Goth or Friend

Alex seems like a cool guy, I wish I was normal, so i don't have to hide my big secert, luckily he's a boy so it will take him a while to figure out what i am.

"Alex, I know I don't know you that well but seriously you are the messies person i've ever met" I mumbled. he just shrugged his shoulders. I just want to step away from majic. It was too complecated.

"So you up for the band thing, all me need is a drummer" He said rubbing his hadn tougether. I looked over to the corner of his room where the beautiful guiat laided there.

"Let me guess a gibson?" I asked. He grinned and nodded.

"Yeah sure,  band would be cool, but I don't know much about music all I know I classic" I blushed, even though I'm a witch i still blush lodes, one I met a really weird vampire who showned no emotion at all. Alex snorted and started to laugh lodes.

"It's not that funny, being a..." I quickly covered my mouth.

"A......" Alex crossed his arms and mushed his eyebrows tougether.

"A...girl" I quickly impervised and smiled.

There was a tall girl at the door, she looked at me weirdly, observing me. I carcked a smile.

"Hey , I'm Alex, you play the drum?" He asked, the tall goth girl seemed nice. But what if she exposed of who I am? She nodded and walked to the bed near the window.

"My names Kesha Cale" I said sweetly.

"Music freak?" She asked Alex. Alex nodded.I felt sorry for him because he's in a room full of girls.

I hope She doesn't realise, I want a witch free summer.


The End

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