wow this place is practically empty today, i think i am going to enjoy this year. I find my dorm and knock on the door, i can hear noise inside but i guess they cant hear me because of the noises of some guy being hit from the souund of it, i decide to just walk in but when i go to push the door open i hit some dude in the back and he goes toppling over to the floor, i look down at him "my bad" i say with no emotion whatsoever, i see infront of me a goth (obvious)my mate alex with a guitar in his hand staring at a smoking hot girl. well that figure's he always is staring at a smoking hot girl. i walk over to my bed and sit down on it. "and you are?" says the hot girl politly "oh this is mike..." says Alex before i butt in, "micheal levis, but my close friends call me mike" i say winking at the girl, i walk over to her and pick up her hand and kiss it lightly. i can read alex's face easily, shock, anoyence, sadness and dam right disgust, it makes me laugh. but the girl didnt seem to care at all "pleasure to make your aquaintance, i am Kesha" she says with a voice that could light a million light bulbs. i smile and nod at kesha and go to sit down by the goth, she shuffles away from me slightly "suit yourself" i say looking straight forward, she looks back at me grudgilly "what do you play then?" she say curiously "guitar" i say pulling old bessie towards me.

The End

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