Chapter 1: Luna

Luna was in her room, her music turned up obnoxiously loud. She bobbed her head along to the beat as she got ready for school. She slid her black leather jacket on over her dark blue crop top, which showed off her silver belly ring. Her black leggings were tight, and she had her boots zipped over them. Her jet black hair was cut short and jagged, with silver and blue streaks through it that she'd died herself. 

Luna heard her door open and spun around. Her face darkened when she saw her sister in the doorway. Raya, the "perfect child." Raya may have been her twin, but hey had nothing in common.

Her sister looked stunning as always. Even from across the room, Raya was practically glowing. And Luna hated it. 

"Luna! You're not really wearing that to school are you?" Raya asked. She was wearing a bright yellow sundress that fell last her knees. The top long reddish blonde hair was pulled back and tied with a matching bow, and her make up was flawless. 

Luna growled to herself. She never wore make up. She couldn't make it look right. 

She stared her sister down, fists clenched. "Actually, I am. Have a problem with that?"

Raya sighed and shook her head. "I'm just trying to save you from getting in trouble, Luna."

"Just get out of my room. Before I throw something at you."

Raya shook her head again as she turned and left, leaving the soft scent of a summer breeze behind. 

Luna hated that scent. 

She slammed the door closed behind her sister and turned the music up louder.

The End

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