Summer SandMature

Christina, just a quiet library worker, hold a big secret. In the tiny town that seems to know everything, Christina's case is the only thing they don't know, even though she wish someone would help.


Summer. For most kids it’s the most desired time of year because of the freedom. A whole three months with no homework, no teachers, no nagging parents, and little drama. For me, summer means being stuck with step-mom, brother, and sister the whole day. And then at night I get the utter joy of dealing with my dad.

                My whole issue revolves around my father being a whore, if you want to put it simply. When he was as old as me, at the ripe age of 16, he got this girl pregnant. He lived for nine months completely unaware of my existence; he kept drinking, partying, and playing the field.

                Then one night, he got the call.



April  18th, 1994

Flashing lights were everywhere as he ran through the crowd. He received a call ten minutes prior that said someone was involved in a horrid car accident and asked for him. Michael Worth was only 17, could he lose his mom, or one of his sisters this early in life?

                As he pushed through the mass of people and unfamiliar faces he saw a hugely pregnant girl covered in blood. After coming closer he recognized the girl as someone he used to have fun and mess around with. Her eyes flickered open and she said, “Michael, it’s yours.”

                And in that moment everything changed.



                Now father has me in addition to his two other kids from his current wife. Lexi Worth married my father after he got her pregnant with Stacey. Stacey, younger than me by just a year, but is child that they wish I was, the seemingly perfect one. She’s tall and pretty, just like a model with the bluest blue eyes and bleach blond hair. All the boys flock to her.

                Then there’s Mikey, because there can’t be just one Michael in the house. The Michaels are pretty much the same, except for 13 year old Mikey is considerably younger. The almost look the same with the dark short hair and Worth family trademark blue eyes. Both are tall, both are conceited, both are sadistic, both know how to put a good front, both can lie.

                What a fun family to have.

                We all live in Susanville, California. Haven’t heard of it? Yeah, I’m not surprised. It’s a really small town but it’s a surprisingly easy place to keep a secret in. Our…family, for lack thereof a better word, is pretty well off, though if you took one look at my room you’d think we were poor.

                Mikey and Stacey, on the other hand are utterly spoiled. They have huge bedrooms, all the new technology and a wardrobe that could dress a small country in Africa. They are pretty much the highlight of this family. Completely opposite of me, the daughter Michael wishes he could forget. 

The End

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