Party hard.Mature

As the shadows got longer, I got drunker and drunker, my dance moves sluttier, and Tripp only got keener. I registered, dimly, that he hadn't been drinking in a while, and actually seemed pretty sober. But I was way too drunk to think these things through properly.

At about midnight, he pulled me away from the dance floor. 

"Hey. Wanna go for a swim?" He smiled, sexily, and I found myself nodding and letting out a shrill giggle. "Okay. Well, lets go to this awesome little cove I know, where we can swim... privately." He emphasized the word 'privately' but again, I just giggled and followed him like a drunken puppy-dog. 

Soon, we were in this secluded little beach, a good way away from the party. I smiled at him and said: "Let's swim!" I waded into the water. 

"No, silly, skinny dipping!" His grin widened. "You know, naked?" 

"Oh, right." I said, and pulled off my bikini top without a second thought. I tossed it onto the ground, and struck a pose, smiling while he leered at my bare chest. Soon my bikini bottoms joined their counter part on the sand, along with his trunks, and we waded into the water.

He slid an arm around my waist, his fingers brushing my bare butt. I smiled and did the same to him. He grinned, and without hesitation, leaned down and kissed me. I kissed back passionately, the alcohol controlling me totally. I slid my hand down his stomach, and curled my hand around his cock. With a gasp, he laughed, and squeezed my breast with his free hand. I just giggled back and kissed him harder. 

Before I knew it, he was lifting me and carrying me back onto the beach. He lay me down on the sand, and gently spread my legs. Then he was on top of me, inside of me, and I could not even try to control the moans and the gasps that came from my lips. But in amongst the drunken pleasure, a little sober thought butt in:

You haven't even known him 24 hours! He's using you! 

But I just ignored it, and let him continue, gasping and moaning happily. 

The End

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