the Dagger EdgeMature

A straight-laced woman approached me, her heels echoing harshly around the stone. She took one look at me and the dagger in my hand and quickly trotted past. I didn't blame her! I would have too, I must have looked like a crazy bitch. I felt like one.

Alexia gone? Really? My head couldn't really get around the fact. Was it fact? I tried the summons agian but it just left me cold and hollow.

Pocketing the knife carefully I ran back out into the street. I suppose this was in the vain hope of seeing someone who looked like that voice. I would get them now. I felt weightier, tougher with all these people around. There was nothing wrong, I would just get a reversal for whatever he'd done, kick him a little and be on my way.

The problem was I couldn't see anyone suspicious. Dispair started to set in and I nearly collasped where I was in the road. The small pull of my dad's comfort managed to drag me in the direction of home.

I leaned heavily on the front door, fumbled for my keys in my pocket. Something sharp scratched me, recoiling I dropped the keys.

The cut stung and I finally lost it. I screamed with the agony of how alone I was without Alexia. How alone I would be and how alone I was before the loneliness felt sorry for me and had created her.

The agony of it overwhelmed me so much so that I couldn't tell if I was shouting, sobbing or silent. All I knew was that Dad opened the front door with horror upon his face and dragged me inside, lovingly but quickly.

The End

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