What Could Go Wrong?

As it so happens, neither of the twins are ill, so that's a good sign. The bad sign is, the twins got up in the night and wrecked the living room completely. So, at three in the flipping morning I had to get up and tidy it. Urgh. The only good thing about that is that now I'm completely ready to go to school. I have my hair in a ponytail today 'cause I really don't want to get it in whatever we're making in Food this week (last week it was soup. I had hair in my soup and soup in my hair and it was not a pleasant experience.)

"Milo! Lula! Come downstairs please." I yell upstairs. As usual, they come running down souding like a couple of baby elephants. "Show me your teeth." They both give me cute little toothy grins. "Yes, very good. Milo, go get your book bags. Lula, you still have chocolate spread on your face," I rub it off with my finger. It's picture day for them today and they are so not going to do what they did last time. No way in hell are they going to do that again. Seriously though, they decided that they would jump in muddy puddles on the way to school 'like Peppa Pig'. There was nothing I could do about the mess they made of theselves and me so they were absolutely filthy except for the effort their teachers made to clean them up. That was a bad, bad day.


"Dad!" I exclaim when I see him making his way down the stairs. "What are you doing up so early?"

"Heidi," he says as he takes the hand I'm offering and I help him to the sofa. "It's half past seven. It's not as early as you got up."

"Half past what?"

"Seven." Dad laughs at the look of horror that's probably on my face. "The clocks went forwards yesterday. You're lucky I remembered."

I grin back and shake my head. "I'll remember next time. See you later."

"Bye," Dad smiles.

I grab the twins and left the house.

Ok, so I forgot that the clocks went forwards. That's just my general dopey-ness. There's a lot more that can go wrong today. A lot, lot more. Like Samuel can totally pee me off. I can get my hopes up only to find that Matthew still reckons he doesn't fancy me. And the twins can still be late for school.

The End

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