“Cayden Smith, please stay behind” my Biology teacher said as the bell for the end of the day rang.

I groaned. Why me? Why today? It was the day before my fifteenth birthday, for fuck’s sake. Brent just laughed his pretty little head off and said he’d tell John not to wait for me. Thanks, fucker.

I packed up my stuff with a sigh and headed for my teacher’s desk. No one really knew his last name since he insisted on everyone calling him Tom. He sat down as I made my way over, and he ran a hand through his shaggy dark brown hair. Tom was far from bad looking and I’m ashamed to admit I may have had a slight crush on him and he may have been pictured more than a few times when I was jerking off. He looked up at me, his green eyes clearly not amused.

“Cayden, your grades have been slipping lately” he said, glancing at a sheet of paper on his desk.

“Oh, yeah, sorry” I said, not really sure what he was expecting me to say.

“It’s a shame. You have the brains for it, Cayden, but it just seems like you’re not paying attention in class”

I shrugged. “Maybe I’m not”

He frowned. “Why not?”

I shrugged again. “Don’t feel like it”

“Cayden,” he sighed, “If you paid attention you’d be acing this class”

“That’s great, but when am I ever gonna use biology?”

He stared blankly at me. “Fine, without biology would you know how to reproduce? Would you understand basic functions?”

“Jeez, calm down”

“Cayden, you’re an intelligent boy, I shouldn’t have to be having this conversation with you”

“So don’t bother and let me go home” I was a cocky little asshole as a kid, clearly.

“I should give you a detention for that” he said coldly.

“You just want me alone where no one can see” I smirked.

And then his lips met mine in a messy, uncoordinated kiss. I froze for all of a second and then I was kissing back, leaning towards him almost desperately as he started pulling away. I looked up at him innocently from under my lashes as he put a hand to his lips.

“Cayden, I... You...”

I bit my lip, blushing a little. I’ll admit, I was playing him a little, but what can I say? I was a whore from a young age. If you call nearly fifteen young...

“I shouldn’t have done that” he said, looking shell-shocked.

“I... I don’t mind” I said innocently.

He shook his head. “No, Ireallyshouldn’t have done that”

I looked at my feet. I honestly hadn’t minded. Fuck, I’d pictured it enough times in my head. Tom stood up, sort of backing away til he reached the wall, his hand still over his mouth.

“I think you should go home now”


“Cayden, go home”

I sighed and bit my lip again, bowing my head and heading for the door. I’d just shut it behind me when I heard it open again, a pair of muscular arms sliding around my waist and pulling me back in the room. I let out a gasp as Tom pushed me back against the door, the force of it almost slamming the door shut. Fuck, it was hot. His lips attacked mine roughly, our teeth clicking against each other as they clacked together every now and then. Tom’s hand fumbled around in his pocket and I wondered what he was doing til he pulled out the door key, sliding it into place into the lock. I’ll admit that I got a little nervous when I heard the lock click into place, but I’d pictured this too many times to back out. Tom’s grip slid from my waist to my ass, squeezing lightly before picking me up, his lips never leaving mine.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me, wrapping my arms round his neck for security in case he dropped me. He put me down on his desk, his fingers tangling in my hair as I pulled at his shirt a little. He fumbled around with his tie, getting it off eventually and throwing it on the desk beside me. I kicked off my shoes, trying not to let how badly I wanted it show. I’d like to point out now that at fourteen I was just as much of a whore as I would be almost ten years later. Tom grinded his hips into mine, smirking a little as I moaned. Because let’s face it, at fourteen the slightest bit of friction against your crotch would have that effect. I was prepared for the embarrassment of not being able to last long but I hadn’t been prepared for practically coming in my pants at that.

“Please” I said a little desperately, pulling Tom that little bit closer.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me” I moaned out as he pushed his hips into mine again.

The End

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