Estelle stood outside the hall of weaponry. Where's Luna gone? she thought. I bet she went back to her house. I told her to meet me here. She pulled her curly brown hair back and fastened it into a ponytail, then searched her surroundings with brown black eyes. The sound of footsteps reached her ears and she looked up. She saw Luna walking towards her. Their eyes met and they both smiled. 

'Hey, Estelle' said Luna, when she reached her friend.

'Hey Luna. Why weren't you here? I told you to meet me here.' 

'Ceremony took extra long because they couldn't find the scabbards. Then I went home to get some food.' Luna replied. Estelle rolled her eyes.

'We might as well go home now, its nearly dawn. We'll have to go tomorrow.' said Estelle, exasperated.

'Not tomorrow. Tomorrow's the Summer Solstice, remember? The night after will be fine though' said Luna. 

The End

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