Sunday Mass

Sunday Morning Mass with a twist.

They shuffled in slowly holding their bibles as the organ played. Each filing into their respective pews. The organ died down and the sermon started over the occasional moan and "braaaaiiins" from some of the smaller children.

“Thank you. Thank you all for coming, and blessing this lovely church with your presence today, this most glorious of days!”  Father Thomas opened.  His ebony skin had once been flawless, but now was pulled taut across his face.  His left ear was missing, having been torn off by some foul beast before he made it out of the grave.  The suit he wore was new, Father Thomas had just smashed the window at Macy’s and taken it off of the mannequin.  That was one advantage to being a zombie, you rarely needed to have your clothes altered.   

“Today, I am here to share with you a secret.  Just like you...” He paused dramatically, he had been working on this pause.  He cast his gaze out over the assembled body, then, slowly raised his arm, and pointed, at no one in in particular, letting his arm swing from left to right.  “Just like YOU...HE has risen.”

Underneath a round hat covered in what used to be lillies and daisies, a portly woman gave a raspy “Amen.”

“Yes brothers and sisters, I stand before you now on my own two feet.  Now, I stand before you by the power of HIM alone!  Him and Doctor Brown, who sewed my left foot on just last week.”  A round of applause went up, Father Thomas hoped it was for HIM, but he expected it was for Doctor Brown.

The End

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