A Night on the Beach.Mature

Later that evening, Hadley and I decided to go down to the beach for a moonlight swim. But as soon as our feet hit the sand, we realized it wasn't going to be as peaceful and quiet as we first thought. A little ways down the beach, someone had set up lights, a gazebo and music was blaring. Someone was having a party. There were people splashing about in the water, people dancing, people standing around talking, people drinking something that was most definitely alcoholic.... There were a whole lot of people. 

"C'mon, Hadley, let's check this out." I said, softly. We walked along the beach, and were a few feet away from the glare of the floodlights when Tripp jogged up. 

"Oh, hey, gorgeous and..." He surveyed Hadley, who was so tall he was almost a head taller than me, and exactly the same height as Tripp, "Boyfriend-" 

"He's my brother, you weirdo." I interrupt. 

"Ooooh, goodie, you're all mine!" Tripp said, with a laugh. "Anyway, come to join the partay? You're welcome to join, no one can complain, it is my party after all." He grinned cockily at us. I looked at Hadley. Then back at Tripp's oversized grin. 

"I'll be joining you, later, Hadley here won't. He's only fourteen." I said, without a second thought. I could meet people here, make some friends. I needed someone to hang out with for two months.. 

"Aaa-dd!" Hadley groaned. "I want to party! Its the first night of summer, c'mon sis, loosen up!" 

"Alright, only if Mom says yeah though." 


Half an hour later, much to my annoyance, Hadley and I were leaving the house again. I had washed my hair and done my make-up (blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara and lipgloss - I didn't need foundation, I had inherited mom's porcelain skin) and was dressed in a loose white strappy dress. It had thick straps, like a vest, and was really thin. You could see my blue bikini through it. Hadley was dressed in trunks and little else, his hair spiked up and his fairly muscular chest on show. I could tell he was trying to pull girls. He had had a girlfriend back home, but they had split up a month before summer. He was looking for a rebound. 

Just like last time, Tripp jogged over to us as we neared the floodlights. 

"Hey, Hadley and Gorgeous sister. I'll introduce you to everyone!" He said, giving another huge grin. By this point, I was sure he was drunk. "Hey! Hey everyone!" He yelled once we were inside the floodlight glare. He turned off the music. "Hey everyone! Meet Hadley and uh.. Gorgeous!" 

"Addison..." I said. 

"Um, Addison, they're staying here for the summer. Everyone give 'em a warm welcome!" He finished with a sheepish grin. Everyone cheered somewhat drunkenly, then the music was turned back on, and the dancing recommenced. Someone handed both me and Hadley a glass of beer each. Hadley looked at his with a mix of awe and confusion, while I downed mine gratefully. As soon as I did, things went a little fuzzier, and I found myself accepting Tripp's offer of a dance...  

The End

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