Chpt. Two- A Break From RealityMature

Staying at Max’s house was nice. His family, so nice and welcoming, didn’t judge the huge bruise on my face, they just took me in. 

His mom, I only wish I had a mom like his. It was easy to talk to her as she was cooking dinner for their family. She never asked about my bruise and for that I was grateful.  

"Are you sure it's okay that I stay here tonight?" I asked once again.

"Deary, trust me, I love your company!" Max told me.

"Christina, you are absolutely no trouble at all," Max's mom, Emily, said. "I'm just glad he brought back a girl this time, then I don't have to worry about anyone doing anything, if you catch my drift." 

Emily and I burst out laughing

"Mom!" Max groaned, "Travis and I didn't do anything,"

"Hey, I'm just watching out for my little drama queen. Don't sass me child," she said jokingly. I loved it here, the normalcy of their family was new but I welcomed the feeling of belonging.

We continued our dinner with many laughs. I ate probably the best meal I’ve had my whole life. A simple baked chicken and mashed potatoes made my day. The rest of the night with Max entailed everything he promised along with some much needed fun. When I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, I fell asleep on a soft mattress with a full stomach.

                Too soon, it was over and we had to go back to work. I always loved the library so this wasn’t the bad part. But the thing is you have a lot of time to think, and the only thing running through my mind was my impending doom.

                After work Max and I stopped by the coffee shop. We both knew we were stalling but I was thankful for Max’s company.

                “Are you sure you can’t stay another night?” Max asked, almost reading my mind.

                “Yeah, I really should get back to my house,” I said as we parted I headed down the path to my house. 

                Take small steps, take small step. I kept chanting that to myself trying to prolong the inevitable. All too soon I came to the our front door. I stepped in and tried to hurry off to my room but, Michael’s booming voice stopped me: “Stop,” he ordered.

                The seriousness in his voice stopped me dead in my tracks. I knew a rough night was ahead of me. I turned around and went into the living room where I knew he’d be. Sitting in the big leather chair, just like I knew, Michael waited.

                He even looks like a mean. His jaw was set, those blue eyes looking icy cold. His blond hair slicked back to show off the jagged scar across his forehead. Even the way he sits screams intimidating. 

I finally notice Lexi is also present when she scoffs at me. Oh gosh, here starts the rant. I brace myself for the worst- verbally and physically.

                “So you finally decide to show up, huh bitch?” Lexi asks me. “We kindly give you a nice place to stay and you do what? You go and run away for a night. And now, you stand there like a confused little idiot with nothing to say.

"While you are very similar to your mom, the ugly, the idiocy, the fact that you both make our lives worse, but still you guys are painfully different.  I wish you could be the same as her and die,” she ended her rant coldly.

 What she said shook me. I always knew they didn’t want me but I didn’t think someone would wish death upon me. I felt tears stinging in my eyes but, as always, I kept them in. I refused to cry over these people.

“Christina, go upstairs. I’ll be up in a minute,” Michael spoke in a low voice and it gave me goose bumps as my skin chilled. I know what this would lead to; I knew it all too well. 

The End

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