Summer Solstice

Luna and Estelle are Guardians of the Night, some of the most powerful peoples in existance. But their everyday world is shattered when Luna is kidnapped by the creatures of the day. It's up to Estelle to rescue her, but will either of them even survive?

The moon shines on the fenced off fields, turning the river midnight blue and the long grass silver. Wind ripples through the grass, breaking the silence and turning the field into an ocean of melted moonlight. A girl sits in the center of the field, her hair like the river and eyes like the grass, looking at the full moon. It is the last night before the longest day, the summer solstice. This is not particularly important to most people. But to this girl, it means a lot more. It is the day she is weakest, and her enemies strongest. She is one of the Moonfolk, the Guardians of the Night, and her name is Luna.

The End

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