Heidi is a sunbeam, lighting up her life.
She must shine through, even when clouds build up over her.

My name is Heidi Greene. 

Mum says I should write in this diary, because it's the only way she can know that I'm OK. She says she can't write to me but she won't tell me why. She says that when she comes back, she'll read this diary and know all my deepest thought and feelings. 
That what I've got to write in here. All my deepest thoughts and feelings. Mum says that I have to write as if I'm talking to her, even though she won't know about any of it until she reads it. 

I have to look after Lula and Milo, too. Dad can't do it any more. Dad isn't strong enough. 

But I have to keep strong. I have to keep strong for all of us, because being strong is what keeps us together.

Dad says I'm a ray. A ray of sunlight helping flowers to grow. He says that Lula and Milo are the flowers, and that I must help them to grow. He says I'm the only thing holding us all together, like a lock. He says I'm the key the the secret garden. He says I make him smile every day, like I'm a little ray of happiness.

My name is Heidi Greene. I am a sunbeam, holding together our life, and lighting it up so that we can all be happy.

The End

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