Facebook tells me that Ellie May posted on my profile, Matthew, Ellie May and Samantha Jones commented on my status and Samantha tagged a photo of me. 

I don't pay attention to either of these, I'm too curious about the book. The twins said that my name was written in it. It doesn't look like a book. More like a notepad. It's not a very fancy one either. It feels like cardboard covered in felt. Lilac felt. 

It's half past one and I am supposed to be in bed, but this is the only time I have to myself really. It's when the Milo and Lula are asleep, and my dad is in bed, normally sleeping. And it's when I'm not about to fall asleep.

I open the first page and am faced by a page of neat handwriting. It looks like it's been written by someone maybe a few years younger than me, someone who has neater handwriting than me. However, the handwriting is unmistakably mine. It couldn't be anyone else's. It's like my mum's, but slightly less curly.

And it says that I have to keep the family together. It says that I should write in it every day. 
I haven't written in it every day. I wrote in it once, and then forgot completely about it. That was two years ago when I was thirteen. I'm now fifteen and I've only written in it once. Once. My own mother, who I love so much told me to write in this diary every single day. Twice if I wanted to. And in two whole years, I've only written in it once.

I take out my pen and begin to write on a fresh page.

My name is Heidi Greene. My name is still Heidi Greene.
I haven't written in a while. I'm not going to lie, it's because I forgot. I forgot all about the diary, what with so much going on. I promise to write every day from now on, though. I really promise. I can't take it to school because some of the people there just randomly trip you up and go through your stuff, but I'll write as soon as I can every day.  
The twins are learning to read. They do so well helping each other. Dad's getting better. He's better then he's ever been now. 
Samuel  asked Ellie May out today. I think she's really happy but I'm not sure I trust Samuel so much. But I guess as long as their happy together I shouldn't worry.
Ellie May says Matthew likes me. Like,
likes me. I really hope he does like me. I like him. I don't think he does like me, though. I think it's kind of a 'just friends' thing.
Anyway, I'm about to fall asleep so I'll write again tomorrow.

I close the diary and put it on my bedside table. I will definitely write every day. I will. 

I really do want Matthew to ask me out. I'm too... I don't know what I am but I'd never have the guts to ask him out. I don't think he will ask me out, though. Not unless Ellie May tells him to. He might not even do it if Ellie May tells him to. Sigh.

Well, I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I just hope the twins aren't ill or anything. That would be absolutely horrendous.

I shut down my laptop and turn off the lamp.

The End

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