Chapter Four- EscapeMature

I wake up, yet I’m still surrounded by darkness. The only way I know I’m awake is my feeling of nausea and wetness on my face. I turn on the light and walk over to my mirror to inspect the damage. As I look at my mangled arm and bloodied face the events of last night come rushing back. Slaps. Knife. Fire. Burning. Cut. Abandoned. 

                The cut running down my face still is bleeding out and by the looks of the puddle on the floor I have already lost a lot of blood. I grab the sheets off my bed and press it to my face as I think of what to do.

                I can’t just sit in this house and be abused for the rest of my life. I’m going to go. Leave this house and runaway to someplace, somewhere. I feel dizzy and can’t think straight but I know I have to leave.

                I make my way to the closet and pull out a big suitcase. I silently go out my door and start collecting things I will need. First stop: guest bedroom.

                Knowing no one will be in there makes me more relaxed. I strip the bedding and pillows off and gather it in a bundle. I leave that in the hall and make my way toward Stacey’s room.

                Opening the door, I notice she is sound asleep. I breathe out a sigh of relief and walk to the closet. I take everything I might need. Sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts, under garments, swim suits and throw them all into one of her designer bags. Too bad bitch, you just got robbed.

                After ransacking her room I take everything I collected and put it into the trunk of Lexi’s mini van. I feel really faint so I hurry back inside the house for one last “borrowing” spree. I start in the bathroom to grab toiletries and towels but quickly end up in the kitchen.

                I know if I am going to be living on my own, I will need to get as much food as I can. I take practically everything. From canned foods to cookies to the knives I leave their kitchen almost bare.

                This whole process would be a lot easier if my face wasn’t still bleeding. I’ve grown extremely nauseous from the blood lose. Dizzy, and shaking, I hop in the car and drive off to go get the attention my face needs.

                I drive to Max’s house.  I remember he once told me that his dad worked evening shifts at the hospital. I know it will be a lot to ask this poor family, but hopefully they will be able to help me.

                I pull into the drive way, I feel paranoid that someone will drag me back to that house, but I make my way up to the door. I knock on the door quickly, I feel like I’m going to pass out again. Emily opens the door a couple minutes later with a confused and scared look on her face.

                “Mark, Max! Someone!” she screams out.

                A tired looking Max clambers down the stairs but freezes when he sees what state I’m in. He then rushes to the door and comes to help me in.

                “Mom, go wake up Dad, she needs help. Now,” Without having to be told twice, she rushes back up the stairs.

                “I- I feel sick,” I mumble. “Why me?”

                “Baby, it will be okay,” he says as he lays me down on the couch. “Just stay awake for me and everything will be okay.”

                His dad dashes down the stairs with a first aid kit in hand. All business, he comes and begins cleaning out the cut.

                “Emily, go get her something to eat, something with sugar. All of this blood loss can not be good,”then  to me he asks, “Honey, what blood type are you, do you know?”

                “A,” I respond, my voice just above a whisper.

                “Great, see we will do a transfusion with Max’s blood, get you stitched all up and see what else has to be done.”

                At this point I could care less what he does as long as I can get some sleep.  I start drifting off  when I feel something tugging at my cheek. Hm, that’s an odd sensation. Oh, it must be the stitches. I start laughing to myself. I’m funny right now.

                “She’s probably going into shock,” I hear a far off voice say. “We can only do what we can here, are you sure we can’t take her to a hospital? What about her family?”

                That sure as hell wakes me up, “No, I can’t go to a hospital, please, just don’t.”

                Mark doesn’t say anything to my request but it looks like he will keep me here for now. Emily got me some food and before I knew it, Mark stuck an IV into my arm to help me regain some blood. He also got around to attempting to treat my burns but there wasn’t too much he could offer for second degree burns.

                “I want you to sleep right here tonight and Max will stay on the floor,” Mark instructed. “Then in the morning we will figure everything out.”

                I nod to him and drift off into a dreamless slumber.


                I wake up confused; this seems to be a growing pattern. I look over to a clock on the wall and it says it’s half past four in the morning. Or at least I assume it’s morning. I have to leave before anyone tries to force me back in that house. I shudder with disgust. There is no way I will go back to those people.

                I make my way past Max, who lightly snores as he sleeps. I just about reach the door when Max's mom's voice stops me.

                “Honey, I don’t know what kind of situation you are in, but you can stay here,” Emily says to me softly.

                “Really, that is too kind and I can’t stay in this town.”

                “I figured you’d say that, but you could always get help or go to the police.”

                I shake my head at her, I had once threatened that exact thing but would you trust the depressed teen or successful business man?

                “Well, at least take this honey, and I will let you go on your way,” she says as she passes me several fifty dollar bills.

                I was about to refuse but she shakes her head to tell me to keep it. I was defiantly not going to refuse this, seeing as my small pay check from the library wasn’t going to last very long.

                “Thank you- for everything. And tell Max he was a great friend, the only one I could trust in this place, and I’m really sorry I don’t have time to say goodbye,” I tell Emily.

                She nods and opens the door for me to make my escape. I get into the car, turn the A/C and radio on and make my way to the highway. I don’t know where I’m going yet but, the sign before I got on the highway said I’m going south. 

The End

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