Despite what Ellie May told me, sitting next to Matthew in German isn't awkward in the slightest. But maybe that's because I don't believe Ellie May. 

"Guten Morgen, Klasse. Please take your seats and copy this down into your books" Herr Johnson says as we walk in. 

"Guten Morgen, Herr," Ellie May and I smile.

"Hallo, Heidi und Ellie May," he smiles back. "Keine sprechen heute, ja? Dies ist eine sehr wichtige Lektion."

"Ja," we answer at the same time. Ellie May's at the other end of the register to me (her surname being Sanderson) so she sits at the complete opposite end of the classroom. But we still manage to talk mainly by passing notes. But sometimes we have to use the hand symbols and hope the other person understands.

"Heidi! What's Ellie been telling you?" Samuel (who got moved to here because he was 'flirting with' Ellie May too much) demands of me.

I frown as I sit down next to Matthew. "She hasn't been telling me anything."

"Oh please. Don't try to tell em she didn't gush to you as soon as she walked in. 'Specially when we told her not to."

Oh my gosh! So it's true!?

"Hey! That's not very nice. She'd never tell me something if she was told not to!" I say, and then realise it's a complete lie. Ellie May tells me everything. Just as I tell her everything.  

"Yeah, but she has, hasn't she?" he raises an eyebrow at me, and I notice Matthew is silent throughout the whole thing, which is kinda strange of him. He's normally straight in there with his opinion. 

"Yes, fine, she has. But you're not being very nice to her considering what she has told me."


"Gosh, Samuel. Don't get excited. I mean, you only asked her out earlier and didn't get a straight answer. And then was nasty about her in front of her best friend who tell her everything."

"Damn it! Please don't tell her!" Samuel begs. 

"Why shouldn't I?" I ask. 

"Because I really do want to go out with her. I mean it. I'm begging you!"

"You have until she comes to me crying about you to prove that."

"Thank you so much!"

"Go and ask her out again right now."


"Yes now!" I exclaim.

Samuel gets up and walks across the classroom to Ellie May. She looks up and I know her so well that I can almost see her cheeks flush pale pink. He kneels in front of the table and takes her hands in his. She looks down. He leans closer to her and then she looks over at me.
I nod and smile at her. Ellie May looks back at Samuel and bites her lip. I can see Samuels lips move and I know it's her name. Then Ellie May nods, smiling shyly.
Samuel gives her a quick kiss on the lips and she hugs him in return.

"Sweet, isn't it?" Matt's voice makes me jump. 

"Yeah, really sweet," I smile in agreement. Then I remember one of the things Ellie May told me in her rush to get to the main point. "Matthew?"


"Who do you fancy?" 

"Not telling you."

"That's 'cause it's me," I grin.

"Not it's not!" he says, just a little too quickly.


The End

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