Music to my ears

Alex's perspective


"So...can you sing Kesha?"

She stroked her curls in embarresment. "Well... yeah."  god i would love to be the one to be stroking her hair. I shake my head. yes alex, she is very attractive, you have got to contol yourself, you've just met her.

"Whats wrong...?" She asked curiously.

Crap! Now she must think that was directed at her!. "Oh, uh, no dont worry about it, i was just, uh..."

Be careful with your words, Alex.

"...proccupied with my...various thoughts."

Yeah, that sounded classy. Kat clearly didnt think so and was struggling to control her laughter. Lets just hope that Kesha bought it.

"Oh...okay..." she raised a brow in puzzlement. By the looks of it, she did buy it, but i wasnt too sure.

"Right, so, uh, may i hear you sing?" I said, trying my best to keep to the subject. She tapped her index finger on her chin in wonder. "hmmmmm, what would you like me to sing?"

Im certain that anything that passes your elegant lips will be beautiful. just listening to your voice is music to my ears. god, even i think that sound cheesy. "Anything you like, as long as i can play it." I responded, showing her my accoustic.

She said it quickly, not needing to think long enough to choose. " Thats what you get, by Paramore!"

Kat and me both smiled at her choice. "You've got good taste, Kesha."

Kat just rolled her eyes. she could read me like a book. I really hope Kesha cant.

I sat down on a stack of accoustic songbooks. lifting my leg up, i rested my guitar on my knee. i pulled out a worn pectrum out of my jean pocket. i gave it a quick glance and reconised the faded face of Sylvesta the cat from Looney toons. placing my fingers in the appropriate coords, i proceeded to play some classic Paramore.

God my smile must of looked goofy from where the two girls were standing, because her voice was better than i had imagined.

No sir, well i dont want to be the blame, not anymore

Its your turn to take the seat, were taking the final score

and why do we like to hurt so much

I cant decide, you have made it harder just to go on

Why all the possiblilities where i was wrong

Thats what you get when you let your heart win, whoa

Thats what you get when you let your heart win, whoa

I drowned out all my sences with the sound of its beating

Thats what you get when you let your heart win, whoa

She huffed out of breath. her smile even goofier than mine. even Kat was impressed. "so..?" she asked after the long silence.

I was gob smacked. absolutley amazing! I was about to answer her when a loud bang from a symbol arrived to my ears. all three of us jumped in shock, and we brought our attention to the dorm door. standing there was some blonde scruffy hair guy with a little stubble over his muscular chin, holding a drum stick in his left, with a symbol balancing on his right. he had a rather smug look on his face.

Oh.... its Gareth.

"Why, hello there Alex! What are you up to this fine day?"

"Jeez Gareth, you scared the hell out of us!"

"Us...? Wha.." He turned his attention to the two girls in the dorm, "Why hello to you lot too! Why are you hanging around this twat for?"

"This is Kat and Kesha, the drums and singer for our new band. Girls, this is Ga-

"Brooker. Gareth Brooker." He interrupted, said smuggly, holding onto Kats pale hand, wiggling his eyebrows at her. she stiffed, clenching her teeth, in annoyance.

"Let go of my hand before i have to peel it off with a chainsaw." she smiled evily, looking very capable.

Gareth let go immediatley, "Whoa, my bad, gothica."

Her eyes narrowed. I could tell that she wasnt going to like him.

"Well... anyway, Gareth here is our bass guitarist."

"Charmed im sure." Said Kesha politley.

"As am i..." Kat said with a slight hint of sarcasm.

Gareth just gave them both a smirk, "I can tell that we are going to be great friends... and maybe more..OUCH!" Kat didnt hesitate to grab Gareths drumstick and give his forehead a good smack. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" he growled, rather annoyed by this girls action.

"there was a huge spider on your face...but its gone now.. not wait." She smacked his head again.

Me and Kesha couldnt help but laugh at Gareths misfortune and aplaud Kats satisfaction.

"Wow... Gareth yelling in to my ears."

The End

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