My fifteenth birthday, in the eyes of my parents, was one of the big ones. Partially because it meant I was finally high school age, even though I’d finished my first year of high school already, and partially because it meant I wasn’t their little baby anymore. I wasn’t an adult yet, but I wasn’t a little boy anymore. And it’d only get worse once my sixteenth rolled around. They’d wanted to hire out some fancy restaurant and make it this big formal affair but eventually agreed to let me do what I wanted, after much sulking on my part.

What did I want? I wanted a fucking pool party. And which of my darling friends just so happened to have a pool? Dear sweet Brenny baby. So, me and the boys all trekked it to Brent’s house since his folks were out of town, and decided to make it an all day pool party. Adam scored us some booze with a little help from his dad and some fake I.D., and we all invited some girls. Mom had insisted on letting Hadley come so he’d invited the two friends that he had. Nobody really spoke to them...

I’d been having such a good time that I hadn’t really noticed that John hadn’t shown up yet, so you can imagine my reaction when I heard his heavenly voice above me apologising for being late. The vodka coursing through my veins was starting to have an effect and looking up at John’s bare chest was enough to bring my dick to life. Thanks God for board shorts. My semi went limp when John introduced us to his new girlfriend, though. Who the fuck did she think she was coming to my party? Fucking tramp. She had this fucking nasty ass revealing bikini on but everyone could practically see her tits. Not that they were very impressive. Fucking slut.

“Yo, Cay, you’re, like, glaring at Katrina” Brent said after a while.

I hadn’t realised I’d been glaring at her. I’d just been watching her and John flirting and getting a little too physical for my liking. It kinda sucks to have to watch your best friend make out with some chick. Especially on your fucking birthday. I didn’t bother giving Brent an answer, grabbing a half empty bottle of vodka and downing it almost instantly. Brent raised an eyebrow at me but said nothing, choosing instead to get out of the pool and devour some of the pizza we’d ordered. Thanks, man, you’re a great fucking friend.

By the time the night rolled around, it was just me, John and Brent. Well, only me and John were conscious. Brent was out cold on a pool chair with half a bottle of beer dangling from his fingertips. John and me, however, were more than a little drunk in the pool. John was a lot less drunk than me but was apparently drunk enough to not care that I’d lost my virginity the day before. For fuck’s sake, John, can’t you be jealous for once in your life? I couldn’t help but wonder if John would be jealous if he knew who I lost it to, but I didn’t want to get Tom into trouble. John shut his eyes as he started rambling on about Katrina and I gritted my teeth, ducking below the water silently. For a while I thought about sucking him off, but changed my mind, my drunk brain coming up with something better. I resurfaced next to John and pressed my lips to his, pushing my tongue in his mouth and tasting the alcohol on his breath. He kissed back for a fraction of a second before shoving me back harshly.

“What the fuck?” he slurred, confused.

I shrugged. “I’m drunk and single and wanted a kiss”

“Even though I’m with Katrina?”

I shrugged again. I didn’t really know why I’d kissed him. I guess I was trying to let him know how I felt.

John crossed his arms. “Fuck, Cayden. Anyway, I thought you were going out with someone”

“Why d’you think that?” I asked, sliding an arm round his shoulders. John had never been able to stay mad at me.

“Wait, so you popped your cherry with a total stranger?”

I wouldn’t say he was a stranger” I hummed, remembering how great Tom’s cock felt.


I nodded. “He was fucking great”

“And who is ‘he’?”

I giggled. “Aww, is baby jealous?”

“No, I’m just curious” he said a little huffily.

I giggled again and shut my eyes. “It was Tom”

“Tom Hartmann? As in Biology Tom?”

I nodded with a grin, my free hand snaking down to my dick at the memory of what we’d done.

“You fucked a teacher? Shit, Smithy, do you know how much shit the both of you could get into for that?”

“Mhm. And I don’t care. Wanna know why?”


“’Cause his dick felt great in my ass” I giggled and John rolled his eyes.

“You’re drunk”

I nodded. “No shit, Sherlock”

“So how do I even know you’re telling the truth?”

I sighed. “I’ll go get my boxers from yesterday, if you want. There’s a little bit of Tom’s jizz around the ass, what with leakage and all”

“Fuck off, Smithy” John said grumpily, getting out of the pool.

I giggled and followed him after a while, getting as far as the poolside before passing out from the booze.

The End

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