Part 2

The concert lobby was loud and crowded. Tyler led her by the hand as they squeezed through the doors of the concert hall, and Tyler showed someone their tickets, and they were led to their seats, just 10 rows from the front, and off to the left of the stage.

"Look, I know that they aren't perfect seats, but, you can still enjoy the music." Tyler tried to apologize.

Rain shook her head. "Any seat next to you is perfect." She said, not realizing how cheesy it sounded until it was out of her mouth."

Tyler smiled, and kissed her very softly as they sat down. Rain smiled at the gesture, then faced straight ahead, at the stage.

The stage was round and draped in curtains, but there was an orchestra in plain view some distance behind it, and Rain realized she hadn't looked at any of the signs to see what was showing.

"Um, Tyler, what group are we going to see?" She asked cautiously, but excited.

"Well, I heard from a friend of a friend that this European group was going to performing in Washington DC and so, I called in some favors, and he got us some tickets." And in a very smooth move, he pulled out the show's program, on the cover of which were four guys in dark suits, their backs to the camera, but still recognizable, as were the words floating above their heads.

"Il Divo! Tyler!" Rain threw her arms around his neck in surprise and delight. "They are so popular in Europe, I can't believe you did this! You're the best fiancé in the world!"

"Thank you Rain, but I just did it because I love you." Tyler replied, smoothly segueing into the role of true romantic. He said it with no cynicism or irony, only compassion, as was his style. Rain loved that about him.

"I love you too," she said, taking his hand in her own as she settled down to watch the concert. For next few hours, thats the position she stayed in, even when her hand cramped up and desperately wanted her to wiggle her fingers, that's where it stayed, firmly encased in Tyler's grip.

Il Divo was an opera group, four men of different nationalities, and they sang songs in all the romantic languages, French, Spanish, Italian, and some English, backed up by a live orchestra.

Rain sat, completely enthralled by the music, on the edge of her seat for the entire duration of the show, from the first moment the curtain dropped to the time where they were waving and exiting the stage. They sang many songs, some Rain recognized, some Tyler did, and others that neither knew at all, but they did their best to sing along anyway, annoying one of the people sitting behind them, but most didn't seem to mind. Rain was still humming one of the tunes as they hailed another cab and rode to dinner. Tyler tried to snuggle with her in the back seat, but the ride was too short and they reached the restaurant in very little time.

The End

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