Part 4

Tyler kissed Rain goodnight in front of the elevator, before heading to the bar with some of his groomsmen, but as Rain pushed the button to go up she felt a tap on her shoulder. Twisting her head this way and that, she found herself face to face with the best man of the event, David Marx.
"Almost gotcha, Rain." He said playfully. He was thinner than Tyler, but still well built, with sandy hair and just a little college boy scruff left from this school days.
"David!" Rain exclaimed, "you'll shave before the wedding right."
"Of course, but it's still weeks away. Good choice with the hotel though."
"It keeps us all out of my mother's hair." Rain replied, "And mine. Besides, I thought it would be romantic and like a movie."
"And is it?" He asked.
"Movies don't have all the boring bits, like driving and waiting for the elevator, but yes. It is like a movie. And you don't come in until the end, David Marx, so go back to the bar. I need some sleep."
"Okay, good night Rain."
"Good night David."
And with all the perfect timing of good movies, the elevator dinged just as David was turning around, and Rain hurried inside, pushing the button for her floor, and the elevator doors slid closed.

Rain took the envelope out of her purse on the way up, but reached her floor before she could open it, so she headed down the hall, searching for her room key in her purse as well. It was tucked inside her wallet, which she quickly procured and unlocked her door, making sure it was closed completely before sitting on her bed and looking at the letter.

The hotel had been surprised that Rain had scheduled a three week stay in the hotel prior to the wedding, for the entire wedding party. But due to the large group and the long stay, on top of having the wedding on the premises, they'd offered her a discount.
Rain's room was fairly large, she had a queen sized bed and sitting area where she and her bridesmaids could gather to make last minute changes to the plans. Tonight though she wanted to be alone. Slipping he "do not disturb" sign over the outside door handle, Rain changed into her pajamas and climbed onto the plush covers of the bed. Sitting cross legged, she slit the envelope of the letter open with her fingernail, and slid out the sheet of paper.

The handwriting was inconclusive on who'd written it. She couldn't even tell if it was a male or female writer, but the message read very clearly.

"Dear Rain," the letter began. "I would like you to know that you are making a big mistake, and I think you should reconsider ringing those wedding bells so soon. Take a little more time to be a kid. So this letter is the first in a line of letters, to send you on a scavenger hunt. But this is more than a hunt for objects. This is a hunt for experiences. This is a hunt for taking life by the horns! And most importantly, this is a hunt to find true love. I know you think you've found true love in Tyler, but how do you know if you never meet anyone else? You've dated Tyler a long time, but now it's time to face your dream of travel.

Step one. Get to Rome. Plane works best, because I know you have a wedding to get back to. It would be rude to send you on a trip without covering your expenses, so at the hotel desk I have provided a debit card in your name ask for it first thing in the morning.

Step two. Once you reach Rome, take a taxi and check in at the De La Ville Roma, an excellent hotel, but don't fall asleep, head back out and walk around the eternal city. When you get back to your room, another letter will be waiting for you.

Now, a few rules.

1. Do not take any luggage with you. Buy what you need from each city, and leave the clothes in the hotel when you leave. Take only a carry-on with your passport, ID, and these letters. I took the liberty of making sure your passport was up to date, and it should be sitting on your bedside table." Rain looked, and sure enough, there was her passport. She turned back to the letter.

"2. No electronics. No cell phones, no games, no tablets. A notebook and pen is encouraged.

3. No calling home via phone or internet, letters and postcards only,
Do not bring extra money. All your expenses will be covered. Don't spend your savings on my adventure.

Good luck Rain, and I'll see you at your end destination.

With love and excitement,

A Friend."

The End

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