Nothing IllegalMature

We didn’t sleep much that night, and not for the reason I’m sure popped right on in there. No, we were too cold and too wet to sleep, so we grabbed some spare clothes and lay outside, watching the stars in my little blue sleeping bag. And just as before, I paid John more attention than the stars. My gaze never drifted far from him; from the contours of his face, from his long eyelashes, from the sharp angle of his jaw, nor from the light dusting of pink on his cheeks, though whether it was from the cold or embarrassment, I didn’t know. I rolled onto my side, propping my head up and playing with his hair absently. As content as I was just lying there, the slut in me could be held back no longer, and soon enough I was pressed up against him, littering him with kisses that, under any other circumstances, would’ve gotten me laid, as I would find out in later life. John went along with it, for the most part, but stopped as my hands started wandering.

“Cayden, I want to take things slow” he said, his cheeks glowing.

“I can do slow” I smiled, kissing his cheek.

“And... And nothing illegal”

“I’m not on drugs, John” I laughed.

John rolled his eyes, smiling. “That’s not what I meant”

“Then what did you mean?” I asked curiously, not sure what else there was we could do that was illegal.

“I mean no sex before we’re eighteen”

“I can do that” I can’t do that. I can’t wait three years. At least, that was what I told myself at the time.

John smiled, kissing my cheek and cuddling up to me. “Thanks, Smithy”

“Would a blowjob be moving too fast?”

“I’m not sucking you off” he said, slapping my arm playfully.

“I meant me suck you off” I said, looking up at him from under my lashes.

John’s mouth genuinely hung open a little bit. I smirked, taking the opportunity to make out with him again. I wanted him to know how good sex felt, and if he wouldn’t let me fuck him, a blowjob was the least I could do for him. My fingers tangled in his hair briefly, and he bit his lip as I kissed my way down his torso. We’d abandoned our shirts when we moved outside, and I could feel the cold’s effect on John, but I chose to ignore his perky little nipples, heading straight for my goal. I smiled when I reached his crotch, unzipping his jeans and kissing his hips and I got his jeans and boxers down enough for what I wanted to do. He let out this almost heavenly little moan as my lips closed around him, putting every trick Tom had taught me into play. According to him, it’d been obvious that I was going to be a great cocksucker, I just needed the knowhow and the practice. And boy, did we practice, but that’s getting a little off topic.

John’s face was glowing red so much, it could probably be seen from outer space. If he wasn’t careful, aliens would try to land on him. I smiled at him as I lay back down next to him, playing with his hair again.

“If I’m that good just with my mouth, imagine how great the rest of me is” I said smugly.

This is coming from the kid that was allowed to top once. If I’d known me in high school, I probably would’ve punched myself.

“I don’t doubt that you’re good in bed, Smithy, I just... My parents-”

“Fuck your parents”

“My parents are gonna be upset about this enough as it is. At least if I wait til I’m legal, it gives me plenty of time to tell them. And plenty of time to pack my stuff for when they kick me out and disown me” he sighed.

“They won’t disown you” I kissed his temple, pulling him into another hug.

“You think so?” he asked, sinking into me.

“I know so” I smiled. “Sun’s coming up”

John turned his gaze toward the horizon, seeing the first orange rays start to melt through the inky black of night, the light filtering through the trees and dancing across whatever skin we were brave enough to bare. I watched the sunlight filter into John’s eyes, filling his emerald orbs with this radiance I’d never seen before. His eyes practically glowed, with these little flecks of brown dancing across his irises. He was gorgeous. And he was all mine.

The End

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