When I get to school, I'm actually on time for once. Ellie May catches sight of me as soon as I walk through the gates and runs up to me, bombarding me with information about their cinema trip at the speed of light. Oh, I love that girl.

"-And then he was like 'they weren't dreams' and then she was like-"

"Hey hey hey," I laugh. "Slow down. You have the rest of the day to tell me every little highly defined detail."

Ellie May grins. "Sorry."

At that point, Matthew and Samuel come over, both smiling.

"Aww, Ellie May was just getting to the point," Matthew jokes and tugs lightly at my ponytail. That's alright, he normally does that. Nothing unusual. Ellie May still raises her eyebrows at me, though.

Samuel shakes his head. "Well, anyway, here's the long and short of it," and he grabs Ellie May and crushes his lips against hers.

Oh my goodness, this is gonna go nowhere fast. 
Still, it seems all right for now. And Ellie May certainly seems pleased, I can tell by her cute smile and pale pink cheeks. And by the way she's looking at Samuel right now. 

Oh, and that's the bell. So we all file into school, and I recognise everyone in our form as they fight to get into the classroom. That can only mean one thing: supply teacher, absence of seating plan. Everyone has just got sit where they want. That's one thing that's never changed over the years.
Anyway, eventually we manage to get into 206. Ahh, that classroom is legendary.

It's strange how we always manage to sit together. Always always always. Unfortunately (but not that unfortunately), this supply teacher is quite strict.

"You may sit where you like," is the first thing she says to us, sadly, she follows it up with, "But you must sit boy-girl. Silence while I tek the register."

The whole class does what she says, moving a place or two so that they are sitting next to someone of the opposite gender. It's quite easy for us. Samuel moves next to Ellie May and I sit with Matthew.

The register is long and tedious. Ellie May and I just answer with a "Here, miss." Matthew says "Hi." Samuel, however, just has to be awkward, doesn't he?

"It's SamuEL," he tells the teacher when she says his name how normal people say it.

I ignore it. So does the teacher. Everyone begins talking but I think Miss like us enough not to call for silence again.

"Miss, didn't you hear me? it's SamuEL." Samuel says. I grin my teath but continue to listen to Ellie May's analysis of the film they went to see (Charlie St. Cloud). It sounds quite good, actually, and Ellie May says she's going to buy it when it comes out on DVD and then invite herself to my house so we can watch it.

"Yes, I heard you. Natalie?"

"Here, miss. And anyway, this guy was, like..."

"Aren't you gonna correct yourself, miss?" Samuel asks. I grit my teeth harder.

"There's no need, I know that you're present. George?"

"Howdy. But really, mate, I don't think..."

"But miss, you haen't even apologised."

Ellie May sighs but carries on with her little speech about how good-looking Leonardo Dicaprio is. I bang my forehead on the table and leave it there. I don't listen to the rest of Samuel's argument with the supply teacher. Instead, I concentrate very hard on what Ellie May is saying.

The End

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