Kat: Too Much Attention.

I haven't been here long and I'm already bored. I get to my feet and go over to my bed. I pull my backpack and unzip it. I take out my skull and cross bones notebook and pen.

I sit on the window sill and open my notebook. They guys are trying to impress Kesha. I roll my eyes at them and try to block it all out. I start ficking through the pages until I come to my last song my old band made. I sigh, remembering those times.

We used to play music, proper music. It was all about how we felt about our crummy lives. We used to play for hours. But that was last summer. And now it's over because our singer and guitarist got together. It didn't work out too well and it ended up ripping the band apart.

Kesha starts to laughing musically. I glare at their happyness. All of them are smily, big grins on their faces. I get up and head forthe door. "Kat, where are you going?" Kesha comes over all smiling.

There's something strange about her, unearthly almost. I just look at her for a bit. "My drums are down stairs. I'mgoing toplay." She smiles excitedly. "Well, we're coming to! I want to hear you play!" They guys nod. "Yeah, I wanna see the goth play." I roll my eyes and head for my drums that are calling me.

The End

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