New Band Member

As I walked through the main hall, I could hear the amazing sound of music... in fact, the song they were playing was the best song I've heard in what felt like an eternity - not counting Paramore. I turned a corner then suddenly I could see them. There was a drum player, a singer and a guitarist. I walked over to them, nodding my head in time to the music. Finally, the singer noticed:

"Hi, I'm Kesha Cale. You new here?"

"Yeah I am, I'm Amelie Brook. You're a really great singer by the way..." I replied.

The two others came wandering over too.

"Alex Cambial, nice to meet you." The guitarist said.

" I'm Kat Slam, which room are you in?" The goth/drummer asked.

"Hi, in the one down the corridor, thats really messy. I already put my stuff in."I answered with a smile; I knew it was there's.

"Hey! That's mi-"

"That's yours I know, Alex!" I laughed.I started walking down to the bottom end of the hall, shouting that if they needed a keyboard player, I'd love to do it.

"wait...WAIT! You play keyboard?" Kesha called out. I nodded." Well, that'd be great... what can you play?

" Anything as long as you know the chords!" I said. " Well, I'm off to the tennis courts... see ya!" And walked off, not giving them a chance to answer me.

Next thing I knew, I was down at the courts, being pulled into a corner by Kesha and Kat - they were surprisingly strong! They told me that the band had thought it over and decided to let me into the band if I wanted to. I was astonished but very happy - how could they have talked it over in the space of 10 minutes? I asked myself. But that thought could wait... I was in a band!

The End

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