What happened?

Estelle didn't dare open her eyes. If she'd been shot at, the surrounding area wasn't going to be a pretty sight. She could feel the cold, wet paving of the town square underneath her, and she was lying on her front. Opening her eyes to see grey granite, she lifted her head, and almost slammed her face into the floor because of the pain. Trying to push herself up brought her crashing back to the floor too. She rolled over, wincing, and put her weight on the other arm to inspect her injuries. As far as she could tell, she'd grazed her side quite badly and hit her head. She tried to bring her arm round to see and almost blacked out from the pain. She'd either broken it or badly twisted it. The sound of footsteps made her look up. She saw a figure walking across the square towards her. And her next thought was, What the heck happened?

The End

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