Luna got up and walked back towards the silent forest. She needed to get a moonbeam sword for protection. A midnight sword would have been better, but they had been banned long ago. The Moonfolk didnt normally need swords, a midnight dagger and starlight arrows were permitted in summer, but were rarely used. They almost always used magic, but on the shortest night their powers were all but useless.

The guard hut blocked the path ahead. To get into the City of the Night, you had to prove you weren't an enemy. A display of magic was usually enough, but now you had to undergo all sorts of checks. By the time Luna got out, the moon had reached the center of the sky. She went to find the hall of weaponry.

Luna reached up and tapped the knocker against the door. It was an heavy, old thing, made from iron. Dated though it was, it was very intricate. It showed the phases of the moon, with a guardian elder for each one. Luna didn't like it. All the elders did was sit in their hall all day telling people off or praising people or sitting there thinking up  new laws. It was people like her who went out and actually did the protecting. They were the true guardians. The door suddenly opened and Luna stepped inside.

After about an hour, the door opened and Luna walked out, with a silver scabbard at her hip. She didn't see why they had to have all those stupid ceremonies. Couldn't they just give the sword to you? Luna half ran back to her house. She could talk to her friend Estelle after eating.

The End

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