Chapter Three- Wishing AwayMature

My palms had moistened and my heart beat accelerated as I sat on my bed waiting. I never ran away or stayed at someone else’s house before. I sat there on my uncomfortable bed practically shaking from the fear. After what seemed like hours of staring at my bedroom door, the knob started to turn.

I quickly put my head down to hide my eyes. He doesn’t get as mad if he can pretend I’m someone else’s child.

“Christina, did Lexi make it clear how mad at you we are?” Michael asked.

I quickly nodded my head. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought. Maybe Michael has changed. Maybe…

Lost in my own thoughts I didn’t realize he was going to hit me until I felt the sting on my cheek.

Michael’s mouth twisted into a malicious smile, “I don’t agree with you. So I’m going to help you understand.”

Sharp steel shined even in the dim light of my bedroom, as he pulled something out of his pocket. I quickly came to the realization that it was one of the kitchen knives and my face drained of any color that it might’ve had.

“What do you say we give you a scar just like mine?” After staring at him with wide eyes he said, “No response? Well that just won’t do.”

I felt a fist to the shoulder and a swift kick to the stomach that left me on the floor, winded. He yanks me by my thin T-shirt and throws me on to the bed. After hitting my head on the wall I open my eyes to see stars.

“Looking at you makes me sick.” He says as he pressed the cool metal against the side of my cheek. I inhale quickly and close my eyes. This can’t be happening I think as I let out a shaky breath.

I feel a breeze go past my face and look to see what happened. The knife he once held now sticks straight out of the wall.

“I think we should have a little fun before we ruin that face. You like fire?” he said as pulls out a lighter and sparks it to life.

He grabs my wrist tightly and I feel the bruise coming on. Then I feel the burn of the flame on my skin. I close my eyes tightly and try to block out the pain. I feel the hairs on my arm singeing off. This defiantly would be classified as the worst punishment I’ve received. I refuse to cry even through the immense pain.

Finally he takes the lighter off of my arm. But when I sigh in relief he says, “Oh, so you didn’t like my little lighter?”

He grabs my brunt arm as if to burn it again and I try to push him away.

“Now Christina, we’ve been doing this long enough. You should’ve learned by now not to touch me.”

He takes my arm again in his cool, hard grip and then proceeds to burn each finger on my hand. You wouldn’t believe the pain. I bit my right, and good hand, to prevent myself from screaming out. I held in tears for as long as I could but by the time he was done with my first two fingers they were streaming down my face.

I tried to twist away but his grip on my burn tightened. In my mind I was begging him to stop but I would never utter the words. I was better than begging, I was better than harming others, I was better than Michael and Lexi and this whole family would ever be.

Finally, he throws the lighter across the room. He walks toward the door so I pray that he is finished. Instead he takes the knife he threw out of the wall and walks back to my bed.

Silently he takes my jaw in one of his large hands. “Now if you don’t move, things will be better for you.”

He presses the cold metal against my skin, right at the eyebrow. I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing what will happen. The knife lightly grazes my skin all the way down to my lip. Even though it is just a small cut I feel blood stinging as it rushes out.

The he takes one of his fingernails and drags it down the cut. Pain races through my face as he enlargens the wound. Michael takes his bloodied finger and wipes it on my shirt and then walks out with no other words. He doesn't even look back to see the damage he has done.

My eyes flutter and I fall backwards into a numb unconsciousness. 

The End

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