"Heidi. Sister. Heiiiiiiiiiideeeeeeeee!" Unmistakably one of the twins.

"What?" I mumble, looking at Milo sideways from under my duvet. 

"Ellie May said it's seven ah-clock," he informs me.

Suddenly, I'm wide awake. "It's what!?"

"Seven ah-clock,"  he says again.

I throw off the cover and run downstairs. Ellie May, obviously expecting this, hands me a piece of toast, telling me that she thought I deserved a lie in. I dash back upstairs and throw on the first clothes I put my hands on, chuck all my school books into my bag, hurriedly brush my teeth and drag a brush through my hair, and am back downstairs in the space of five minutes. 
Anyone except Ellie May would have had hell to pay for doing that. Ellie May, however, has succeeded in getting Lula and Milo washed, breakfasted and dressed without even making enough noise to wake a light sleeper like me. 
Gotta love that girl.

"Morning, Ellie May," I smile as she hands me a flask of coffee and we walk out of the door, each holding one of the twins' hands. 

"Morning, Heidi," she grins back, taking a swig of her own coffee as it starts raining.


When we get to school, Ellie May is quickly stolen by Samuel, who has the nerve to wink at me as they walk away.

I search around for a bit, and when Matthew spots he looks stressed and runs a hand through his glistening hair. He walks up to me, and we both try to talk at the same time.

We pause. He says, "You go first."

"All right," I immediately get nervous, but I stick to my decision. "Um... I was wondering if... you would go out with me?"

He sighs, and groans, and pushes all the water droplets out of his hair again. "Heidi... I would. I really would. But... I already have a girlfriend..." I stay silent and swallow. He continues, "That's what I was going to ask you last night. If it was OK by you, I mean. But I decided not to 'cause I thought it would be a bit... assumptive of you... and in case I was wrong..."

"It's all right," I say after I collect my thoughts and feelings and turn them into the appropriate words. No, it's not, though. It's not all right. Why would it be? 

"Heidi, I'm so sorry. If I'd known..."

"You didn't, though."

"I should have asked."

"It doesn't matter."

And then there is silence. The worst part about it is, it's not even awkward. It's just silence. I would prefer it if it was awkward. It would make more sense if it was awkward.

So, yes. My initial thoughts have backfired on me. I knew I shouldn't have got my hopes up. I knew it was too good to be true. This is nobody's fault but my own.

The End

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