Oh, You Are So in For it, Samuel

Samuel doesn't fail in peeing me right off throughout the morning, and by lunchtime I feel like strangling him. Oh my god, he is such a turd! ARGH!

For the last two lessons, we've been talking about him and how he did this and about his life. Well, I say we've been talking. The situation is actually that Samuel talks, Ellie May tries to get a word in every few minutes, I stay in silence gritting my teeth and without listening to a word, and Matthew watches the whole thing with a raised eyebrow, looking amused. 
If someone saw this they'd probably laugh.
Nobody's laughing.
Samuel's being full of himself. I'm on the brink of murder. Ellie May seems a bit fed up. Matthew probably thinks this whole thing is stupid.

As we sit at our usual table and Samuel and I get out our packed lunches, this happens:

Samuel stops for breath.

Ellie May tries, "Did your sister-?"

Samuel continues as if nobody spoke. "So then she went upstairs and I was like..."

I go right back to ignoring the idiot. 

Matthew taps my arm and slides a note across the table.

Calm down, it says. I raise an eyebrow at him. He motions for me to flip the paper. Do you see what I see?

"Oh, believe me, I'm seeing more of it than you are," I tell him. He nods and steals a crisp from the packet I've just opened. Matthew never has lunch, he just shares mine. Not that I'm particularly bothered.

"I can tell," is the short sentence he gives me. I roll my eyes and throw the rest of the packet of crisps at him. I didn't like them anyway. I was only eating them 'cause I can. He opens his mouth to say something else but stops, probably for the same reason I suddenly turn my head in the direction of the people next to us. It's because we heard Ellie May's voice for more than two seconds.

"Let me guess, he's in Mallorca now, doing his job?" She asks. So that means Samuel is telling her (for the millionth time) about his uncle John. I know his speech off by heart he's told us so many times.

"Yeah! And so now I have to look after my sister and I can't go out, like, ever," what a load of crap. He goes out, like, every day. And he goes on about it like his situation's wworse than mine! Here are the comparisons on what he's said,

He has to look after his sister - I have to look after my ill dad and my twin siblings.
He can't go out, like, ever - I literally can't go out. Ever.
His mum moved to Australia - I don't even know whether my mum's alive or not
His family isn't as well off as they were - My family only has the money mum left us with (not a lot).

And that's just a few of them. I grit my teeth yet again to stop myself from saying anything. Ellie May sighs and gets up to buy her lunch. Then the table is silent. Matthew continues stealing my food. I give him everything I don't like. Samuel just sits there.

After a few minutes, Georgia Serdella appears in the seat on my right. She whispers "Is Ellie May all right?"

"Why?" I ask. Georgia always helps me when I've got problems with Ellie May 'cause they're cousins. She never really hangs around with me, and I don't know any of her friends. The fact that she doesn't know what's wrong with Ellie May shows that it's important.
Georgia shoots a glance at Samuel and then says, "She just looks a bit bothered about something, that's all..."

I frown. "Is she really upset?" I scan the queue for her but I can't find her. That'll be because just as I finish, she sits back down. Her rims of her eyes are a bit pink and I can tell she's been crying. So yes, yes she is really upset. She hides it well, though, with her smile and the little kiss she gives to Samuel.

"Oh, hey Georgia," she says brightly when she sees her cousin.

I am so going to get her to talk to me about this sometime today.

The End

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