Sunday Love

I Love You.....
Three simlpe words.
One simple Statemnt.
Yet these three small words can do alot to a person. thy can warm your heart and make you feel like the happiest person alive, and they can hurt you so bad, leaving you cold and lonley.
These words can make you leave behind all you believed in, and they can blind you to what is realy going on around you.
Turns out nobody had informed me of that miner detail

"I love you" Shane murmered into my dark bown hair.
My heart was pounding and I was smiling like a mad hatter. Even though we've been together for almost four months now, he still made the butterflies multiply in my stomach every time I see his face. And what a face, and body just thinking about him made me want to drool.
He was the quarterback of Eagle brook high. (A/N, most of the names of places in here are gonna be made up because i epicly failed geography,and spelling he he)
Every girl wanted to be with him, and he picked me.
Me the girl who used to spend her lunch alone.
Me the girl who trips over everything even air, I blame global warming.
Me the girl who no one would be friends with in fear of becoming even less popular.
He picked me!
Now my social life is alot better than I thaught it would ever be, every one wants to be my friend.At first I thaught that they just wanted to be my friend because they would get closer to Shane, but they realy seemed to like me for me.
I felt Shanes weight shift behind me as he started to get up. I looked over my shoulder wondering where he was going.
He must have seen the confusion on my face because he gave me a light peck on the lips before explaining that Harry had asked him to work an extra shift at the sports equiptmant store that he worked at.I smiled and kissed him goodbye desiding to go up stairs and go to bed. As my eyes fluttered closed I saw the bright green numbers of my alarm clock, reading 11:45pm.
I really should of remembered that Harrys one stop sport shop closed at 10:30.
But love can do that to you.

The End

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