"You were crying at lunchtime," I inform Ellie May as she pours citric acid into a test tube. Science is the only lesson we have together, wothout anyone else. Well, anyone else like Samuel or Matthew.

She pauses for a second, but then continues adding chemincals and tells me, "No I wasn't."

"Ellie May Sanders, you were crying and we both know it."

"Heidi Greene, no I wasn't. Did you see me crying?" she asks, and hands me whatever acid she happens to be holding.

"No, I didn't." I say. "But just because I didn't see you crying doesn't mean you weren't. I know you far to well for your little cover up to work."

Ellie May sighs and falls silent.

"Ellie May, I know you were upset..." I sigh too and stir some salt crystals into our mixture. I still can't believe Sir trusts us to 'create our own reaction'. I mean, it goes wrong he tells us what to do!

Ellie May nods, "Yeah..."

"Is it him?" I ask without looking at her. She doesn't say anything in answer. "You're coming over to mine tonight."


We spend the rest of the lesson in silence, which is weird for us. Even Sir notices and asks if we've fallen out or something. I tell him that it's fine - nothing to worry about, and Ellie May adds that's it's just a little mishap - it'll be sorted by tomorrow. He smiles and jokes that it better be 'cause salt water doesn't mix the substance we appear to have made. He also says that, considering that the table and the floor around us are completely covered in this sticky, foamy stuff, we must have won and can't have been paying much attention to what we were doing.

After the lesson, and on the way to Spanish, which is the only lesson Ellie May and I don't have together, Ellie May says,

"Can I sleep over?"

"Yeah, sure, you can borrow some of my pyjamas," I answer and smile.

She hugs me when we stop out side 303. "Thanks, Heidi. You... you don't know how much you're helping me."

I frown, confused and a bit shocked about what she just told me. "Ellie May...?"

She just shook her head and walked off to her own Spanish classroom. I can't believe or understand what Ellie May said to me. Or why she would say it. It just doesn't make sense at all.

"Heidi! ¿Dónde has estado?" Mr Gervin asks. Ah, I like Mr Gervin. Even though he does the entire lesson in Spanish and you just have to guess what he's saying. Still, he's one of the nice teachers.

"Sorry, I was with Ellie May," I say. I've told Mr Gervin everything about ym situation and about Ellie May. He understands.

"En Español?" He raises an eyebrow. 

"Uhh... Lo sentimos... umm...no estaba... err... con Ellie May," I struggle.

"Almost, that sounded like something off Google Translate. Silencio, mientras yo hago el registro."

"Sir," someone says, "We can't understand Spanish."

I sigh and smile. "He said 'Silence while I take the register'."

"Gracias, Heidi. Rebecca?"


"¿Dónde estás, Rebecca?"

Rebeca sighs and goes back to her place in the seating plan. This is going to be one long lesson.

The End

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