you’re talking about faith everybody knows there are many denominations. Whether you’re Christian or Catholic the church has always been a part of worship for God and Jesus.  All the faiths in the world each have one thing in common. They all try to find comfort in the words of God. By having religious experiences they hope to one day live the same as Jesus did. Jesus is really "The Superman of the free world."  I can't help but wonder why is there is so many diverse faiths when Jesus clearly says "Live amongst your brothers and sisters."  So If Jesus wanted all of us to follow in his message why in the world is there so many denominations? Why is there Catholicism, Why is there Christianity? Clearly we don't have one love for Jesus but we have many different opinions on the life, death and love of Jesus Christ.  For instance back in the ages there were brutal violent wars between Christians and Catholics alike. The wars ended up in countless death and miles of bloodshed all for the sake of one God. "The same God” Christians suffered brutal murderous beatings. Many Catholics were ordered to be burned alive. All for the sake of faith and in God we trust. Many churches of different faiths really had no idea what belief in Jesus meant. Many Catholics and Christians accused each other of practicing the art of satanic rituals. Each of the other churches thought any faith that wasn't their own then it must be the work of the devil.  So I myself these five questions


What is the correct faith?

Why do people have different views on Jesus Christ?

When this thing called “FAITH” start?

Is Christianity wrong?

Is Catholicism wrong?

Well there’s only one way to decipher these questions, discuss them openly.



What are the true beliefs of the Catholic Churches that span the globe? Here are a few tad-bits of information you as the reader might be interested to know about.  The Catholic faith acknowledges the day of the “Sabbath” as the day that began the progression of sin. The church believes that sin was created because the lord had finished creating which allowed God to rest.



(Genesis 2:1-3; Mark 2; 27) (149)

XI. The Sabbath and the Mark of the Beast

“We believe that the Sabbath was instituted in Eden before sin entered, that it was honored of God, set apart by divine appointment and given to mankind as a perpetual memorial as a finished creation. It was based upon the fact that God himself had rested from his work of creation, had blessed. His Sabbath or (rest day) had sanctified it, or set it apart for man.

2. Catholic churches openly agree with that fact the Sabbath was nothing more then just a simple test towards mankind.

Revelations 14:9-12.

We believe that the restoration of the Sabbath is indicated in the Bible prophecy sincerely this, we regard observance of the Sabbath as a test of our loyalty to Christ as Creator and Redeemer.


The third belief of the Catholic Church is the therefore mention of the scapegoat teachings. To put in my own words, so you as the reader may grasp a better understanding of the scapegoat situation. The blood of goats was sacrificed in order show responsibility for humanity’s mistake on sin.  It was therefore the responsibly of Jesus and Satan.  The sacrifice of the goats became one of Jesus’ responsibly because he is the perpetuator, agent and Satan as the instigator of sin and fellow deviant and defiant acts against the Creator. For Satan there is no salvation he must be punished causes men to transgress.

Leviticus 16:10


There holds full prove that the deity of Catholic Scriptures are somewhat distorted to fit the beliefs of today’s generation of mankind.  It has been said that the particular reasons for the catholic scriptures being overseen distorted is the reasoning of many priests having different opinions on the specific interception. Therefore the Catholic Church has not drawn true conclusion as mentioned in the Book of Revelations.  

Revelations 12:17


However the “Catholic Faith” is I as the writer of this novel must provide you the reader structured facts about such a faith as Catholicism. It is my job to inform you to the best of my knowledge about this particular subject. Even though I am fully aware that the information I have researched and presented may somehow be a manipulated structure and the interpretation maybe not what is expected.  But I will do my best to keep you on the right tracks so that your thoughts on this subject may not biased but rather looked at with an open mind.    I as the writer would like to inform my reader/readers to get an understanding of have and is taking place within my train of thought. It is in my best interest not to manipulate my thoughts for the reader but rather share them as if while reading this book you grasp a bond with my information presented to you on the page.  It is my best interest that for reader to fully understand the meaning of this book I would have to share my thoughts so that you as the reader may get a full understanding of what I’m trying to say.  So from here on in I will provide you with the information that I spent countless months researching because I want you the reader to think along with me. Or grasp my train of thought or read the book as if I was discussing the book openly with you.

So I must provide you with some brief but enjoyable historical events that are the faith of a “Catholic.”  Now I know “you may be thinking how on earth I can provide with actual detailed history on Catholicism if most of the writings of any faith are distorted through time? How will you as the reader is able decipher the originality of the writings within the Catholic faith? Well that is true that every denomination has some distorted writings, it is also that none of the scripture have its originality but “THE SCRIPTURE” within any faith can not be distorted. However yes the interpretations can be some what misleading but again I repeat “THE SCRIPTURE” can not hold dishonesty only truth because the words of god are never misguided they are in full view of anyone willing to look at them.    The reason the scripture of any faith can not be distorted is simply because “The Church” holds an obligation to the faith not to distort any words of Jesus and or God. For if the scriptures were somehow distorted through the church then any faith would be reasonably un-justified and therefore the ministries of world wide churches would not be respected for only providing half truth and half self interpretation.  Many people of any faith have concerns and misconceptions and they also a misguided understanding for a faith that is not their own.    Here are some facts on the Catholic Church.   Catholic Church History Facts

When did the Church established by Jesus Christ get the name Catholic?

Christ left the adoption of a name for His Church to those whom he commissioned to teach all nations. Christ called the spiritual society He established, "My Church" (Mt. xvi, 18), "the Church" (Mt. xviii, 17).

In order to have a distinction between the Church and the Synagogue and to have a distinguishing name from those embracing Judaic and Gnostic errors we find St. Ignatius (50-107 AD) using the Greek word "Katholicos" (universal) to describe the universality of the Church established by Christ. St. Ignatius was appointed Bishop of Antioch by St. Peter, the Bishop of Rome. It is in his writings that we find the word Catholic used for the first time. St. Augustine, when speaking about the Church of Christ, calls it the Catholic Church 240 times in his writings.

In the most unequivocal language the Apostles affirmed that the bread and wine duly consecrated on the altar did in fact become the actual Substance of the Savior. Declared the Apostle Paul: "The chalice of benediction which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? And the bread which we break, is it not the partaking of the body of the Lord?" (1 Cor. 10:16)  Catholic Church is the church most united in Christ. The spectacle of one billion Catholics, three-fifths of all professed Christians, perfectly, indomitably united in belief, in organization, and in worship - the historical fact that Catholics, consistently the largest body of Christians in the world, have always been thus perfectly united - was evidence nobody can not ignore. Here is the unity of Bible prophecy - nowhere else on the Christian scene was there a unity nearly so compact, nearly so long-lived. Nowhere else on the Christian scene was there a unity so obviously permanent.

Like His glorified body in Heaven, Christ's Mystical Body on earth never was and never will be a disjoined body. St. Paul said a member of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones. (Eoh. 5:30) ...Sanctify them in truth. Thy word is truth. ...That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee; that they also may be one in us... I in them, and thou in me; that they maybe made perfect in one." (John 17:1-23).


ü    In 397 AD, the Catholic Church gave a definitive decision as to which writings and books should be admitted into the Bible and which should be rejected, and every book which is in the Protestant New Testament today, was put there by Pope Sirius and the Catholic Bishops in the year 397 AD If Christ had intended that men should learn Christianity from the New Testament, what about the hundreds who lived before the first Bible was given to the world by the Catholic Church? Luther's Protestant Bible came out 1520 and before his Bible the Catholic Bible had been translated into Spanish, Italian, Danish, French, Norwegian, Polish, Bohemian, Hungarian and English, there was exactly 104 editions in Latin; 38 editions in German language, 25 editions in Italian language, 18 in French. In all 626 editions of the Bible with 198 in the language of the laity, had been edited before the fist Protestant Bible was sent forth into the world.



Information found: /Catholic-Beginnings


II. History

After the Church became the Roman Empire's official religion in 380, it remained united until 1054. At this time, the Eastern Orthodox Church separated from the Roman Catholic Church, which from that point on would be identified as the western Church. 10 There were many reasons for the schism, but the major issue concerned the Pope's claim of primacy. 11 The next schism that occurred in the Roman Catholic Church was in the sixteenth century, with the Protestant Reformation. 12 Roman Catholics, however, "regard the [Roman Catholic] Church under the successor of Peter as the one, universal Church; other Christians are held to be 'in a certain, although imperfect, communion with the Catholic Church.'" 13 Said differently, "for Roman Catholicism . . . the Catholic church and the Catholic tradition are normative for other Christian churches and traditions." 14

The Roman Catholic Church has held three councils since the Reformation -- the Council of Trent (1545-1563), the Vatican I Council (1869-1870), and the Vatican II Council (1962-1965). These three councils, in addition to the pope, defined the Church's beliefs.

The Council of Trent began the Counter-Reformation and differentiated between the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church from those of the Reformers. 15 Trent "articulated Catholic doctrine on nature and grace . . . defined the seven sacraments, created the Index of Forbidden Books, and established seminaries for the education and formation of future priests." 16

The next council, Vatican I, asserted the infallibility and primacy of the pope, declaring that the "infallible teachings of the people are irreformable, that is, not subject to the consent of any higher ecclesiastical body or authority." 17

And finally, Vatican II brought forth "drastic changes, such as the use of the vernacular in the church, greater participation of the laity in worship, and a new ecumenical spirit of cooperation with Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy." 18

Information found: Catholic Church



Symbols of Catholicism







The Following photos are “Christian Prophets.”









David verses Goliath



Noah Ark


Now I will write this type of faith a little different from the last. See in this part where I discuss “Christianity” I will be providing you with hard cold facts, but also my own interpretations.  


XI,   The Kingdom of Heaven__ Its Reality and Significance

1.    Definition: HEAVEN. Harmony, the reign of Spirit: government by principle spirituality; bliss the atmosphere of Soul.





To put in words you the reader may understand, Heaven is a place of great power, great eternal life and magnificent creations being one as they dwell with the lord.




The second major division in Christianity involves the three major groupings: Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. As the Roman empire disintegrated, the Church divided into Eastern and Western portions. In my opinion, this was a consequence of the difficulty in communication and transportation. There simply wasn't good enough coordination to deal with differences as they began to develop. Although there were few major differences in theology, there were differences in emphasis. The East also objected to the growing power of the Pope. As a result, Eastern and Western Christianity split into what is now referred as Orthodox (Eastern) and Catholic (Western) branches. These groups are still separate, although generally they acknowledge the validity of each other's sacraments, and agree on most of the key doctrines.

In the 16th Century, the Western church split further into Catholic and Protestant streams. Protestants believed that the church had slowly drifted from Jesus' intentions. Major issues involved the nature and authority of the hierarchy, the differences in role between clergy and ordinary Christians, and what Protestants saw as superstitious or unjustified practices in worship. The Anglicans could be regarded as a separate stream. They combine some of the emphases of Catholic and Protestant thought, and sometimes try to mediate between them.

The Protestant branch has further fragmented, with a dozen or so significant schools of thought, and innumerable individual churches. The peak of this fragmentation seems to have been in the 19th Century. Most of the current schools of thought appeared then, and there have been few major new ones in the 20th Cent. In the 20th Century, a few of the larger groups have reunited. There is also a growing degree of cooperation among the different groups. As mentioned above, many Protestants do not regard it as important to create a single organization. They see that as likely to create a hierarchy that is out of touch with the needs of the people, and as requiring compromises that would result in a watered-down, "lowest-common denominator" theology. Thus most Protestants now see Christian unity as being founded in a common relationship in Christ, and expressed in mutual respect and cooperative activity, but not in a single organization.

For Catholics and Orthodox, this situation is a serious problem. They see the Church as an organic whole, with an organizational unity that reflects our spiritual union in Christ.

Controversies over Liberalism

The third major division is over what I am calling "liberalism". The church has been challenged by a number of different trends, all of which could lead to major changes in belief and practice. Among these are

·        Scholarship that challenges traditional assertions about the Bible. This includes attacks on its consistency, authorship, and accuracy.

·        Attacks on the coherence of major Christian doctrines such as the Trinity and Incarnation, and claims that these doctrines are not properly grounded on Biblical or other evidence.

·        Demands to relax ethical standards, particularly in the area of sexual ethics.

These attacks tend to go together. While it is not always the case, those that maintain a high concept of the Bible tend also to hold to the traditional doctrines and ethics.

It is beyond the scope of this document to deal with these in detail. I will observe that these issues tend to cut across the historical lines. There are liberals and conservatives among both Protestants and Catholics. Individual Protestant groups tend to have a specific place in the liberal/conservative spectrum. Indeed many of the groups have been created by disagreement over these issues. However as new issues come up, there is normally a significant spread of opinion within each group.

Almost all Christian groups have rejected the extremes of liberalism. There is a fairly clear pattern that the more liberal groups are unable to retain their members. There is a fairly consistent tendency for members to be more moderate than their leaders, in both directions. In the more liberal Protestant groups, members tend to be upset about the attitudes of leaders towards the Bible and ethics. In the more conservative groups, survey results suggest that members have a tendency to ignore some of the more strict positions on ethics, and to be skeptical of theological positions such as those that condemn all non-Christians to hell.

In my words the major church considered a big crime not to agree with one ideal denomination.

 Chapter 3

 What is Christianity, Is there deception in the gospels?














“Scripture of John”



Let’s closely examine theories of Christianity from the viewpoint of “The darkest side of the brightest man.”  Leonardo Da Vinci, now I’m not here to claim all of Da Vinci’s discoveries as pure truth but rather try to examine the mind of this world renounced man.  It is no secret that Leonardo Da Vinci shared a passion for life as though no one really understood.  There was no mistake that Da Vinci was no doubt a great thinker, painter, musician and scientist. He    had many questions and theories to life. He had a was on a life quest for the perfect thoughts on life.   Da Vinci was a highly religious man and his intrigue in wanting to know about the life of Christ only gave him more drive to pursue his theories of man and life.   It’s a clear thought and a bold statement to say that Da Vinci did not think like every man. He was unique, a free thinker and a religious rebel. But then now a days we can all be considered as religious rebels either for choosing to believe in faith or not.


Now I’m not here re-write The Da Vinci Code. I’m simply here expressing my opinions and interpretations as I see life and faith.    To help me talk about this subject at my side is good old “Christian Doctrine.”


THERE are certain rules for the interpretation of Scripture which I think might with great advantage be taught to earnest students of the word, that they may profit not only from reading the works of others who have laid open the secrets of the sacred writings, but also from themselves opening such secrets to others. These rules I propose to teach to those who are able and willing to learn, if God our Lord do not withhold from me, while I write, the thoughts He is wont to vouchsafe to me in my meditations on this subject. But before I enter upon this undertaking, I think it well to meet the objections of those who are likely to take exception to the work, or who would do so, did I not conciliate them beforehand. And if, after all, men should still be found to make objections, yet at least they will not prevail with others (over whom they might have influence, did they not find them forearmed against their assaults), to turn them back from a useful study to the dull sloth of ignorance    To put this into my own thoughts and frame of my mind so you the reader may grasp a clear understanding of my interpretations of this subject of faith. As long as we have known Man and Mankind alike were not given two left feet. We were given a right and a left foot.


Are world is constantly filled with rules, context, literature, film, interpretations and messages.   Those are some of the ways Leonardo Da Vinci created such a great legacy but constantly questioning and searching for answers.


Take a few months to examine these pieces of art and hidden messages.


John the Baptist



Virgin of the rocks




& look at another



Virgin of the rocks




What about this painting



St. Anne and the Virgin of the rocks


Can you look into the mind and inner most thoughts of Leonardo Da Vinci? Can you see the symbols that the paintings clearly process?  That is naked to the human eye.  See Leonardo Da Vinci was not only known as a great painter but he was known as a heretic against the laws of faith. He believed his way of thinking was clearly the right way. Lets take a minute to cross examine the believes of Da Vinci shall we?


In the painting of John the Baptist the figure gestures become evident but why? Well Da Vinci believed John’s hand gesture had to do with a divine presence or in other words “God.” In the examination of the original painting of the Virgin of the rocks Mary loving looks at a child, presuming to be that child is Jesus and the other is John the Baptist. But take a closer look at the hand gestures and the other way around, John beside Mary and the Angel beside Jesus.  Aerial the Angel is seemingly pointing at John the Baptist. Mary however looks to be threatening Jesus. Leonardo Da Vinci’s thoughts came to be as the conclusion that Leonardo Da Vinci never saw Jesus as Jesus the messiah but rather just an ordinary man. Leonardo Da Vinci did however find it rather fascinating to paint paintings of John the Baptist.   Further more if you look at the virgin of the rocks at a second glance you would see that John is near Mary and Jesus is with the angel who made John the Baptist hirer then Jesus. This is the very particular reason Leonardo was deemed a heretic because in Faith within the gospels of the church no one is higher then the savior.  But again that’s how the mind of Leonardo Da Vinci worked he felt like he was on a life long quest to uncover these forbidden secrets and reveal them to the world. Again in the painting of St. Anne and Mary a hand gesture is drawn to the conclusion to be that of John the Baptist.  The gesture is believed to be a sign of the divine. But the hand gesture too long so it is believed to be a painting filled with codes and intrigue but in my opinion it rather pushes the bounds of a foolish game Da Vinci tried to exploit to the world.   Da Vinci’s thoughts by the mind of the church were that of sacrilege of the Jesus.  Most of the paintings Leonardo created and given to the church are of that given to the church but because Leonardo was no fool and he knew that he could face grave consequences if ever discovered by the church, Da Vinci kept the mysterious signs gravely hidden.  It was said that Leonardo was a rebel of faith because he took his faith to a level of which most men did not understand. Leonardo’s faith was guided by the conclusions of the apocalyptic gospels. Or the gospels rejected by the church.  

      In history there is believed to be over 70 gospels instead of the four accepted by the church.


The Gospels not accepted by the church are as follows

The gospel of Mary

The gospel of Peter

The Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Judas

The Gospel of Paul

The Gospel of Philip

The Gospel of Truth

The Gospel testimony of Jesus

& so forth

Why were only the Gospels according to John, Mark, Luke and Mathew accepted?


The church had one opinion and they believed the gospels accepted by the church were that of acceptable text to credit. The others were deemed blasphemes. The other gospels were also credited with major error in their writings.





Chapter 4

Who’s on your side? Jesus or Satan? 







Regardless of the symbols and symbology we are in agreement that “Jesus did live.”


But who’s really here for humanity Satan or Jesus?




When Did Satan Fall from Heaven?

Well, you asked for it. I always end up giving you more than you probably want. I also think that I am probably going to muddy the waters for you, rather than clear them. Here goes...

The "turning" of Satan happened prior to Adam & Eve eating the fruit, since Satan tempts them against God. The Bible calls him the first sinner (1 John 3:8), so in the sense of a "moral fall," Satan morally fell prior to the temptation of Eve.

Concerning a "geographical fall," the issue is much more complicated. After Adam & Eve's fall, Satan still had access to God's throne in heaven. This is seen in his appearances before God with the other angels (see Job 1:6,12; 2:1,7). It is clear that Satan has no authority in heaven, but he can appear there and accuse the brethren (cf. Revelation 12:10). Although Satan doesn't have authority in heaven, he does have authority in the earth (Matthew 4:8-9; Ephesians 2:2; 6:12; 1 John 5:19).

The term "falling from heaven" is a Near Eastern way of saying that someone is suffering defeat. The term is used in non-biblical literature to describe the fall of gods from power (For examples see these web sites: Hurrite Pantheon; Hittites; Hindu Myths). It's like our term "falling from grace." We don't mean an actual change of geographic position, rather a change of power or relationship.

All of the passages that mention a fall of Satan are somewhat symbolic, so it is hard to know exactly how to take them. The four passages are:

·        Revelation 12:7-13 -- the one you mentioned

·        Luke 10:17-24

·        Isaiah 14:12-17

·        Ezekiel 28:11-19

Let me take them one at a time.

Revelation 12:7-13

Concerning the Revelation passage, it would seem that the woman spoken of is "the people of God," i.e. true believing Israel. She gives birth to the Messiah. It is clear that the child is the Messiah, because only Jesus is the one who is said to "rule the nations with a rod of iron" (Psalm 2:9; Revelation 2:27; 19:15).

If John intended this prophecy as chronological, then the war in heaven (vv. 7-8) happens sometime between the birth and ascension of Christ (vv. 5-6) and before the second coming (v. 12). So your friend could be right. Either the war in heaven happened because of the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ, or it happened sometime between AD 30 and now, or it will happen sometime between now and the Second Coming.

But taking any prophecy chronologically is always iffy, unless the prophecy clearly says so. George Ladd in his commentary on Revelation says:

Here John employs apocalyptic mythological language to describe a spiritual fact. We misunderstand the character of John's thought if we try to place this heavenly battle somewhere in the stream of time. John is only concerned with the fact that Satan is defeated....The reference to Satan being 'hurled down' is only meant to describe Satan's actions against God's people losing their force. We are not to think of any actual change of domicile.

I guess my own tendency IS to take the passage as chronological, but to take the "losing their place in heaven" (v. 8) as more symbolic of some sort of defeat, rather than an "actual change of domicile." So when did Satan suffer this defeat? This war in heaven appears to happen sometime after (or because of) Jesus' ascension to the Father (v. 5). I don't think we can say anything more certain than that.

Luke 10:17-24

Now let's look at the Luke passage. Luke records Jesus' words: "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven" (Luke 10:18). Commentators have often tried to decide when in Jesus' thought this fall occurred. In this passage, the fall of Satan is connected with the return of his disciples from a short-term missions trip. The disciples were able to cast out demons. This is somewhat similar to the statement in Revelation: "They overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony" (Rev 12:11). The shed blood of Christ is the real means of victory over Satan. The secondary means of victory is the actions of Jesus' people.

My own sense is that just as in Revelation the "fall of Satan" doesn't refer to any particular change of residence, but is a symbolic way of saying that he is being humbled and defeated by the actions of the apostles. This fits with Old Testament language regarding the fall of nations and kings.

Isaiah 14:12-17

Concerning the Isaiah passage, some people believe that Isaiah is giving a description of the fall of Satan (vv. 12,15). But the passage clearly applies to the king of Babylon. I really don't see any legitimate reason to see Satan in the passage. It is the king of Babylon who suffers defeat and humiliation here.

Ezekiel 28:11-19

This a prophecy concerning the king of Tyre (see verses 2 & 12). But the prophecy seems to go beyond the king of Tyre, because of the symbolic language. Ezekiel calls the king "a guardian cherub" and refers to Eden. What does this mean? Is this a veiled reference to Satan behind the king of Tyre?

I honestly don't know. The imagery keeps shifting. Some of it could refer to Satan, I suppose, but some of it could also refer to Adam (in Eden, clothed only with precious stones around you, blameless until wickedness was found in you). And there are also symbols that seem to refer to the high priest of Israel (9 stones that are mentioned are among the 12 worn by the Jewish high priest, ordained to guard God's holy mountain, i.e. Jerusalem).

Whoever is being referred to here was "driven from the mount of God (Jerusalem), expelled from among the fiery stones, and thrown to the earth." Is the language just meant symbolically of the king of Tyre or is it a reference to some fall of Satan behind the king of Tyre?

Honestly, it's just not clear to me. I guess you could see Satan behind the king of Tyre, but all of the imagery doesn't seem to fit Satan (e.g., "through your widespread trade, you sinned" -- v. 16). Furthermore, you are still left with the question, when did this fall happen? Is this a third fall of Satan? If it is a fall of Satan, then when was Satan driven from Jerusalem (v. 16)!?

So here's my opinion:

·        I don't think the Isaiah & Ezekiel passages have anything to do with Satan.

·        I think that the reference to Satan's fall is a symbolic way of describing some terrible humiliation and defeat (the defeat must be defined and understood from the context).

·        Based on that I think that there have been a number of "falls" of Satan: the moral fall before Eve's temptation, Jesus' disciples on their mission trip, the death of Christ on the cross, the testimony of martyred saints.

Of course, that is just opinion. Now for things that are NOT just my opinion:

·        Jesus defeated Satan and all spiritual forces of evil at the cross (Colossians 2:14-15).

·        The testimony and work of Christians is helping to defeat Satan (Revelation 12:11).

·        Satan's ability to accuse us before God has been (or will be) limited (Revelation 12:10).

Satan will finally be defeated and his destiny is in the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10; Matthew 25:41)!



Information found at





Chapter 5:


We must try and decode the demise of Satan.


The Fallen Host & The War in Heavens

The War in Heaven The Fallen Archangel

The Fallen Watchers - Grigori Why they Chose to Fall?

The Sin of the Fallen Angels The Punishment

The Fallen Host

These are angels that have fallen from God's grace. Although rarely mentioned in biblical scripture these beings serve as a warning to the reader of what the wrath of God can bring. Angelologists have a certain interest in these creatures because they have quite an air of shadowy mystery which surrounds them.

Fallen angels can be split into two main groups namely:
The angels who sided and allied with Lucifer during the war in Heaven and the fallen Watchers or Grigori.
In both of these cases the angels tuned on God, their creator, by misusing the free will that had been granted to them by God.

The War in Heaven

Generally there is a belief that at some point in time Lucifer joined forces with a third of the divine host in an attempt to place themselves as rulers in the Kingdom of Heaven, by overthrowing God and the faithful angels.
One theory about the cause of the conflict is that when God created man he called upon all of angelic forces to bow before his new creation. Lucifer at that time being one of the highest Archangels found this too humbling by far and refused to debase himself in this manner and duly asked if
"a son of fire should be forced to bow before a son of clay?".

A similar theory and one very much like the latter suggests that Lucifer should bow before Jesus the son of man. Whatever the reason for the conflict Lucifer appeared to be outgrowing his post as highest of the Seraphim and chief of Angels.


It somewhat unclear how many angels were actually engaged in the war in Heaven and the exact number of the host open to conjuncture for many.

In the 15th century though it was estimated that 133,306,668 angels fell from the Heavens in a total of 9 days according to the Bishop of Tusculum (c. 1273), and this was reaffirmed by Alphonso de Spina (c. 1460).

I am sure that this number astounds even the most open minded. I my self was not surprised by the total figure of the fallen angels, I expected the number to be very big for the simple reason that it is reported that the number of angels is very big and that one third of them fell, so this third should be a very large figure also,  but I was and still am very skeptic about the accuracy of this number when I first came upon it.

There is also a question as to when the war took place. In the Old testament and Hebraic writings there is no mention of Hell or fallen angels. However because of the role that Satan plays in the bible, perhaps the most likely time for the battle to have happened, lies somewhere between the Old and New Testament. Whatever the case, Christ made it clear that Lucifer/Satan is the enemy.

Indeed Satan is described in the book of Revelation as a creature which takes the form of a ten headed dragon as he does battle with the armies of God, led by Archangel Michael. Another belief suggests that the battle lasted for several days with Satan's armies building great war machines and even gaining a temporary advantage over the divine forces. However, there is a tale of a Final Battle between the two forces where the Angelic Armies will finally crush the fallen for once and for all.

Revelation 12:7-10 (KJV):
Michael the Archangel Defeats the Great Dragon

Revelation 12:7-10:
A supernatural battle occurs between the Angels of God and the Fallen Angels of Satan.

The Angels of God prevail:

7.  And there was war in Heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon; and the Dragon fought and his angels,

8.  And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in Heaven.

9.  And the Great Dragon was cast out, that Old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceived the whole world: he was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

10.                 And I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven, 'Now is come Salvation, and Strength, and the Kingdom of our God, and the Power of His Christ: for the Accuser of our Brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God Day and Night.'


Angelology is the study of Angels it comes' from the Greek word "Angelologia" which is a combination of two words together "Angelos" = angel (messenger) and "logos" = word, meaning the word of Angels.

In this section I will try to present (remember) information concerning those Beings of Light known to us as Angels. You will find information that I have found and gathered together on various topics listed on the right and much more inside those pages. The portrayal of the synthesis for the sections: The Angelic Orders - The 7 Heavens, and The Archangels & Angels; was made by me using as much as possible the information in hand.

I came to believe that assisting others, brings joy to life, so I plan to share this information with everyone because...
"freely you received... freely you shall give".
If you find the information listed here helpful or uplifting, please feel free to pass the sites' URL to anyone else.

Love and Light -   Steli :-)

"We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can
only fly by embracing one another".


The 7 Heaven's and Earth's Below

This section of the angel’s story has been given different names by different theologians.  It has been called:

- The seven heavens and the 7 hells
       - The 7 celestial mansions and the 7 palaces
          of darkness
       - The 7 heavens and the seven earths.

These would be similar to the lowlands and highlands of our world. The seven heavens stack one over the top of each other in a straight line.

I am presenting this information by combining in order both 7 Heavens & 7 Earths.

The portrayal of the synthesis for - The 7 Heavens -  was made by me using as much as possible the information in hand.        Steli :-)



The First Heaven

Shamayim or Shamain

The 1st heaven, Shamayim borders the Earth and is ruled by Archangel Gabriel.

This is the lowest of the heavens. It borders our world and is thought to be the dwelling place of Adam and Eve. This heaven being the first and closest to Earth acts as a shading agent for the Earth.

This heaven has clouds, wind and upper waters. It is the home to two hundred astronomer angels who keep watch over the stars.
To complete the visual picture of this heaven one would see legions of guardian angels of snow, ice and dew living in this vicinity.
In the Apocalypse of St. Paul this region is called the "promised land." It is described as , "Now every tree bore twelve harvests each year, and they had various and diverse fruits, and I saw the fashion of that place and all the work of God, and I saw there palm-trees of twenty cubits and others of ten cubits, and the land was seven times brighter than silver".

The First Earth

The inhabitants of this world are the descendants of Adam. It was said to be dull and cheerless but little is known about it.





The Second Heaven

Raquia or Raqia

The 2nd heaven Raquia is ruled by the Archangels Raphael and Zachariel, and, according to Enoch, it is within this heaven that the fallen angels are imprisoned waiting final judgment in complete darkness. This was at one time suppose to be the dwelling place of John the Baptist.

The Second Earth

The people of this world, also descendants of Adam, were hunters and cultivators. The were cursed with almost constant sadness. When not sad they were at war. It was also believed that visitors here came in with a memory and left with no recall of prior events.





The Third Heaven

Sagun or Shehaquim

The 3rd heaven is unique for many reasons. According to Enoch, hell lies within the northern boundaries of the third heaven. Sagun (or Shehaqim) is ruled over by Archangel Anahel and three subordinate saraim: Jagniel, Rabacyel, and Dalquiel, and is the residence for Archangel Azrael, the Islamic Angel of death.

The northern region of this heaven has a river of flame that flows through the land of cold and ice, here the wicked are punished by the angels.

The southern lands are a bountiful paradise, thought to be the Garden of Eden, where the souls of the righteous will come after death. Two rivers, the river of milk and honey and the river of wine and oil flow here. This heaven if where the "Tree of Life can be found. The beautiful celestial garden is where all perfect souls go after death and is guarded by 300 angels of light. It was also recorded that the entrance to this heaven is a gate of gold.

The Third Earth

Although this world was one of shadows it also had woods, jungles, forests and orchards. The inhabitants lived off the fruit of the trees.





The Fourth Heaven
Machanon or Machen

The 4th heaven Machanon it is ruled by Archangel Michael, "Is the site of the heavenly Jerusalem, the holy Temple and its Altar" (Godwin, p. 122). It is here that, according to Enoch, that the Garden of Eden is actually housed, not in the third heaven.

It is said to house the city of Christ and is the native seat of the angels.

St. Paul's Apocalypse describes it as " It was all gold, and 12 walls encircled I and there were 12 walls inside. There were 12 gates of great beauty in the circuit of the city and 4 rivers encircled it. There was a river of honey and a river of milk and a river of wine and a river of oil. "

The Forth Earth

This world has two suns and is very dry. The cities here were rich and wondrous, but the dwellers were constantly looking for a source of underground water. It was said that these people had fair features and were full of spiritual faith.





The Fifth Heaven
Mathey or Machon

The 5th heaven Mathey is the seat/home of God, Aaron, and the Avenging Angels.
The beautiful southern region is where God can be found while the northern boundaries are said to be ruled by Metatron's twin brother Archangel Sandalphon or Samael (Camael, Chamuel). This region was like a great void of fire and smoke, which had no firm ground above or below.

A terrible desolate place where it is said the fallen Grigori (watchers) angels who sinned and cohabited with woman were imprisoned; hmm !!!

"Well personally I find this to be very unlikely so, as we, mankind, have been blessed with His greatest gift - Free Will - I would have expected at least the Angels to have been blessed with the same gift also. I believe that if an angel chooses to "fall" down to mankind to experience life and follow the paths of re-incarnation there is nothing wrong in that, let's not forget that we are angels too which have forgotten how to fly."

In the southern regions, on the other hand, reside the ministering angels who endlessly change the praises of the Lord.

The Fifth Earth

The people here live off the land and seem to be a bit simple minded. There world has a red sun and is very dry. The people have two holes in theirs heads instead of noses making it easier for them to breath the dry thin air.





The Sixth Heaven

The 6th heaven Zebul is ruled by Archangel Zachiel (Sachiel) and his subordinate princes Zebul (during the day) and Sabath (during the night)

This stormy, snow ridden dwelling is home to the seven phoenixes and the seven Cherubim who sing the praises of God. A multitude of other angelic beings also reside here.

It is like the angels University of knowledge who study an array of subjects including astronomy, ecology, the seasons, and mankind.

The Sixth Earth

Here the seasons are very long. These inhabitants can travel from earth to earth and are credited with being able to speak all languages. This earth is said to be the place where Hell can be found, all seven layers of it one on top of another. The topmost layer being Sheol followed by, perdition, the gates of death, the gates of the shadow of death, silence, the bilge and the lowest pit.





The Seventh Heaven

The 7th heaven is the holiest of the holy heavens. Araboth is ruled by Archangel Cassiel and is home to God and his Divine Throne it is also the abode of human souls waiting to be born.

It is also home to the highest orders of angels - the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.

It is in the 7th Heaven that Isaiah has a glimpse of God and the Christ and "hears the Most high dictating the program on his (Christs) earthly manifestation and return."

The Seventh Earth

This world's form is very much like that of Earth's, having hills, mountains, valleys and flatlands. Here lies 365 different types of bizarre creatures. These creatures range from having two heads, to having multiple bodies, but are considered to be righteous. They are considered quite superior and live off the aquatic life found there. They have the unique ability to prolong life or bring the dead back to life.


More References

In Enoch 2,8, the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life are both found in the 3rd Heaven.
The Zohar mentions 390 Heavens and 70,000 worlds.
The gnostic Basilides vouched for 365 Heavens.
Jellenek (in Beth Ha-Midrasch) recalls a legend which tells of 955 Heavens.
In Enoch 2 the Heavens number 10. Here the 8th Heaven is called Muzaloth. The 9th Heaven, home of the 12 signs of the zodiac, is called Kukhavim. The 10th, where Enoch saw the "vision of the face of the Lord", is called Aravoth (Hebrew term for the 12 signs of the Zodiac).
The confusion of the Heavens is clear here from the fact that the signs of the zodiac do not lodge in the Heavens named after them.

The notion of the 7 Heavens appears in The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs and other Jewish apocrypha, and was familiar to the ancient Persians and Babylonians.
The Persians pictured the Almighty in the highest of the 7 Heavens, "seated on a great white throne, surrounded by winged cherubim."
The Koran also speaks of 7 Heavens.



The Celestial Angel Wardens


1st Heaven

2nd Heaven

3rd Heaven

1. Suria
  2. Tutrechial
  3. Tutrusiai
  4. Zortek
  5. Mufar
  6. Ashrulyai
  7. Sabriel
  8. Zahabriel
  9. Tandal
10. Shokad
11. Huzia
12. Deheboryn
13. Adririon
14. Khabiel
15. Tashriel
16. Nahuriel
17. Jekusiel
18. Tufiel
19. Dahariel
20. Maskiel
21. Shoel
22. Sheviel

1. Tagriel (chief)
  2. Maspiel
  3. Sahriel
  4. Arfiel
  5. Shahariel
  6. Sakriel
  7. Ragiel
  8. Sehibiel
  9. Tandal
10. Shokad
11. Huzia

1. Sheburiel (chief)
2. Retsutsiel
3. Shalmial
4. Savlial
5. Harhazial
6. Hadrial
7. Ragiel

4th Heaven

1. Pachdial (chief)
2. Gvurtial
3. Kzuial
4. Shchinial
5. Shtukial
6. Arvial (or Avial)
7. Kfial
8. Anfial





5th Heaven

6th Heaven

7th Heaven

1. Techial
2. Uzial
3. Gmial
4. Gamrial
5. Sefrial
6. Garfiel
7. Grial
8. Drial
9. Paltrial

1. Rumial
2. Katmial
3. Gehegial
4. Asabrsbial
5. Egrumial
6. Parzial
7. Machkial
   (Mrgial, Mrgivel)
8. Tufrial

1. Zeburial
2. Turtbebial








 What's Angels

 Angelic Orders

 The 7 Heavens

 & Angels

Angelic Info

 & Archeiai

Angelic Scripts

Angels & 
 Demons Chart

 Fallen Angels


There's a big question arousing from the fall of the angels, and so much for the ones which followed Lucifer to his rebellion towards God but especially for the Watchers/Grigori.

Lets say that the angel in Heaven which followed Lucifer they where deceived by him and so they went into war against God and his Angels.
But the Watchers/Grigori had no excuse to be disobedient as the knew what happened to Adam and Eve when they did so.

So what was it that made these angels to "chose" to fall?

Matthew Bunson says on this:
The precise manner and events surrounding the fall of the angels is a matter of much speculation over the centuries. There have been many theories and legends as to how it happened.
For example, St. Thomas Aquinas (basing himself in part on St. Augustine), proposed that angels were created by God initially with free will to permit them to make a choice to accept or reject him forever.
As they had been made with natures that were eternally decisive, their decision was irrevocable.

One can also trace the presence of fallen angels and how they became so by tracing the historical development of Satan.
In the Old Testament, the name satan was used to describe the “adversary” of God, bringing about evil and tempting human beings (Wis. 2:24; 1Chron. 21:1; Job 1:6-12).
Jesus was also subject to the temptations of Satan in the wilderness (Mt. 12:24).

The references to Satan are extensive in Scripture, and by the time of the New Testament, it was common to consider the presence of evil spirits, attaching the name Satan to the devil or Archfiend (as in Rev. 20:2), and variously describing him as the Evil One (Mt. 5:37; 13:19), Beelzebub (Mk. 3:22), the Accuser (Rev. 12:10), etc.
Specific reference to Satan as a fallen spirit or heavenly being (i.e., an angel) is found in 2Pet. 2:4 and Rev. 12:7-9. There he is characterized as a leader of hostile angels who was ejected from heaven.
He is thus able to disguise himself as an angel of light. The description of Satan as an angel was one that received considerable subsequent development.

In his Moralia, Pope St. Gregory I the Great wrote that Satan was so great in glory and knowledge that he wore the other angels as mere garments. Opinions have varied, however, as to whether he belonged to a specific choir, with most speculative writers proposing that he was chief of the seraphim and the virtues (as well as prince of the powers and archangels).

St. Thomas Aquinas, meanwhile, made the important point that Satan was of the choir of cherubim as he excelled in knowledge, not love or charity. The cherubim are honored in the second choir of angels and are best known for their knowledge and power.
                                                            Matthew Bunson

As we have seen in the chapter "The Fallen Archangel" Lucifer and Satan are two different fallen angels with Lucifer been the first. As the two became interchangeable so it happened that St. Thomas Aquinas had in mind Lucifer who was a Cherubim when he referred to him with the name Satan.

I am not going to elaborate on the reasons which made Lucifer to fall, because whatever the reason he did so out of his egotism and pure malice.

But when it comes to the Watchers - Grigori it seams to me that the fallen Watchers - Grigori did not think of their help to humans as a big sin, if a sin at all.
To have done so that means that they loved humans so greatly that they chose to help them.
Besides it was the same love of God towards Adam (or was it Jesus) that cause the rebellion of Lucifer.

The Watchers/Grigori as angels and with the divine gift of Free Will made an irrevocable choice out of love to human kind, to change their path of evolution, and experience humanity/mortality, and thus been humans with physical form they got married with human women.
Although they appealed to Enoch to mediate and to speak on their behalf to God, they remained bound for 70 generations, (is that time period big enough? or the sin was not so big after all?). Hmm!

Some, they wants us to believe that the fallen Watchers/Grigori where allured by human women who were in the habit of walking abroad naked, and they gave themselves up to every conceivable manner of lewd practices. Of such were the women, whose beauty and sensual charms tempted the angels from the path of virtue.

Sorry, but I fail to see how a being of light like an angel will be tempted so easily by a naked human woman to fall. A Watcher, watches everything and nudity or the shape of human body should have not be even worth looking upon it for an angel.

I had this idea "theory" of mine which suggests that it might be the fallen Watchers/Grigori that gave all the knowledge to the people from Atlantis (the lost continent).
Knowledge so powerful that the Atlantians where not ready to handle it and it "destroyed" them.
It was said that the Atlantis "experiment" failed and that it was a mistake from the Hierarchy's behalf.
I don't think that the Hierarchy is capable of such mistakes.
This theory can be supported theologically from the "fact" that the fallen Watchers/Grigori and their children where destroyed in Noah's flood... the coincidence here is that Atlantis was also been said to be destroyed by the same flood around 8498 B.C. Hmm! That makes my wonder!

Whichever it's the right answer these are just my views on the subject, without claiming any theological specialty and not saying that I am correct, these are just thoughts for ponder.




 What's Angels

 Angelic Orders

 The 7 Heavens

 & Angels

Angelic Info

 & Archeiai

Angelic Scripts

Angels & 
 Demons Chart

 Fallen Angels

Information found:

To understand about the celestial orders/hierarchy it is important to know exactly what an angel is (see What's Angels). Briefly it can be described as: a spiritual being that is believed to be much more powerful than a human. In Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other theologies an angel can be one who acts as a messenger, attendant or agent of God.

Regarding the celestial orders/hierarchy, the majority of scholars believe that angels are divided into clearly defined ranks and depending on the rank of the angel it will have separate honors and duties.

To understand better how this number of Twelve Orders list was form see "The Number Twelve (12)" section.

Each Angelic Order has its special purpose for existing, and now lets see some details about them.

Orders of the First Choir are:
            Supernals - Celestials - Illuminations

Orders of the Second Choir are:
            Seraphim - Cherubim - Thrones

Orders of the Third Choir are:
            Dominations - Virtues - Powers

Orders of the Fourth Choir are:
            Principalities - Archangels - Angels

At the end of this page you will find some more references about the number, the hierarchy, and the names of the Angelic Orders.
No one can really say which is the correct number of the Angelic Orders but personally I find the number 12 and this list more mystical and appealing to the whole subject as 12 is the number of completion.

The portrayal of the synthesis for - The 12 Orders - was made by me using as much as possible the information in hand.        Steli :-)


The First Choir

The Will of the Source:

The First Choir is the non-tangible "invisible" one and the expression of the loving intention of the Source of the Whole of Existence. Within the 1st Choir are three Orders of Beings of Pure Light which are everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and thus an "extension" of God Himself - The Source of the Whole of Existence.
This first Choir forms a kind of Trinity and the means for The Source of the Whole of Existence to extent his Divine Will, Wisdom and Light downward to the next Orders of Angels and so on to the physical realms.

These Angelic Orders are listed each as they came into being and into there Choirs.
The first order of angels were the first companions for the Source of the Whole of Existence also known as  the Holy Twelve or the Angels of Presence.
Then the second order came into being and so on in the same capacity. In actuality they came into being simultaneously before there was time.
Each order took on different roles and a variety of duties as they interacted with the universes.
The first angels existed as brilliant shinning light, and radiated tremendous loving everywhere.

The Angelic Orders of the First Choir are:
The Supernals, the Celestials and the Illuminations.



The First Order of Angels are of brilliant gold light and are companions to The Source of the Whole of Existence.
They form what are known as the Holly Twelve or the Angels of the Presence.
They are known as the Supernals.
There are always 12 Supernals at any given time that serve in this capacity, as 12 is the number of completion within physical orders. Their presence forms within it, the abode of the Source of the Whole of Existence.


The Holy Twelve - Supernals - are those beings, who are extensions and the first intentions of the Source of the Whole of Existence. Each of these twelve possesses an ascending and descending principle of creation in balance, harmony and synchronization with each of the twelve. The Holy Twelve assisted the angels in becoming aware of the wisdom of all things.

Members of this Angelic Order :




The Second Order of Angels maintain the connections between Divine Thought and Wisdom and its manifestation into the physical realms.
They appear as shinning silver light. They are known as the Celestials.
Few ever appear to humans or 3rd density realms.
They are present throughout all of existence.

Member of this Angelic Order :
Celestiel (Astarael)






Those of the Third Order of Angels are of the highest physical form and maintain and accomplish the emulations of divine light and wisdom throughout the physical realms.
They appear as iridescent light and are known as Illuminations.
They are present within all physical realms.

Member of this Angelic Order :
Sandalphon (Ilaniel)



The Second Choir

Govern All Creation:

The second Choir of angels is collectively concerned with the universe and the manifestations of divinity within it, operating at the highest level of the astral. Some see these as the angels of pure contemplation. This means that they manifest energy through pure thought. These angels possess the deepest knowledge of Divinity, and its inner workings and manifestations.
The angels of the first Choir are:
The Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Thrones.


The Fourth Order of Angels manifests so rapidly within the physical realms that they appear as 6 wings of light with eyes.
They are known as Seraphim, their very name means ardor and are in charge of maintaining the presence of the Source of the Whole of Existence within the physical worlds. They are the guardians of the various universes.



Quote from Dionysius the

"The name Seraphim clearly indicates their ceaseless and eternal revolution about Divine Principles, their heat and keenness, the exuberance of their intense, perpetual, tireless activity, and their elevative and energetic assimilation of those below, kindling them and firing them to their own heat, and wholly purifying them by a burning and all- consuming flame; and by the unhidden, unquenchable, changeless, radiant and enlightening power, dispelling and destroying the shadows of darkness."

The Seraphim are primarily concerned with vibrational manifestations which keep Divinity in perfect order. They have been described as being the angels of love, light and fire.

They help to carry positive energy through the orders of the angels to us in the physical realms. Supposedly they are so bright and powerful that to look at them would instill one with pure fright. Because of this, the only beings known to interact with the Seraphim are The Lord and Lady, and the Archangel Michael. These angels work with consuming divine love and compassion.

The Seraphim without question they are the closest in all of heaven to the very throne of God, and their primary function is to circle the incomprehensibly beautiful throne in perpetual adoration of the Lord. This is a task that is not nearly as monotonous as it may seem to mortals, given the nature of the angels (who have perfect powers of concentration) and the delight that such an honor actually brings to the spirits.

The Seraphim are almost always identified with fire-not the burning, painful flames and heat of hell, but the healing flame of Love. They are literally living flames. The intensity of their adoration and pure Love of God pure out of them as a flawless reflection of the Divine Love that emanates from the Lord. Like the rising sun, each angel radiates such light that even the other Holy Beings, the Cherubim and the Thrones, cannot look upon them.

According to Enoch, each Seraphim has six wings. In the Old Testament Book of Isaiah (6:1-3) he writes "...I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and his train filled the temple. Above him stood the Seraphim; each had six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew." In the Book of Revelation (4:8) is another possible reference: "And the four living creatures, each of them with six wings, are full of eyes all around and within, and day and night they never cease to sing 'Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come!"

In Isaiah 6, we read that the Seraphim have 6 wings

Magically, work with the Seraphim when you wish to raise energy for humanitarian or planetary causes. They listen to group ritual. To reach the Seraphim, burn a white candle for Divinity, and a purple candle for the Seraphim.

Members of this Angelic Order :

Chamuel (Kemuel, Shemuel)
Satan (before his fall)





Members of the Fifth Order of Angels are youthful and appear as faces of light or very childlike forms. They are the reminders of joy, happiness and the essence of creation.
They are known as Cherubim.
They appear when humanity remembers its own joy and allows happiness to be present.


Their name signifies "fullness of knowledge". Characterized by a deep insight into God's secrets, the cherubim hold the knowledge of God and they truly possess the fullness of the divine science of heaven. "It is also they who are often sent to earth with the greatest of tasks; the expulsion of Man from the Garden of Eden and the Annunciation of Christ were both performed by cherubim". They enlighten the lesser orders of angels and are to them the Voice of Divine Wisdom.

Quote from Dionysius the

"The name Cherubim denotes their power of knowing and beholding God, their receptivity to the highest Gift of Light, their contemplation of the Beauty of the Godhead in Its First Manifestation, and that they are filled by participation in Divine Wisdom, and bounteously outpour to those below them from their own fount of wisdom."

The Cherubim have been described as the guardians of the fixed stars, keepers of celestial records, best owners of knowledge. They are also said to be the guardians of light. They create and channel positive energy from Divinity and appear in exquisite form. They supposedly outshine all the other angels. The Cherubim watch over all the galaxies, and guard any religious temples.

An older description places the Cherubim with four faces and four wings, which could be a mythical representation associating them with the four winds. In the Renaissance period they somehow got shrunk into little baby-face angels now known as Cherubs.

Function and Philosophy

The Cherubim Order is the fifth of the 12 accepted Orders of angels, placed fifth as well in the second Choir of the angelic hierarchy (with the Seraphim and Thrones).
They are some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring of all angels, standing below the Seraphim in direct closeness to God. Their illuminative knowledge and wisdom are thus so great as to be utterly incomprehensible to the mortal mind, blinding the blessed human who has the honor of actually beholding them in this world.

Only a step below the Seraphim in Divinity, the Cherubim have always been much more active on Earth, protecting all God's creations. No other Order works harder (only the Powers are their equals in relentless devotion to duty). If humans knew just how much the Cherubim have done for them, they would occupy the most privileged station in Angelic Lore.

In Islamic lore, the Cherubim was allegedly created out of the tears shed by the Archangel Michael for all the sins of humanity. They are the first angels to be encountered in the Old Testament, being posted in the Book of Genesis in the east of Eden to ensure that no one entered after the expulsion of Adam and Eve.

Their chief task in the celestial hierarchy is to sing the praises of God, but they are also declared in occult lore to have the responsibility of driving the Chariot of the Lord (Merkabah), a key symbol of heaven. They are described as the Charioteers of God, steering the Ophanim/Wheels (another name use for the order of  Thrones).

The Cherubim are also given the task of maintaining the records of heaven and seeing to the details necessary to keep order in the Heavenly Host.


Cherubim had the bodies of a winged bull, an eagle, or a sphinx and the faces of men or lions. As is clear from Ezekiel's encounter, the Cherubim possess four wings and four faces, symbolizing their eternal vigilance and knowledge, which reaches every direction of Creation. They are also often presented with peacock feathers bearing a host of eyes, again in reference to their all-seeing omniscience.

Contrary to paintings on greeting cards and new age book covers, the cherubim are not depicted as fat, winged babies. Instead they are described as sphinx like creatures in Assyrian lore, or the angels gracing the Ark of the Covenant and Solomon's temple in biblical terms.

Magically, seek the Cherubim when you need divine protection, wisdom, and knowledge. To reach the Cherubim burn a white candle for Divinity and a blue candle for the Cherubim.

Members of this Angelic Order

Lucifer (before his fall)




Angels of the Sixth Order are beings of tremendous power and movement.
They are the keepers of higher more expanded energies. They ensure that these energies maintain connections and flows through the realms.
They are known as Thrones.
They act as the conduits of the physical worlds and tend to be more stationary in their existence.




Quote from Dionysius the
Areopagite text:

"The name of the most glorious and exalted Thrones denotes that which is exempt from and untainted by any base and earthly thing, and the super mundane ascent up the steep. For these have no part in that which is lowest, but dwell in fullest power, immovably and perfectly established in the Most High, and receive the Divine Immanence above all passion and matter, and manifest God, being attentively open to divine participations."

Known in scripture as the bringers of justice, but their
status in hierarchy is often confused, sometimes placing them above the Seraphim, and sometimes placing them as the Cherubim. They do however, come in the second Choir, and are assigned to planets.

This position makes them some of the most powerful angels in service to the Lord. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the Thrones have the task of pondering the disposition of divine judgments. In other words, they carry out or fulfill the divine justice of the Lord.

They create, channel and collect incoming and outgoing positive energies. Dispensation of justice is important to the Thrones and they send healing energies to victims while shining a light on injustice to bring it's presence to our attention.

Like their counterparts in the second angelic triad, they come the closest of all Angels to spiritual perfection and emanate the light of God with mirror-like goodness. They, despite their greatness, are intensely humble, an attribute that allows them to dispense justice with perfect objectivity and without fear of pride or ambition. Because they are living symbols of God's justice and authority, they are called Thrones and have as one of their symbols the throne.

Function and Philosophy

This group of Angelic Princes are often also called "Ophanim, Wheels or Galgallin." It is said that they were the actual wheels of the Lord's Heavenly Chariot (Merkabah).
"The four wheels had rims and they had spokes, and their rims were full of eyes round about."
They are also frequently referred to as "many-eyed ones."

God's spirit is conveyed in a certain manner to these angels, who in turn pass on the message to men and the inferior angels.


Having the most bizarre physical appearance of the celestial host, they are described a great wheels, covered with a great many eyes and glowing with light. One explanation given for this (besides them acting as God's chariot), is that they mark the end of the first Choir, where the emanations of God begin to take on more material forms and as such exist in a state of transition.

Magically, call on the Thrones when you need assistance in smoothing relations with groups of people or between two individuals. For any issue involving a need for stability, or planets or planetary energies, call on the Thrones. To reach them, burn a white candle for Divinity and a green candle for the Thrones.

Members of this Angelic Order




The Third Choir

Govern All The Cosmos:

The third Choir Angelic Orders (the Dominions, Virtues and the Powers) concern themselves with the governing of a specific planet, as well as those angels assigned tasks below them. These angels flow in an intensity of power. They also carry out the orders they get from the Angels of the above Choirs. Third Choir angels deal with the cosmos and its interconnectedness.



Within the Seventh Order of Angels are those beings that distribute and maintain connections between all beings and things within physical realms.
They are known as Dominations or Dominions.
They are so called because "they rule over all the angelic orders charged with the execution of the commands of the Great Monarch."

They are also known as the Lords, Kyriotetes or Hashmallim, whose purpose is to regulate the duties of the lower angels.

They act as a form of middle management between the upper Choir and the lower. Receiving their orders from the seraphim and cherubim these bright spirits make known to us the commands of God and ensure the cosmos remains in order. Their main virtue is zeal for the maintenance of the King's authority. Only on very rare occasions do they reveal themselves to mortals, instead they quietly concern themselves with the details of existence.

They integrate the material world with the spiritual, continuing balance and order between the two. They are described as carrying an orb or scepter as their emblem of authority.

Function and Philosophy

Also called the Dominions and the Lords, Dominations are one of the 12 accepted orders of Angelic Princes, ranked seventh overall. They belonged to the Third Choir with the Virtues and Powers.

According to Dionysius, the Dominations have the duty in the Heavenly Host of regulating the activities of the angels. Through the efforts of these spirits, the very order of the cosmos is maintained. They handle the minute details of cosmic life and existence, designating tasks to the lower orders of angels.

The Dominations are gifted with the ability to take part in the different corporeal aspects of the Symphony; seeing the world through an endless array of eyes. They are the most alien of all of the Orders, capable of experiencing life in ways other angels can only imagine, but they are also closest to the human experience in many ways.

Quote from Dionysius the

"The name given to the holy Dominions signifies, I think, a certain unbounded elevation to that which is above, freedom from all that is of the earth, and from all inward inclination to the bondage of discord, a liberal superiority to harsh tyranny, an exemptness from degrading servility and from all that is low: for they are untouched by any inconsistency. They are true Lords, perpetually aspiring to true lordship, and to the Source of lordship, and they providentially fashion themselves and those below them, as far as possible, into the likeness of true lordship. They do not turn towards vain shadows, but wholly give themselves to that true Authority, forever one with the Godlike Source of lordship."

In the traditions of Angelology, Dominations are the first Angels (and therefore the oldest Angels) created by God.


They are sometimes perceived as travelers, appearing in widely separated spaces and times. By custom Dominations are believed to wear green and gold, and their symbols are the sword and scepter. This denotes their lordship over all created things. In turn, the dominations receive their instructions from the Cherubim or Thrones.

On a magical basis, anything concerning leadership falls under the area of the Dominations. To reach the Dominations burn a white candle for Divinity and a pink candle for the Dominions.

Members of this Angelic Order:

Zacharael (Yahriel)




Those beings of light that act as generators within the physical realms belong to the Eighth Order of Angels.
They manifest in this Universe as astronomically large beings, and generate various amounts of light.

They are called Virtues and also known as the Malakim and the Tarshishim, they



commune directly with
stars and the nebulae which give stars birth, and with even larger astronomical phenomena.

Said to work miracles on earth, the Virtues bestow grace and valor to those worthy. The Virtues' primary job is to move massive quantities of spiritual energy to the earth plane and the collective human consciousness. The Virtues are said to be very fond of those striving to achieve more than people say they can. They love all the go-getters and the positive people who try to enlighten and lead others toward harmony. Virtues work with movement, guiding the elemental energies that affect the planet. When you work with elemental energies, it is the Virtues who listen to you and assist you. When you are sick or scared call on the Virtues.

Quote from Dionysius the

"The name of the holy Virtues signifies a certain powerful and unshakable virility welling forth into all their Godlike energies; not being weak and feeble for any reception of the divine Illuminations granted to it; mounting upwards in fullness of power to an assimilation with God; never falling away from the Divine Life through its own weakness, but ascending unwaveringly to the super essential Virtue which is the Source of virtue: fashioning itself, as far as it may, in virtue; perfectly turned towards the Source of virtue, and flowing forth providentially to those below it, abundantly filling them with virtue."

Function and Philosophy

The virtues are ranked eighth in the heavenly host out of the 12 Orders of Angels. There is a little mixed-up in the ranking of Virtues, some places them above Powers and some below, whichever, they are members of the third Choir with Dominations and Powers. As a member of this triad, they take part in the duties given to the Choir, namely the ordering of the universe. The virtues specifically preside over the elements of the world and the process of celestial life. Thus all heavenly bodies-from the stars and planets to the galaxies themselves-are kept in their divinely appointed routes and progress. On earth the angels maintain a watch over nature, marking and guiding every facet of natural life: rain, snow, wind, etc. It has also be speculated that Virtues are in charge of miracles.

As if these duties were not enough, the angels also assist humanity by stowing grace and valor within the mortal heart. They encourage humans to turn always to the good and help enhance the person's will to endure hardship and suffering and to have the personal strength to turn ever toward God. As the angels in charge of miracles, they receive their orders from the Order above them, but they are also closely interlaced with the saints.

To reach the Virtues burn a white candle for Divinity and an orange candle for the Virtues.

Members of this Angelic Order:






The Ninth Order of Angels are those beings who maintain the laws set into motion we call the physical realms.
They are keepers and teachers of the laws and are known as Powers. These are information gatherers and depositors of truth and information to all things that exist.

According to tradition, the Powers are Guardians of order (peace & order), a form of Celestial Police


Force, who attempt to assure order in the World (according to God's will).

In scripture the Powers are said to stop the efforts of "demons" to overthrow the world, or else they preside over demons, making them "evil", as claimed by St. Paul. They are however, the keepers of human history. They are known as the angels of birth and death and they organize the world's religions and send divine energy to keep the positive aspects of religion growing. Powers work through the human 6th sense, and are the angels of warning.

The Powers are Virtues embodied. They were not created with the other Angelic Orders, but came into being during Lucifer's rebellion. The noblest and purest angels, led by Archangel Uriel, became a new kind of celestial, warrior angels so resolute that they could not Fall. Since then, they have been Heaven's first and last line of defense against the diabolical hordes.

Quote from Dionysius the

"The name of the holy Powers, co-equal with the Divine Dominions and Virtues, signifies an orderly and unconfined order in the divine receptions, and the regulation of intellectual and super mundane power which never debases its authority by tyrannical force, but is irresistibly urged onward in due order to the Divine. It beneficently leads those below it, as far as possible, to the Supreme Power which is the Source of Power, which it manifests after the manner of Angels in the well ordered ranks of its own authoritative power."

Function and Philosophy

One of the 12 Angelic Orders, Powers are also known as Potentates, Authorities, Dynamics, and Forces. They are placed in the third Choir along with Dominations and Virtues, numbered ninth overall. Some believe that the Powers like the Thrones were supposedly the very first of the angels created by God. However, this disagrees with the theory that all angels came into existence at a single moment and with the believe that they came into being during the Angels war with the evil forces.

Powers have the task of defeating the efforts of the demons in overthrowing the world. They are declared awesome defenders of the cosmos against all evil and the maintainers of all cosmic order and equilibrium. They are the guardians of the heavenly paths, policing the routes to and from heaven to the earth. This means they concern themselves with humanity as well. The great harmonizers, they assist each soul to overcome the temptations place before it to do evil and to lean instead toward the proper action (that being to Love and worship God.)

During heavenly warfare they are a major line of defense. They are also tasked with guarding the celestial byways between the two realms and ensuring that souls which leave the mortal world reach heaven safely. Perhaps not surpassingly, given their proximity to the nether regions, there are more angels from the ranks of the powers listed as fallen than from any other member of the hierarchy.


Powers' colors are green and gold, and their symbol is a flaming sword.
On a magical basis, the Powers are warrior angels, and you can call on them when you're in trouble. These angels will defend your home, property, children or any group of people who call on them for protection and defense. To reach the Powers, burn a white candle for Divinity and a yellow candle for the Powers.

Members of this Angelic Order:




The Fourth Choir

Govern All The World:

The Fourth Choir Angels find themselves intricately involved in human affairs and are considered the Angels of the Earth and the friends of man. They constantly weave in and out of our lives, listening closely to human affairs. The Fourth Choir Angels include the Principalities, the Archangels, and those simply called the Angels."

These three Angelic Orders are charged with relations with mankind, and thus the "least Divine" of all the Angelic Orders. From Divine Diplomats to Heavenly Socialites.
The Fourth Choir Orders are the developers of politics and the arbiters of taste, bringing the discipline of abstract structures to the corporeal realm.


Those angels of the Tenth Order of Angels are governors and administrators of various systems within the physical realms.
They have been known to become patrons of whole areas, countries or cities. They are known as Principalities.
They work with and conjoin their energies with larger groups of various types or species.



The Principalities are said to be the guardians of large groups, such as continents, countries, cities, and other human creations on a grand scale (such as U.N. - NATO). They work toward global reform. You can find them anywhere, such as boardrooms, conference-rooms, swimming pools, and wherever groups of people congregate for learning, or just for fun.

Principalities watch over the mortal world and are executive in regard to the visible world of men. Religion and of politics are also guarded by them and, "as such, they are assumed to be given more freedom to act than the lesser angels below them and are responsible for carrying out divine acts concerning their area of jurisdiction. Finally, they are given to the task of managing the duties of the angels."

St. Thomas says of them:

"The execution of the angelic ministrations consists in announcing divine things. Now, in the execution of any action there are beginners and leaders; this-the leadership-belongs to the Principalities."

Quote from Dionysius the

"The name of the Celestial Principalities signifies their Godlike princeliness and authoritativeness in an Order which is holy and most fitting to the princely Powers, and that they are wholly turned towards the Prince of Princes, and lead others in princely fashion, and that they are formed, as far as possible, in the likeness of the Source of Principality, and reveal Its superessential order by the good Order of the princely Powers."

Function and Philosophy

The Principalities are placed first in the Fourth Choir of Angels among Archangels and Angels. They are ranked tenth overall. Also called Princedoms and Princes, these angels are the first of the Choir most concerned with earth and are traditionally declared to have roles of caretakers over every nation, province, county, district, city, town, village, and house. According to tradition, the Principalities also protect religion under their care.

They work with Guardian Angels who are also assigned to every spot and person. It is debated that the Guardian Angels function as the personal angelic protectors and the principalities are the administrative or technical writers. They are supposedly empowered with greater strength by God than the Guardian Angels and thus receive permission more frequently to have a direct involvement in the affairs of humanity. They use their incalculable strength of heaven to move the hearts and minds of those mortals with whom they have direct contact.


The symbols of principalities are the scepter, the cross, and the sword.
Magically, you can call on the Principalities in times of discrimination, extinction of animals or people, inadequate leadership or another from a town to a company. Human rights and economic reform are top priorities for these angels. To reach the Principalities burn a white candle for Divinity and a red one for the Principalities.

Members of this Angelic Order:






Those angels who govern the affairs of the messengers of the various realms and dimensions are known as the Angels of the Eleventh Order. They are very large and radiant spiritual beings.
They are called Archangels.
Their presence signals great change. They sometimes take human form in order to cause occurrences or change the tide of events for humanity.


The archangels are known to work on several different levels in the Orders... they often belong to one of the other Choirs or Orders, and yet they enjoy working with humans when they can. They create and funnel energies both ways up and down the divine channel.

The confusion about the collective celestial rank of archangels and archangels arises from "the ancient Hebraic way of defining angels which was simple angel and archangel. It was not until later that the hierarchy was defined, and many of the angels previous named as simply archangels were given new posts."

Function and Philosophy

One of the accepted Orders of Angels, Archangels are ranked eleventh: above angels and below principalities. In the division of the Angelic Hierarchy into 4 Choirs of 3 Orders each, the Archangels belong to the fourth and lowest Choir. The Archangels are perhaps the most confusing of the Angelic Orders, for aside from being a distinct part of the heavenly host, their name is used frequently for virtually every angelic being superior to the ordinary angels.

Quote from Dionysius the

"The Order of the holy Archangels is placed in the same threefold Choir as the Celestial Principalities; for, as has been said, there is one Hierarchy which includes these and the Angels. But since each Hierarchy has first, middle and last ranks, the holy Order of Archangels, through its middle position, participates in the two extremes, being joined with the most holy Principalities and with the holy Angels."

Archangels are among the few angelic beings mentioned specifically by name in the Old Testament. Even more specific are references in the New Testament, such as the Letter of Jude (1:9): "But when the Archangel Michael, contending with the devil, disputed about the body of Moses, he did not presume to pronounce a reviling judgment upon him, but said, 'The Lord rebuke you.'"

As is clear from their appearances in Scripture, the primary duty of the Archangels is to carry out the will of God as it relates directly to humanity. They bring to the world the prayerful blessings of the Lord. It is for that reason that the Archangels - like their close counterparts the Angels - are said to intervene so regularly in the affairs of men and women.

Archangels liaises between God & Man and are in charge of Heaven's armies in their Battle against Hell. Also they oversee Guardian Angels.

Members of this Angelic Order:

The number of Archangels has long been a source of great discussion among angelologists. Traditionally there are seven Archangels although who they are and what they do has been given variously in different sources. Islam recognizes only 4 Archangels, and other customs say twelve but there are much more than these. I have compiled the list of Dionysius the Areopagite, which is the best-known list.

Jeremiel (depending on reference)
Satan (before his fall)
Many more (see Archangels & Angels section)




Those angels of the Twelfth Order of Angels are the messengers that commune with various life forms within the physical worlds.
These include the Guardian Angels of humankind.
They are called Angels. These are the most accessible angels to humans and other life forms.
They are constantly present.



Large groups of them may appear at tragic events as they accompany their charges to their next level or dimensional area. They also at times inspire through thoughts and ideas.

Quote from Dionysius the

"For the Angels, as we have said, fill up and complete the lowest order of all the Choirs of the Celestial Intelligences since they are the last of the Celestial Beings possessing the angelic nature. And they, indeed, are more properly named Angels by us than are those of a higher rank because their order is more directly in contact With manifested and mundane things.

The highest Choir, as we have said, being in the foremost place near the Hidden One, must be regarded as hierarchically ordering in a bidden manner the second Choir; and the Choir of Dominions, Virtues and Powers, leads the Principalities, Archangels and Angels more manifestly, indeed, than the first Choir, but in a more hidden manner than the Choir below it; and the revealing Choir of the Principalities, Archangels and Angels presides one through the other over the human hierarchies so that their elevation and turning to God and their communion and union with Him may be in order; and moreover, that the procession from God, beneficently granted to all the Hierarchies, and visiting them all in common, may be with the most holy order.

Accordingly the Word of God has given our hierarchy into the care of Angels, for Archangel Michael is called Lord of the people of Judah, and other Archangels are assigned to other peoples. For the Most High established the boundaries of the nations according to the number of the Angels of God."

Guardians are the Angels that are assigned to a particular human being. Our own Personal Guardian Angel! They join us at birth, and help s move over into the otherworld when we part the earthly plane. They defend us when we're in trouble, guide us in the right direction according to our life plan, give us small insights into how things are, and inspire us to live better lives. Our Guardian Angels are constantly in touch with any and all of the angels in the 12 Orders. They pass messages along to the relevant parties, and if we ask for help from our Guardian Angel, they assist us, and call on other angels too to help. Guardian Angels can come from any of the 12 Orders. Each angel has his/her (or its) function. None is better or more important than the others.

Function and Philosophy

The twelfth and final order of angels belongs to the fourth and final Choir, their primary focus of their existence being the caretaker-ship of humanity and the world. While the lowest ranked of all angelic beings (if one accepts the idea of a regulated angelic organization), angels are nevertheless members of the heavenly host and thus possess the profound and beautiful attributes given to them by their Creator. They are beings of pure spirituality and exist to fulfill the tasks given to them by God. Chief among these are to act as messengers of the Lord to the earth and guardians of the human soul.

The Guardian Angel is the angelic being supposedly assigned not only to every living soul, but to places, churches, and even nations. They proclaimed the birth of Christ and spoke to Abraham, Moses, and a host of other prophets and patriarchies in the Old Testament. It is precisely the humans that the members of the twelfth Order are most often concerned with. They deliver new or word of impending destruction and woe. This is done through both physical and spiritual means. Angels also observe all of human history, perhaps recording every human act to provide a clear statement of the development of each soul.

In heaven angels provide valuable service, in proper fulfillment of their natures as purely spiritual beings and the will of the the Creator.

To reach your guardian angel, burn your favorite color candle. Add a white one beside it for Divinity.

Members of this Angelic Order:

Adnachiel (Advachief)



There are personal and group messages and scientific accomplishments attained through the messages that come through the various orders of angels. At the dawn of each new age or cycle, Angelic–messages are brought to the minds of the beings of all classes and orders. These messages for humankind at this time contain information about the messengers and their messages, purposes and what they wish to share with all humanity.

More References on the Orders' Number



1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Dominations
4. Thrones
5. Principalities
6. Potentates (Powers)
7. Virtues
8. Archangels
9. Angels


1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Thrones
4. Dominations
5. Principalities
6. Powers
7. Virtues
8. Archangels
9. Angels


1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Acons
4. Hosts
5. Powers
6. Authorities
7. Principalities
8. Thrones
9. Archangels
10. Angels
11. Dominions


1. Chaioth ha-Qadesh
2. Auphanim
3. Aralim (Erelim)
4. Chasmalim
5. Seraphim
6. Malachim
7. Elohim
8. Bene Elohim
9. Kerubim
10. Ishim


1. Seraphim
2. Ofanim
3. Cherubim
4. Shinnanim
5. Tarshishim
6. Ishim
7. Hashmallim
8. Malakim
9. Bene Elohim
10. Arelim


1. Arelim
2. Ishim
3. Bene Elohim
4. Malakim
5. Hashmallim
6. Tarshishim
7. Shinnanim
8. Cheribum
9. Ofanim
10. Seraphim

BARRETT, The Magus

1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Thrones
4. Dominations
5. Powers
6. Virtues
7. Principalities
8. Archangels
9. Angels
10. Innocents
11. Martyrs
12. Confessors  


1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Powers
4. Dominions (Dominations)
5. Thrones
6. Archangels
7. Angels


1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Thrones
4. Dominations
5. Virtues
6. Powers
7. Principalities
8. Archangels
9. Angels


1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Powers
4. Principalities
5. Virtues
6. Dominations
7. Thrones
8. Archangels
9. Angels



1. Malachim
2. Erelim
3. Seraphim
4. Hayyoth
5. Ophanim
6. Hamshalim
7. Elim
8. Elohim
9. Bene Elohim
10. Ishim


1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Throne
4. Dominations
5. Powers
6. Authorities (Virtues)
7. Rulers (Principalities)
8. Archangels
9. Angels


1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Thrones
4. Dominations
5. Virtues
6. Powers
7. Archangels
8. Principalities
9. Angels


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Like many people in the world I chose to ignore the rules of God, That was until I realized just how fortune it I was to have as many benefits as I have. I couldn’t have done it without losing face on my faith and then regaining the faith after struggling throughout my life.


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I wrote this book because life and death are much the same they are just on the opposite ends of the spectrum we call life.

I felt strongly to write such a book because the impact on which Satan and God had a hold of me. In a way this book is not only about a war that happened in a mystical place but it also shows the war of choice we as individuals have everyday. Our lives within the human race are constantly This is simply entailing the events of when Satan “The beautiful angel of heaven” became Satan “The fallen angel of the underworld.”  

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