Part 3

They were seated into a booth, where Rain sat down first, and Tyler slid on the same side. Rain sighed inwardly, and smiled at her fiancé.

"Actually, I'm going to run to the bathroom. Could I get out?" She tried smoothly.

"Of course," Tyler said graciously. Rain smiled tightly as they both slid out of the booth once again.

"You two playing musical chairs?" A pretty waitress with reddish-brown hair approached the table.

"Actually, I'm going to be right back," Rain said quickly. "Where is your bathroom?"

"Oh, just in the corner by the door." The waitress said. Rain nodded with a jerk and walked briskly in that direction, maneuvering through the tables as quickly as possible. She didn't really have to go, but sitting in the same side of the booth was uncomfortable, and she found it a fairly good strategy to switch sides this way.

She took her time by washing her hands thoroughly, using warm water to sooth the cramped muscles. Once her hand had been sufficiently massaged, she dried them off and headed back to the table. Only then realizing that she could have opened the letter in there.

The pretty waitress was practically sitting on the edge of the table, clutching her little clipboard casually as she and Tyler talked about who knows what.

"Sorry I'm spoken for." Tyler said smoothly as Rain came into earshot. Rain was touched, and she was smiling as she sat down opposite him in the booth. The waitress looked disappointed, but smiled graciously and stepped back.

"I'll let you two think about what to order then." She quickly walked away.

"What was that about?" Rain asked, sitting down across the table. Tyler looked faintly disappointed but simply replied;

"She wanted to give me her number. I turned it down of course."

"I wasn't worried." Rain said calmly, sipping at the water that the waitress had brought without being asked, it was that kind of restaurant.

"Rain, have I ever told you how glad I am that you are here?" Tyler said suddenly.

"Actually, I don't think so." Rain replied, smiling back at him, "but I'm glad to be here

"Then I'm very glad that you're here with me." Tyler didn't seem to realize how redundant it was. "And I'm glad to be here too."

"I'm happy you're here too." Rain couldn't think of anything else to say.

"I love you Rain. I say it a lot, but I mean it."

"I love you too Tyler. It doesn't seem to lose its meaning."

Tyler smiled and leaned across the table for another kiss. "You're right."

"Ahem." The, now rather perturbed looking, still pretty waitress had come back, and had cleared her throat loudly. "Could I get you two lovebirds anything?" She said, giving Rain the once over, but subtly, and Tyler didn't notice.

"Um, yeah, I'd like the crab puffs." Rain said quickly, looking at the menu and picking the first thing she saw. "It's real crab right?"

"Of course." The waitress said, "and you?" She added, turning to Tyler.

"I'll take the same." He said smoothly, with eyes only for Rain. "And whatever wine you recommend with that."

Rain blushed at the attention, and slid back to sit on the booth again. Tyler remained staring at her, as the waitress stalked away again.

"Has anyone told you that you are beautiful."

"About a thousand times since I tried that wedding gown on." Rain said ironically.

"Because you are," Tyler persisted. "So beautiful."

"Stop that, you're making me feel self conscious." Rain said, but she was still smiling, and blushing, but after a few minutes, she cleared her throat, and tried a new conversation topic.

"Um, that was a good concert. I had a good time, thank you."

"I know how much you like to sing." Tyler kept staring at her, making her uncomfortable.

"Oh, um, speaking of, I wanted to try to get a live band for the reception, Or at least a DJ with some class." Rain tried again to draw him into heartfelt discussion. "Not just hard dance beats and rap music, but real songs, that we could dance to, like, with partners, more than just the first dance."

"Sounds good to me." Tyler agreed.

"Alex scheduled dance lessons for the wedding party, next week."

"Sounds like fun."

"They're at 3 o clock, you can't be late."

"And I won't be. Don't you trust me?"

"Of course I do, I love you."

The rest of dinner passed quickly, with conversation generally filled with details about the wedding and interjected with quiet assurances of love from both, and eventually the two tired of crab puffs, split the bill and headed back to the hotel.

The End

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