Happy Birthday, CaydenMature

He hummed, pulling back a little to get his pants undone. He got as far as undoing the button before he pulled out of the grasp of my legs. I looked at him desperately as he circled around the desk, pulling a tube of KY jelly out of one of the drawers. I didn’t question why he had lube in school, too busy silently pleading with him to hurry up and fuck me. He kissed along my jaw as he undid my jeans, lifting me up again slightly to pull the off, along with my boxers. I heard him pop the cap off the lube and watched as he smothered his fingers in the stuff. Was it that obvious that this was my first time?

He pulled me forward a little and I clenched my eyes shut as he slid a finger inside me. His lips danced up and down my neck, sending shivers down my spine and blood to my already hard member. I’d always had a sensitive neck, even as a kid, but it’d never had that kind of effect on me before. I barely noticed as Tom slid a second finer in, too busy enjoying the feel of his lips brushing against the skin on my neck as he murmured something. I didn’t get to ask what he’d said because he slipped a third finger inside me and fuck did I feel that one. My eyes snapped shut and I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me as I tried to ignore the slight sting coming from my ass. If it stung from just three fingers, how the fuck would I cope with his fucking dick? I started to tense up a little, despite Tom purring softly in my ear for me to relax.

“It hurts” I said weakly into his neck.

“I know, Cayden, but it’ll get so much better”

Somehow I didn’t quite believe him. He hooked a finger under my chin, tilting my face up gently til it was level with his. I know I must’ve looked fucking pathetic. He pressed his lips to mine softly, stretching me one last time before pulling his fingers out. I whimpered a little and he stroked my cheek, kissing my forehead before reaching for the lube again.

“Let me know if I’m going too fast” he said, smothering his member in lube.

He coated his fingers, lubing me up and stretching me one last time before slowly pushing in. I whimpered again and he kissed me, waiting for me to get used to the feel of him inside me before pushing in further.

“Fuck, you’re so tight” he said once he was in up to the hilt.

Tears tugged at the corner of my eyes because it fucking hurt like hell, but for a split second he brushed against something in me that sent shivers down my spine and made my toes curl with pleasure. I buried my head in his neck again as he started moving, hitting that spot again and making sparks dance along my nerves. He sped up a little, encouraged by my moans, letting out a moan of his own every now and then. The low rumbles coming from his chest were music to my ears and I started shifting my hips to meet each thrust in an attempt to force more moans from him. It worked.

We’d only been at it a couple minutes, but I could already feel the heat pooling in my stomach. I guess being on the verge of turning fifteen and everything being over-sensitised doesn’t help when you’re having sex for the first time. I could tell Tom was nowhere near finished and I tried to hold back but less than a few thrusts later, I was a trembling mess just begging for release. I gasped as Tom’s hand closed around my dick, his teeth clamping down on my shoulder, his saliva leaving a wet patch on my shirt. It didn’t take much action from his hand timed perfectly with each thrusts to make me come, getting jizz on both of our shirts. I littered kisses along Tom’s jaw as I waited for him to come to his own finish, too busy feeling fucking awesome to be embarrassed about not lasting long. He bit down on my shoulder hard enough to draw blood as he came, shuddering a little before pulling out.

“What did you think?” he asked breathlessly, letting go of my shoulder and placing a gentle kiss on my nose.

“I think my ass hurts” I whined.

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me. “If it’s any consolation, you’re a great fuck”

“Not bad for a virgin, eh?” I chuckled, nuzzling his neck.

“You’re a virgin?” he asked and I nodded. “Seriously? You don’t fuck like one”

I giggled at that, making Tom smile. He picked me up, lifting me off the desk and I wrapped my legs around his waist, not caring that both of us still had our cocks out. Before I knew it, Tom had pushed me up against the wall, nipping at my neck.

“Reckon you can go again?” he asked huskily.

I shook my head, feeling a little embarrassed. Tom nodded, putting me down and handed me my clothes. I got dressed, as did he, and kissed me as he zipped up my jeans for me, giving me a quick squeeze as he did. He got the door key from where he’d left it on the desk, unlocking the door with a lazy smile. I grabbed my backpack and headed out of the classroom, limping a little as the pain in my ass intensified slightly.

“Happy birthday, Cayden” I heard Tom say with a smirk.

The End

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