Summer Lovin'Mature

I sighed happily, stretching out on the back seat of the car my mom, brother and I shared. We were on our way to a sunny little beach town, where I could spend the two moths of summer vacation completing my only goal: To get an all-over body tan. It was hot and sweaty inside the car, even with all the windows open. But I wasn't fussed. Only a few more hours and I could hit the beach, tanning and bathing all day. I sighed again, pulling out my ipod and plugging in my earphones. I turned on my music. California Girls by Katy Perry came on. I grinned, and shut my eyes, settling down for a nap...

"Addi! Hey, Addison! Wake up!" I scrunched my face up, yawning and stretching. My brother, Hadley, was calling me. 

"Whudda... whudda ya want?" I asked sleepily, opening my eyes and giving another cavernous yawn. 

"Where here, dumbass!" He leaped out of the car and ran headlong toward the beach. I smiled. He  acted just like a little kid sometimes, even though after the summer he would be a freshman in high school. When I scrambled out of the car I could see him, already splashing into the water, in his boxer shorts, the rest of his clothes abandoned on the beach. Several other kids about his age were there too, and a few who looked my age or older. I was seventeen, going on eighteen, soon to be a high school senior. 

I walked slowly down to the beach, grabbing  a towel from the trunk of the car as I went.  Mom was already in our little beach-side cabin, which was totally beautiful and white. Once I was on the sand I slid off my loose, sleeveless tshirt dress, leaving it, along with my flip-flops on the edge of the sand. I, unlike Hadley, had remembered to wear my bikini underneath my clothes. Once at a suitably sunny spot, I spread out my towel and lay down on my back. 

"Addison! Are you wearing sunblock?" It was mom. Being a worrywart as usual. 

"No!" I yelled back, without looking up. A few minutes later, just as I suspected, she was running down the beach, a bottle of sunblock in her hand. 

"Here, I'll put some on you." I roll my eyes, but stand up and hold my arms out. She sprays me all over with sunblock, then rubs it in. Some jerk down the beach whistles as mom rubs my chest. 

"Mo-om!" I say, self-consciously folding my arms over my chest. I had been almost flat chested last summer, but over this past year my chest had ballooned outwards, taking me from an A to a D. All of a sudden I felt horribly exposed in my little strappy blue bikini. 

After Mom had hurried back to the house to 'get on with some more unpacking' I scoured the beach to find the whistler. It only took me two seconds of looking to find him. He was still looking at me, and he wasn't being inconspicuous. He was staring straight at my boobs, which bulged a little in this too-small bikini, giving me a cleavage. 

"HEY! Dirtbag!" He looked up, shocked, his eyes wide. "Yeah, you. My face is up here, sicko!" 

"Oh hey, boobs." He said, looking straight back at my breasts. 

"Um, excuse me? My name's Addison, actually, not 'boobs'." I snapped. Now I looked at him he was kinda hot. Well built, tan skin, pretty muscular, with a flat stomach that you could see was a budding six-pack. His hair was shaggy and black and he had a wide mouth, straight nose and sparkling green eyes. 

"Oh, Addison, huh? Nice name. Even nicer boobs. Can I have a feel?" He said, grinning at me. "I'm Tripp, by the way."

"Well Tripp, I'm gonna have to say no to that delightful little request. See ya." I said, and turned on my heel, stomping back to my towel. 

What a jerk! And yet so hot.... WAIT! NO. I was NOT falling for this guy. He was a douche. A total douche.

So why did my heart beat a little faster when he looked at me? 

The End

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