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It all came from if I had one wish...

The flight was terrible. Every flight gets worse, but if I couldn't come home every summer I think I'd go daft. We landed in Edinburgh at around 2:30, after a grudging 6 hour flight. Every summer, I thought to myself. It was worth it. These were my people, the people I grew up with and it's better here than New Jersey. I have interests there sure, but they say home is where your heart is, and it's in fucking Edinburgh!

I stood anxiously in the parking lot for a few minutes, as I awaited the summer in front of me like an eager school boy, during those last few minutes of class, as he watches the thin hand perpetuate towards the twelve. This though was only better, for it was not only time away from school, but it was time away from the U.S of A. Days felt like months, and those same months felt like years. If I added up the days to prove myself that it was so much less than it felt like it wouldn't make a difference in my mind. Regardless of everything, it was just so much better here. The air was cleaner, the girls were far more to my liking, and the people were so much more amicable. The music, the beer, and the whiskey. Ohhh the whiskey here was so pure, that after months of downing pure shit back in New Jersey, I found it hard to even take a sip of Edinburgh whiskey.

I continued to wait outside, in hopes that he would be here soon. I pondered upon the summer ahead of me and smiled for the first time in months. I was finally here and nothing could take me home. I thought forward a couple months, and my smile immediately disenigrated upon my face and reappeared facing the opposite direction. No...never mind that. Why was my mind on such sorrowful thoughts. This was to be a happy moment! Finally I'm here! The city is open to me, and no Americans were in sight.

"Hey faggot!", yelled a distant voice that was oh so familiar to my ears. I looked up and there he was.

"Eonan!", I shouted. "You sonofabitch!". I began to sprint forward, nearly forgetting my bags behind me, only remembering because Eonan pointed out my air-head ways. I sprinted back, swept them up in one quick motion, and began again back to Eonan's old car. I opened the car door, sat down, and was immediately greeted by Eonan nearly jumping out of his seat, to hug me.

"Oh man I've missed you so." Eonan laughed as he began to smack me around.

"Aye aye, leave it alone mate.", I chuckled as I pushed Eonan back into his driver seat. Eonan smiled to me, and reached into his shirt pocket, and pulled out a pack of new cigarettes, just for me. "This one's on me laddy, next time you pay"

"Of course, of course. Thanks man."
"Don't thank me just yet.". With that, Eonan reached into the back of his car, making a sort of clinking liquid against glass sound and I immediately knew what was coming out from the back of that truck. "Merry fucking christmas", he said as he tossed a full bottle of Edinburgh's finest whiskey onto my lap. I squealed with joy, and I began to unscrew the top and rapidly forced shots of whiskey into my liver. "Woah, hold on there, Jack Daniels. Save some for later."

"Aye fuck later, I'm living for now, Eonan." I cheered as I forced more poison in-between my lips. "So...what's on the agenda for this year?". Eonan wiped his brow, and starred forward with a stolid expression that foreshadowed some sort of epic monologue, that only Eonan could force out of his voice box, and only he could make it sound so beautiful.

"You know what...I've been sitting around all fucking year, starring at that dreaded clock in my classroom, and each bloody day it seemed to tick even slower than the day before. I anticipated this moment for so fucking long, and it just occurred to me that I had spent so much time dreading, that I didn't even think of a god damn thing to do this summer!", he began to look melancholy, "I'm sorry're old Eonan failed ya this year".

"You've hardly failed me!" I nearly yelled at Eonan, due to the fact that he was so upset with himself. "The summer is still young, the days ahead of us prosperous. Tomorrow is the unpainted easel, waiting for you and I to be it's Van Gogh and Matisse!"

"Can I be Warhol instead?" Eonan joked.

"Like hell you can." I laughed. "Warhol is a joke, along with the entire modern art movement."

"Well I'm gonna be honest with you I didn't know any other artists and wanted to sound a bit intelligent in front of you." Eonan smiled. I again kinked the bottle at a 45 degree angle, and opened my lips to let the whiskey enter my mouth yet again.

"Not even Monet?" I questioned as I wiped the whiskey from my lips.

"Not a clue."

"Painted the colorful view of the river with all the lilies and the fucking bridge?"

"I thought that was Warhol.", Eonan shrugged his shoulders.

"No you fucking idiot, he didn't even paint he just took already taken photos and such and distorted the hell out of them".

"Doesn't sound like art to me..." Eonan said as he mused on the subject.

"Says the idiot who asked if he could be Warhol when I made a metaphor about art and artists."

"Which is absurd, you've been in my car for what...four minutes? And you're already proving yourself more superior than I."

"Oh regardless of how you take it you will always be far superior to I.". And the sad thing is that was a true statement. Eonan was exponentially better than me at everything that counted. When I say everything that counted I mean lassies. Yanno...girls....women.. those of the female persuasion. Regardless of what you choose to call them, I had one, and Eonan had the rest. When it came to this spectrum I was completely oblivious while he was Don Quixote. Luckily I had the one who always liked me for me, and I never had to prove myself superior than anyone, for she would always find me superior, even at those great moments of inferiority. She was always here, and never there, at least...while I was here I mean. When I was there she was there too.

"Bullshit." Eonan stepped on the brakes at such at such an unexpected moment that the force of the stop sent me flying forward, stopping at the break in the belt but sending my head out and down, right into the dashboard.

"Fucking Christ!" I yelled, but Eonan quickly cut me off.

"Don't you for one fucking second think anyone is superior than you. Especially me.". He snapped, and then sluggishly stepped on the gas again, sending us forward again. We drove on in silence for a few moments, both of us unable to speak after such an agonizing reappraisal of the whole atmosphere of the car.

"Thanks, Eonan."

"Don't mention it kid." Eonan showed a slight grin. "Where to?"

"Let's just go to your loft and rest, I don't wanna do anything too exciting till tonight."

"Fair enough.", his grin swiftly grew into a full blown smile. "How's Skye?". I smiled.

"I should be asking you mate...", I quickly grew afraid. "Is there anyone else?". Eonan simply laughed at me again.

"What do you think?"

"What I think is a lot different than what I hope."

"Than what do you hope?"

"I hope that the answer is no, and they're never will be."

"Well let me ask you a question.", he cleared his throat. "Is there anyone else for you?". I didn't even have to think about that answer.

"No...and they're never will be."

"Then that's the answer to your question too.". I believed him. Eonan would never lie to me, unless it was for the better, but him lying to me about the only girl in my life's preference to a partner is too pure and important for him to lie about. I couldn't understand how I would of responded if the answer was different. I'm just glad that it was the way I wanted it.

"Good.", I sighed. "Thank fucking god"

"Oh so there's a fucking god now?", Eonan obnoxiously laughed.

The End

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