Washington DC Part 1

Rain's life is perfect. Engaged to the perfect guy, getting married in a fancy hotel. But her life quickly takes a turn away from the fairy tale when she receives a mysterious letter telling her to take a trip to Europe before her wedding day.

There was a knock at the door of the fitting room.
"Go away!" Rain Summers and her bridesmaids shouted in it's general direction.
"But you've been in there for hours." Whined the voice outside, it was Rain's fiancé, Tyler Westford. "I miss my Rain."
"It's bad luck to see the dress before the wedding!" Shouted the maid of honor, Alex. Rain blushed and looked down at the dress. Pale gold and simple, it hugged every curve of her form more seductively than she wanted it to, she and Tyler had picked it out together, out of dozens of styles, some of which hung in the room around her, and Rain found herself gazing at a flowing ball-gown style with lace sleeves, draped over a mannequin. The dress had been Tyler's decision, he'd described it as "showing off her natural beauty with it's simple cut." But... But nothing. If the day was to be perfect, she had to quit complaining.
"You look so beautiful, Rain." Rain's mother, Ariane Summers, said with tears in her eyes.
"Thanks mom." Rain said, for the thousandth time, it felt since she and Tyler had become engaged. Rain was a slender girl, standing about 5 feet tall on the floor, she wasn't much taller than anyone in the room on the dais designed for hemming the dress. Her chocolate brown hair was pulled into a messy bun by a clippy, to keep it out of the way. At least the dress didn't have a low neckline, but everything had to be taken in, it seemed, to make the dress fit.
"Just a few more pins..." Muttered the seamstress at Rain's feet, working with the long hem and train of the dress.
"Okay, then we can all go to lunch?" Rain asked. "We still have a lot of stuff to discuss, the flowers, and the place settings, I want to make sure Tyler's mom--"
"Actually, Rain, Tyler's taking you to lunch this afternoon." Alex said, keeping Rain on track as usual. "You've been so busy, he wanted to spend some time with you, so we cleared up your schedule."
"Right," Rain smiled, "Thank you so much."
"And... You're done." Said the seamstress. "Alright, wriggle out of that dress carefully, and I'll take it for the last few alterations."
"Thank you so much," Rain repeated, doing what she was told and hopping off the pedestal in her underwear, looking for her shirt and jeans. "Where are my jeans?"
"They're right here." Another bridesmaid, Rachel said, holding them out. Rain quickly pulled them on, already feeling much more comfortable in the stiff denim. Her shirt was quickly found and all the ladies filed out, as the seamstress bundled up the pile of gold fabric that was to be Rain's wedding gown. Buttoning the last few buttons at the hem of her shirt, Rain looked around for her Fiancé, but it looked like he'd wandered off again.

The hotel in which the fitting, and the wedding, was taking place was opulent. The walls were paneled in wood, and lined with windows to the outside, so it was light and airy. The floor was tiled in cream-colored marble, or granite or something else cold and smooth, and the lobby was filled with opulent sofas and chairs and little coffee tables covered in little frescoes. The hotel was supposed to look like a renaissance palazzo in Italy, and the ballroom where the wedding would take place in a few weeks was covered in paintings. But instead of tiles in there, there was unobtrusive hotel carpet, and the fact that the hotel was in Washington DC, and various national monuments could be seen outside the windows, Rain was not entirely convinced they were in Italy.

"Excuse me, miss?" Said a young man in a hotel uniform. He had dark hair and eyes, he looked Italian, and did Rain detect a very slight Italian Accent? No, her brain was just playing tricks on her. "Are you Rain Summers?"

"For the next three weeks, I will be," Rain joked. The young man simply looked very serious and handed her a thick cream envelope. It was sealed with wax, a very unconventional sealer, since envelopes came with adhesive. Stamped into the wax were her initials, RS, in fancy, but readable script, and there was no writing, anywhere on it.
Rain stared at it. It was probably from Tyler, who had gone through a calligraphy phase early in their relationship, and had written pages and pages in large, looping script. He'd probably bribed the hotel staff to deliver it, but... He'd never used wax, and always wrote to Rain, from Tyler in the same big letters, over flourishing her initials.

"Rain!" A familiar voice drifted toward her down the wood paneled hall. The young man in the hotel uniform had walked away without waiting for a thank you, and now the only person to be seen was Tyler, striding toward her purposefully.

Tyler Westford was a sturdily built young man, about a year older than Rain, though he liked to act much older. Currently, he was dressed semi causally, in a dark blue button-down and black jeans. His dark hair had been combed back,and his blue eyes gleamed with excitement.

Rain quickly shoved the envelope into her purse and smiled at her fiancé. "There you are," He said, reaching her, "Alex told me you were finished, and since it's nearly four o clock, I was thinking instead of lunch, we'd head to see a quick show and catch dinner afterward. I happen to have two tickets to see this band I know of in concert."

"Oh, I don't know," Rain said, "I kind of wanted to..." But seeing the disappointed look on his face, Rain quickly stopped, smiled and shook her head. "I'm just messing with you, a concert sounds fun!"

Tyler breathed in relief and pulled her down the hall. "Come on, I've asked them to hold a taxi for us, the concert starts in twenty minutes," Rain nodded mutely and allowed herself to be led away, acutely aware of the unread letter in her purse, nestled between her wallet and her cell phone.

The End

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