Mission Reality

 Mollie and Riley sat quietly in the back of the Mercedes. Outside the airport’s entrance, Mollie was shocked to see the endless shacks, many standing right on the edge of the N2 highway. Small children were running around and playing in the filth. Mollie turned to Riley and said “I know now why we are needed here”. Riley did not react immediately. He was thinking what he is leaving behind. The parties, his comfortable lifestyle…”Fortunately it is only ten weeks to go” Riley said mostly to himself.
After about an hour’s drive on the N2 they turned off on a dirt road at the edge of Khayelitsha, the largest and fastest growing township in South Africa. The Mercedes stopped at what looks like an old school. Mollie and Riley want to have a look around but Thembi quickly showed them to their living quarters.
“What is this?” Riley half shouted when he entered his room. The room looked like a prison cell with mattresses in each corner. The only furniture in the room was four small steel trunks against one of the walls. Suddenly Riley started sweating in panic. His hand impulsively went for his cellphone in his jacket’s pocket to phone his parents. It is gone! Stolen? Riley fall down on one of the mattresses and started to weep uncontrollably... 
 Mollie was shown to the room next to Riley. Although the room was in a similar condition than the one next door, Mollie hardly noticed it. The only thing now on Mollie’s mind was to help the children of Khayelitsha.
Mollie’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard the sobbing of Riley next door…

The End

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