Summer, to Remember or Forget?

You'd never believe me if I simply told you what happened to me this summer. So instead I'll show you. Picture this...

The first day after school got out I woke up late and savored the morning by staying in my pajamas and curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. I had plans for my two months of freedom but they wouldn't begin until the first of July, or so I thought.

I mentally reviewed my summer to do list as I sipped my drink and basked in the sun.

1. Get a job. Preferably at The Playwrights Theatre or the pool.

2. Meet new people... (Yeah, you get my drift. I meant guys.)

3. Forget about the horrible science fair incident. (Let's just say it involved an explosion and my then-time crush...)

4. Avoid babysitting Margaret.

5. Weekend trip to Courith Lake... who with?

6. Survive week of horse camp. (Totally not my choice.)

7. Swimming, tan, ice cream!

8. Accomplish getting driver's license.

and the biggest and most important of all,

9. DO NOT think horribly mean thoughts about killing Dad's new girlfriend... no matter how much I want to. Or the divorce. No don't think about that either.

It wasn't the biggest list or the most groundbreaking but it was what I wanted to accomplish. Unfortunately, however, it was not to be. At least not how I thought it would happen...

The End

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