Sun Rises, Moon Sets

A parody of my relationship with my mother. The characters Sunora and Lunora represents us and their relationship is dynamically close to ours but a bit more exaggerated for the fun of it. Please enjoy the first chapter and any critique you want to add please do so in the most respectful manner that can be managed at the time. Thank you!

It was never really clear what the intentions of Sunora Bellings were. She lived on the edge of life as she had always put it. She was constantly changing, switching out personalities and taking on new challenges. But as she was constantly changing one thing about Sunora remained the same: people loved her. People loved Sunny for her dynamic and positive energy; she was the most popular girl in school. Everyone wanted to be around her, hoping to bask in the rays of her endless glory.
The only said flaw of Sunora Bellings’ existence is her twin sister, Lunora Bellings, also known as Luna.
Luna is the exact opposite of Sunny. She was reserved and set minded. None of mainstreams of today’s everyday life swayed in her interests. She remains aloof and unseen to the crowd. It’s true the knowledge of her very existence isn’t known to many but on rare occasions when the twins are seen together is when people see Sunny isn’t the only child, as they had once believed.
Sunny stepped inside Luna’s lair known as her room. Luna glanced up from behind her book briefly to see who entered and went back to the book. It irritated Sunny that her sister was more interested in the book than her.
“Hey,” Sunny said, her thin airy voice carried across the room. Luna made no signs of acknowledgement that she heard her sister aside from turning the page. “Can we talk?”
“We’ve lived in the same house for almost eighteen years now with our rooms adjacent to each other and only now you want to talk?” Luna asked, her tone heavy and slightly detached, still not looking up from her book.
“Maybe we can spend senior year differently,” Sunny offered, eyeing a necklace with a pendant as a skull.
“Different how?” Luna asked finally looking up at her sister. The bright red dress Sunny wore contrast with the black walls dynamically it was almost blinding.
“Well for starters you won’t be sitting in the corner of the lunch room,” Sunny said moving closer to where her sister sat, perched on a cushion that lay against the window.
“I eat my homemade sandwich in the girl’s bathroom,” Luna said, closing her book as she did.
“Oh ew that’s gross,” Sunny’s nose wrinkled in disgust.
“Yeah, well this has been a lovely talk,” Luna said getting up. Sunny quickly backed away to the door.
“But I’m not done-“
“Well excuse me for not letting you finish,” Luna said, not sounding a bit sincere. “Why don’t we continue this tomorrow?” With that Luna shoved her twig-like twin sister out the door and slammed it shut.
Sunny huffed in anger and turned on her heels back to her room. She had never felt more desperate in her life. She needs Luna especially now when graduating high school doesn’t seem imminent to this star.

The End

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