'So, Moonchild, tell me, what were you doing in that town last night?' The voice came from nowhere, emotionless and cold.

'My job,' said Luna defensively, struggling to get free of the shackles and failing.

'Oh really? And what might that be?' The speaker laughed, and a black figure suddenly appeared, the stench of rottenness rolled off it like waves onto a beach. Luna almost threw up, but realised she probably already had, she felt so empty. The black figure laughed again, and two slightly smaller black figures appeared next to it. It took her a moment to recognise the softly shining object one of them was holding.

'That's mine! Give it back!' she yelled, as loudly as she could without blacking out. The figure was suddenly right in her face, the smell was overpowering, and she blacked out again, but not before hearing it give commands to snap the sword, but she knew not the purpose of this.

The End

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