Luna pushed open the creaky wooden door of her house. There was no one there, which was strange. Usually you could barely move for people. Luna stood in the middle of the main room, wondering where everyone was when, without warning, a hand grabbed her shoulder. She screamed and whirled round to find her younger brother Noir laughing his head off behind her.

'Will you please not do that!' she exclaimed. 'Where's Estelle?'

'She went off to get her sword. You probably passed her on the way,' Noir replied, in between laughing.

'I am seriously thinking about tying you to a tree and leaving you until dusk tomorrow, if you keep laughing,' said Luna, irritated. Noir promptly stopped laughing, for he knew that his sister was well capable of much worse than that.

Luna grabbed some food, her bag and went off to find Estelle.

The End

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