Raya and Luna are twins. They have shared everything in life. But they can not stand each other. Will they ever learn to cooperate? If not, the result may be deadly.

Once upon a time, there lived Mother Universe. She had two lovely daughters, Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon enjoyed each other's company. They would frolic and play for hours, dancing through the skies. Mother Universe smiled at her only children, happy that they were happy.

But one day, things turned bad. Sun and Moon got into a fight. They refused to speak to each other again. Mother Universe was saddened by this thought. Sun and Moon were her only children and if they weren't happy neither was she. So she soon came up with an idea. Why not make more playmates for her children?

So she set to work. It took her hundreds of years, during which Sun and Moon still refused to speak to each other. Finally, Mother Universe completed her task, and sent out her new children, whom she called stars, to frolic and play with Sun and Moon. But still they refused to speak even be close to one another, let alone laugh and play. 

It had gotten so bad, they had even decided that they would not move. The only time they would play with their siblings the stars was when the stars got close to them. They might smile and talk a bite, but when the star got tired or bored and drifted away, both Sun and Moon slunk back into their dark abyss of quiet.

Mother Universe grieved for her children. She decided that it was not enough for her children to have playmates, they must have a place to play also. So in another hundred years, she completed the planets.

Hope rang through her. She knew that her children could not refuse a chance to explore something new. But alas, her children had been at it for far too long.

Deciding to learn the truth, Mother Universe soon found out from the stars that the argument was started by Moon. Infuriated that her normally good child was the start of the whole predicament, Mother Universe banished both Sun and Moon to a planet whom she called Earth.

They both left unwillingly and in sour moods. Because of her naughtiness, moon must always be in her sister's shadow.

Sun and moon were to orbit Earth, very rarely to cross paths, until the day that they could learn to get along.

The End

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