Summer Fun or Summer FailMature

When a girl finally realizes that it's not what in the past that matters. It's how you manage you future.

There was no better feeling than the feeling of accomplishment. Knowing that you passed all your classes at the end of the school year was probably the best feeling there was.

Staying at home, I was all alone with no one but myself, lounging on the couch flipping through channel after channel, finally finding a suitable program. Feeling my insides complain about not being fed, I got up reluctantly and found myself a bowl, spoon, and some cereal and milk. Feeling satisfied, I went back to my spot on the couch and indulged myself in my chocolaty breakfast.

Did I know it was bad for me? Of course. Was I just going to stop myself from eating this delicious, sweet gift from heaven only to run a billion laps around my house to burn off the little calories I had gained? Most likely not. That just wasn't me. Nope. Not one bit like me.

As the commercial that was on finally turned into my saturday cartoon, I heard the phone ring and also felt my annoyance grow as I dragged myself away from my comfortable spot again to do yet another necessary.... job.

I switched from being annoyed to happy as I said my greeting, "Hello?"

"Kammy?" a voice from the other line spoke.

My annoyance slowly crept back as I tried my hardest not to hang up as I clutched the phone while swallowing the last bit of my breakfast. No, it wasn't some obsessed boyfriend that had called to ruin my summer, or an annoying friend that wanted to hang out at the pool or at the park. It was the one voice I dreaded to hear since I was 12. My mother.

 "Hi mom!" I used my most enthusiastic sounding voice as I greeted the person in the other line. "I've missed you! Where have you been?"

"Oh, Kammy, you know where I am. You're so funny," my mom formally laughed. Typical.

"No, mom," I tried to sound like her, but my attempt had failed. "I honestly don't know where you are."

"Oh, well I'm in London right now! I thought I sent you a nice little post card a week ago," my mom sounded a little disappointed. "Well I'm sure I'll get it soon,"

I said in a hurry trying to conclude the conversation. "Did you need something?" I asked a little too soon for her.

"Yes actually. I have a friend that's coming over to our house," I mentally laughed at the 'our house' statement. "they should be bringing over a package. It's for my work. If you could just set it on my desk that would be grea---" she was cut off by a sudden honk. "Oops, I'd better go. Thanks Kammy! I love you sweetie!" the line cut off with an sudden silence.

There was no 'see you later Kammy!' or 'hope to see you soon!' Truth I'd, mom never came home. I know she's been trying to support my in every way she could, but everything she didn't seem to make her happy. It felt like she had to be away from this house. Ever since dad died. She was never home. Not since I was 14. Now, being 17, I've learned to accept the fact that she might never be coming home.

The End

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