Summer Time

It's Summer and finally I can get back to music. I make sure that my drums are safe in the sound proofed music room. They're find. Good. I start to walk to my dorm.

Not many people are here but all that are stare at me as I go by. It's because I'm a goth and I don't think there is any at this school. I shake my head as I watch people walk past me. Everyone moves differently depending on their personality.

My mind instantly starts to observe everyone. That's what I do. I observe. I shakemy head, my black hair falling in front of my sky blue eyes. In seconds I'm outsidemy dorm. I sigh and open the door. Papers are everywhere! Whoevers room this is has a messy and lazy personality.

I can see a guy in fornt of me, not noticing that I'm here. I turn to the girl instead whonods at me. Something's not right about her, but I don't know what. Strange, I normally always know. I clear my throat, making the guy look up at me. His eyes widen, taking in my goth figure.

He looks a little confused but when his eyes reach my drumsticks in my hair he realises."Hey. I'm Alex, you play the drums?" I nod and go over to a bed near the window. I put all my stuff down and see the girls eyes properly. They seem to shine.

"My name's Kesha Cale." I nod at her. "What'syour name?" I sigh. "Kat Slam."

The End

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