I'd never seen a knife before, let alone felt one.  But as soon as it touched the skin of my back I knew it was a blade, a rather large blade. I dropped the spell I was holding. The knife indicated to me that it wished me to walk forwards. I assumed quietly so that's what I did. Within a few steps my adversary had grabbed my wrist behind my back so I couldn’t summon Alexia.

Dad had warned me no to go to the city in the evening but I had been to bigheaded to hear anything but 'Your weak' from those words. He pulled my arm at an angle it didn't like, I felt something give but tried not to make a sound in case they didn't like it and gutted me right there.

We crossed the road, passed a hen party, (I don't think they could have helped if they'd tried by the state of them) and behind the town hall. The red brick which was so tactile and inviting during the day seemed to be raw cut and oppressive tonight, helping this knifed fiend by giving him shadows and alleys to play with. My blood ran cold as the voices of others were muted by these thick dark walls. I could hear the knife wielders breath and it made to real, I started to cry uncontrollably. I pulled my dress up to my chest in big handfuls and tried to fall to the floor but they wouldn't allow it.

"I'm going to cut you." He said bluntly.

The End

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